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Test Case Group: 009 Test Case Numbers: 009001

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IHE Digital Mammography – Jan 2006 Connectahon Test Plan Page of

Test Case Group: 009001

Revision: 0.1

Date of Revision: 2005/12/19

Test Case Group: 009

Test Case Numbers: 009001

Test Case Title: Application of VOI LUT Data – Sigmoid Curve encoded in LUT

Item to be Tested:

Purpose of Test Case:

    To confirm that, based on the attributes and in the manner specified in the requirements:

  • an image that contains a single VOI LUT Sequence item with VOI LUT Data, and no window values, is displayed with the VOI LUT applied

  • once applied, the grayscale contrast and brightness can be further adjusted without ignoring the VOI LUT

Requirements Reference:

IHE Radiology Technical Framework Digital Mammography Content Profile draft version VVV dated 2005/12/14

Traceability Matrix draft version MMM dated 2005/12/14

Prerequisites and Dependencies:

    Test study previously transferred to the workstation under test on DICOM CD or DVD or via DICOM network transfer:

  • Patient ID 009001 Study ID 009001, consisting of R and L MLO views (folder name is 009001, file names are VOILUTL1 for the RMLO containing the encoded LUT data and VOILUTBU for the LMLO, which has no LUT but the transformation burned into the pixel data and identity window values; a secondary capture of the latter is also supplied as VOILUTSC)

Test Procedure Summary:

The tester will select the R and L MLO views for display and confirm the expected result.

Step #


Expected Result

Actual Result if Different



Select and display images …


Select the R and L MLO images for the test subject specified and load them for display.

The appearance of the R MLO is identical to the appearance of the L MLO in terms of grayscale contrast


Attempt to adjust the contrast (window) of the R MLO

The grayscale contrast of the R MLO adjusts smoothly and continuously without sudden discontinuities or sudden loss of quality in the very dark or light regions

Overall Pass / Fail (Circle) Reviewer Signature: _________________________ Date: ____________


  • The L MLO image contains the contrast transformation burned in to the pixel data and an identifty transformation for the 12 bit pixel data (width of 4096 and center of 2048), in addition to a VOI LUT Shape value of LINEAR; however, if the Image Display ignores the VOI LUT Shape and applies an (additional) sigmoid transformation, then the contrast appearance will be slightly different from that intended, but still relatively close to that of the LUT applied to the R MLO, and not as dramatically different as if the LUT is not applied.

  • The secondary capture replica of the burned in LUT L MLO is provided in case this helps circumvent the sigmoid versus linear interpretation of the identity window transformation.

  • The LUT used is one containing a sigmoid curve shape as created by a GE Acquisition Modality

  • Failure to apply the LUT will result in the two displayed views having a noticeably different appearance in the light and dark areas.

The following figure illustrates the type of appearance anticipated, with identical grayscale contrast between the R MLO displayed on the left (the one with the actual LUT) and the L MLO displayed on the right (the one with the burned in contrast:

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