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Exchequer live user Guide: Student Activity Groups and Sports Clubs Introduction

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Exchequer LIVE User Guide: Student Activity Groups and Sports Clubs


This guide covers all you need to know using Exchequer LIVE to administer your sports club, activity group or society finances. This guide is for all your members. Exchequer LIVE has completely changed the way that you process payment requests. You can now use it as your first point of reference when faced any finance-related query.

Exchequer LIVE

Exchequer Live is the new system we’ll be using to process all payment requests. It’s internet based so you can access it from anywhere, at any time. Each President and Treasurer will be set up with their own unique login details in order to process payment requests. These details must not be shared.
STEP 1: Payment Request submission to Treasurer/President

Payee (The person who is claiming reimbursement) fills out Payment Request Form and sends it to Treasurer/President via email or passes it on in person with receipts attached.

Step 2: Payee account set up and verification in the System

Treasurer/President logs in to Exchequer LIVE to request the payment on behalf of the payee.

Firstly, please check if the Payee account has been set up in Exchequer system before you start the process of raising the payment request.
A list of payees can be found in our Supplier Database so you to check if the payee has an account in the system. If the payee is not on the list, please send an email to with the relevant information including payee name, address, emails and bank account details. We’ll then be able to create an account.
When the account has been set up, a confirmation email will be sent to you from the Finance Team. You’ll now be able to raise the payment request through Exchequer LIVE.
Step 3: Raise payment request in Exchequer LIVE
To access Exchequer LIVE go to:
Enter your unique log in information: User name (your 3 digit department code and PRES (if you’re a President) or TREA (if you’re a Treasurer).

Example Username: 111PRES.

Your 4 digit password would have been emailed to you from the Finance Team.
Once logged in, click ‘Menu’ in the top left hand corner and then select ‘E-Procurement’. You will arrive at a page that looks like the following picture.

Step A:

Select ‘Order’ to create a payment request.



Your Ref can be anything to help you keep traces of the expenditures in your account, use something that you will understand, or you can use for example ‘PR 17.06.2013’.
Alternative Ref put your SAG department code, for example, ‘100’. This reference will help you to view all payment requests for your department.
his will bring up a new window that will require you to fill out the relevant information for the person who requires the reimbursement.

Step B:

Click the Magnifying glass icon to find the Payee account. Type the payee name and a drop down list will help you find the right person. Double click the name on the list to bring up the payee account.


You must click on the ‘Add’ button to add more information about this request. See next step.

Clicking the ‘Add’ button will open another new window for you to enter specific details about the payment.


Click here to add a description of the reimbursement – for example, ‘train tickets to Portsmouth’ - (Optional).

Step H:

On completing all this information you must click ‘Save’ on the right hand side of that window.


In this section you need to fill out the details of the goods/service you are being reimbursed for, the relevant part is Unit Cost Price. Please keep the quantity as 1.


GL Code This is the 5-digit code corresponding to your accounts for example.

  • Private: 65030

  • Grant: 65010

Cost Centre Input AAA
Department This is the unique 3 digit code associated to your group, for example, Lacrosse is 632
VAT Code Please follow the guidance below to select the correct VAT code.

Step I:

After you have selected ‘Save’, the transaction will be the first item on the list of New Purchase Orders. Double click on the transaction to attach the supporting documents for the payment request.


Please attach the payment request form by selecting the ‘Add’ icon in the top left hand corner. Payment request form and proof of purchase are compulsory. This can be in the form of Excel, PDF or Image template. In order to save the attachment, please also input ‘Description’.

Note: Please be aware, we will reject any payment request that does not have correct supporting documentation. Example: Proof of purchase and filled in payment request form.

Step 4: Authorization in Exchequer LIVE
To request authorisation, you need to cancel ‘Hold’ by right clicking on the payment request raised and select ‘Cancel Hold’.
Now click on ‘Approval’ – the system will send an email to the finance team to review and authorise the request.
The status of the payment request will now show as ‘Awaiting Authorisation’.

Note: Once the payment request has been authorised, you will receive an email shortly from the system telling you that the request has been approved.

If it has been rejected you must amend the information. Possible reasons for rejection could be there are not sufficient funds available in the account or lack of supporting documents. If this is the case, please go back into Exchequer LIVE and find the relevant transaction to amend.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about Exchequer LIVE get in touch with our Finance Team by emailing

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