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Astral Drive Junior High School 238 Astral Drive, Cole Harbour, ns b2V 1B8 Telephone: 462-8700 Fax: 462-6047

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January Newsletter

Astral Drive Junior High School

238 Astral Drive, Cole Harbour, NS B2V 1B8

Telephone: 462-8700 Fax: 462-6047

Principal’s Message

February is Registration Month in the Halifax Regional School Board and it will be extended this year due to the Halifax Canada Games. Students currently in grade 6 will register for grade 7 in their elementary schools and grade 9 students will register at ADJH for grade 10 at Auburn High. If a student would like to attend a school other than Auburn Drive High, parents are to obtain an Out of Area Request form from our school. These forms have to be filled out and submitted in person to the school of choice no earlier than April 1st, 2011. School principals will make their decisions and inform parents by June 30, 2011.

For parents who are interested in registering children for the Late French Immersion Program (grade 7, 2011-12), we will be having a Parent Information Meeting on February 2nd at 6:00 pm in rm. 172 at ADJH. This meeting will give parents the opportunity to get an overview of the program and to ask questions of the French Immersion Staff and students. This meeting is not intended for parents who currently have students in the Early Immersion program at Astral Drive Elementary. We will have a meeting for all grade 6 parents later in the spring.

For current F.I. students at ADJH, I will be sending home a letter later asking parents to indicate their intentions for their children for 2011-2012. If anyone is planning to withdraw from the program, we have to know in order to have adequate staffing in place for September.

If you have a child beginning grade Primary next year, you should register him/her at your community elementary school. The HRSB requires that you provide birth certificates for students entering Primary; students must be five years of age as of December 31, 2011.


B. Forsyth, Principal


Parents are reminded to please observe signage when dropping off and picking up students. There have been vehicles backing into and blocking private driveways on both Astral Drive and Lakeshire –please be respectful of our neighbors. Please observe all traffic signs to ensure our children remain safe. Please do not block or drop your children off in school driveways or driveways of private homes.

The snow, ice and street conditions have created additional safety concerns. For the safety of all students, we ask drivers to refrain from using these unauthorized areas at arrival and dismissal times. If you are coming to the school to pick up a student, for an appointment or illness, please park on the Lakeshire side. Thank you. More information, including a map of designated parking areas, is available on the school website.

Also, due to safety concerns and winter temperatures, we request that children are not dropped off or sent to school before 8:10am. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our students as safe as possible

Safe Arrival

Parents are reminded to call messages regarding student absences and lates to the following number:

462-8700 ext 1. Due to their teaching schedules, many teachers are not able to retrieve voice mail messages early in the morning.

Dear Parents:

The Guidance Department would like to invite you to attend a special event as part of The Parent Information Series being held at our school on Wednesday, March 2nd at 6PM. Dr. Stan Kutcher is an internationally-renowned expert in the area of adolescent mental health and a national and international leader in mental health research, advocacy, training, policy, and health services innovation. Dr. Kutcher uses his considerable expertise building awareness and knowledge about mental health in young people through the development of programs that address adolescent mental health promotion, education and research, locally, nationally and internationally. Dr. Kutcher is a nationally and internationally active speaker, reviewer and technical consultant in psychiatry and mental health. We welcome your questions. If you would like to submit a question for the presentation, please forward them to or and we will request that Dr. Kutcher address the question during the evening.

Parents of Grade 8 students

A Parent Report with results from the CAT4 assessments that were administered in October, 2010 is being sent home with this newsletter. If you do not receive this report, please contact Mrs. Bona at 462-8700 ext 0 for a copy.

Flu Season Update

Now that the regular flu season is here, we would like to remind everyone to continue to protect themselves against illness by washing hands in warm soapy water, coughing and sneezing into shirt sleeves, and most importantly, staying home if you are feeling sick.

School Cancellation

The Halifax Regional School Board takes great care when making the decision to alter the normal operations of schools in the event of severe or inclement weather or other exceptional circumstances (loss of water or heat, extended power outages, etc.). Decisions on school closures and/or bus cancellations are posted on the board’s website at , on Twitter at, recorded on 464-INFO (4636) and communicated to all local radio stations.

For your information, Astral Drive Junior High is a member of the Auburn Drive Family of Schools. In the event that busses are cancelled, classes at Astral Drive will be held as usual. While we have only a handful of bus students, parents must use their own discretion with regard to sending their children to school. An occasion might arise when school will be cancelled mid-day. In such instances, students will be dismissed to their homes or to a location pre-determined by you, unless you have identified otherwise on the school registration form. If you are interested in learning more on how decisions regarding closures and cancellations are made, visit .


Grade 9 students who are interested in having a baby grad photograph included in the yearbook are asked to please bring a snapshot with their name and homeroom listed on the back. These should be handed in to Mrs. Kavanaugh by February 1st.

Boys Basketball Team

The boys’ basketball team travelled to PEI on Friday January 14th to compete in the Paul Nogler Invitational Tournament at Stonepark Intermediate School in Charlottetown. The boys played very strong defensively and showed excellent teamwork throughout their four games.

Each team was awarded a Player of the Game. Astral’s players of the game were: Fares Diab, Charles Hart, Andrew Beaulieu and Collin Cluett. Andrew Beaulieu also won tournament All-Star, and Kellan Duke won Most Valuable Player for the tournament. The team received compliments from referees and tournament organizers for their behaviour on and off the court. This is the second consecutive year the boys have won the Paul Nogler Tournament. The team hopes to return to PEI next year to defend their title.
Game scores were as follows:

Astral vs. Summerside: 57-40 Astral vs Pugwash : 70-47

Astral vs Stonepark: 68-52 Astral vs Whitney Pier: 57-22 (Championship game)

Fantastic Friday Phone Calls
Fantastic Friday Phone calls for the Week of October 29th:

Aaron Godfrey Jonathan Mason Jacqueline Dunn Peter Opra Gloria Bullock

Fantastic Friday Phone calls for the Week of November 12th:

Rachel MacVicar Chris Hamilton Emily Copeland Maggie Slaney

Fantastic Friday Phone Calls for the Week of November 19th:

Noah Attwood Shawn Heisler Megan Colborne Patricia Gemmell

Jonathan Adams Sarah O’Neil Victor Lamoureaux Ryan Hipson

Mitchell MacVicar Heather Tan Sarah Mason Brett Picco

Autumn MacDougall Bianca Toulany Jacqueline McPherson Jessica Leclerc

Josh Swain Rachel MacVicar Kristin Myers Matthew Arnold

Nicole Collier Jared Hamilton Haley Cote Gavin Barro

Amy Jones

Fantastic Friday Phone Calls for the Week of December 3rd:

Meghan Sullivan Lauren Chase Devyn Holmans Makela Rodriquez

Sophie Vautour Sherri Patterson Caitlyn Parker Gloria Bullock

Deanna McPhee Kieran Walker Savanna Hackney Erika Ellsmere

Charles Hartlen Alyssa Hiltz Derek Degaust Megan Gosse

Chris Barrett Colton Richardson Bailley Fraser Corey McMillan

Josh Ballard Sydney Carroll Kim Dietz Kathryn Pumphrey

Andrew Mosher Andrea Creer

Fantastic Friday Phone Calls for the Week of December 10th:

Jacob Swan Gloria Bullock Morgan Robertson-Tran

Justin Bruce-Sheppard
Fantastic Friday Phone Calls for the Week of December 17th:

Nick Waldorf Umara Hansen Nick Zalipyatskikh Colin Cluett

Sarah Mason Mairin Hogan Emily Chian Bradley MacMaster

TERM 1 – 2010 / 2011
PLATINUM ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT – Students in this category have an A in every subject on their Term 1 Report Card.

GOLD ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT – Students in this category have A’s and one B on their First Term Report Card.

SILVER ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT – Students in this category have A’s and two B’s on their First Term Report Card.

BRONZE ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT – Students in this category have a minimum of five A’s and have passing grades for all subjects on their First Term Report Card.


Nicole Boutilier

John David Brown

Hannah Bruce

Jillian Conrad

Allyson Cruickshank

Andrew Furlong

Kassandra Kelbratowski

Kristin Myers

Andrew Noel

Christina Torrealba

Kyle Armstrong

Holly Bellefontaine

Nicholas Belliveau

Justin Boutilier

Sydney Carroll

Dawson Copeland

Brendan Cove

Kelsey Hagen

Hannah Leonard

Thomas Nickerson

Samuel Norton

Benjamin Wright

Katherine Budden

Gloria Bullock

Gregory Connolly

Andrea Creer

Brett Crossley

Ryan Hipson

Haley Knudsen

Victor Lamoureaux

Kylie McDonald

Timothy Noye

Laura Pedersen

Morgan Robertson-Tran

Rachel Ross

Dylan Shears

Dylan Stead

Sarah Weir

Adam Cameron

Robert Campeau

Lauren Chase

Nicole Collier

Jordan Conrad

Emily Copeland

Bailey Currie

Erika Ellsmere

Cooper Emin

Nicholas Fairbairn

Bailey Fletcher

Megan Gosse

Christopher Hamilton

Umara Hansen

Nicholas Hofmann

Kaitlyn Jones

Ryan Leslie

Jessica Lowe

Bradley MacMaster

Rachel MacVicar

Jonathan Mason

Marie Mason

Andrew Mosher

Chase Murphy

Sarah Murphy

Victoria Parker

Cecilia Payne

Mykala Ransome

Makela Rodriguez

Shelby Ryan

Claire Sollows

Claire Walker

Sarah White


Andrew Beaulieu

Emily Campbell

Madison Campbell

Mairin Hogan

Jillian Johnstone

Michael MacLeod

Sarah Mason

Jenna McNutt

Angela Mosher

Hannah Perry

Kathryn Pumphrey

Meghan Sullivan

Joshua Swain

Sophia Vautour

Richard Walmsley

Stephanie Walmsley

Brent Wilkins

Leah Campbell

James Creaser

Katelyn Graham

Alexa Johnson

Rachel Kent

Emily Langille

Tomas Lockerby

Lee-Ann Martin

Jordane Poulin

Alison Purcell

Jordan Sollows

Andrew Wallace

Andrew Beaton

Noah Connolly

Cameron Dalzell

Haylee MacCallum

Jenna MacLellan

Benjamin Myrer

Holly Prest-Smith

Matthew Rafuse

Thisuri Ranepura

Josh Roberts

John Siteman

Rachel White

Joshua Collins

Madeline Connors

Joshua Dort

Joella Fletcher

Jared Hamilton

Nicholas Haverstock

Amber Horton

Joel Ingram

Connor Longaphy

Autumn MacDougall

Kerri Mason

Micala Melanson

Kirsten Millar

Nicholas Monk

Amanda Murnaghan

Nicholas Naugle

Rachael Peters

Sarah Richard

Brett Richards

Mickayla Robar

Emma Sencabaugh

Holly Tanner

Nicholas Waldorf

GRADE 9 ACADEMIC AWARDS – in descending order of average mark

PLATINUM ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT – An average from 95 – 100% in eight subjects.

GOLD ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT – An average from 90 – 94% in eight subjects.

SILVER ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT – An average from 85 – 89% in eight subjects.

BRONZE ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT – An average from 80 – 84% in eight subjects.

Jacqueline McPherson

Clara Long

Claire Richardson

Mackenzie Carr

Allison Banfield

Bianca Toulany

Izabella Opra

Emily Hudson

Cassandra Lockerby

Bailey Pedersen

Maegan Jones

Jordan Torrealba

Leigha Dort

Kristen Robinson

Alison MacKenzie

Alexander Cooze

Alyssa Hiltz

Peter Opra

Sarah Curwin

Delaney Henderson

Morgan Edwards

Allison Burke

Amy Jones

Lauren Crozier

Daniel Branescu

Olivia Raiche-Tanner

Noah Attwood

Kennedy Decker

Megan Colborne

Ranelle Abi Daoud

Gavin Barro

Hanna Sisco

Matthew Campbell

Melissa Wamboldt

Amanda Hiltz

Cody Stead

Jondavid Chambers

Owen Craig

Peyton Barney

Kellan Duke

Joy Chiekwe

Jenna Martin

Katey Carroll

Brecken Phillips

Alison Kinch

Patricia Gemmell

Martha Campbell

Amelia Bruce

Scott Graham

Christopher Morash

Megan Baxendale

Hunter Dolomont

Sarah O’Neil

Mitchell MacVicar

Colton O’Shea-Garnier

Justin Miller

Olivia Henwood

Alison White

Taylor Thibault

Samantha Bell

Shannon Barry

Roman Bengert

Brandon Davis

Logan Tansley

Heather Tan

Arden Lausch

Stewart Fortune

Jeffrey Lewis

Nicole Conrod

Shelby Gowan

Kieran Walker

Kassidy Avis

Brandon Doucette

Zachary Hurley

Jessica Weir

Adrienne Irvine

Brendan Lawlor

Jana Zorychta

Liam Mason

Kenneth Norton

Allison Fraser

Derek Mugridge

Chloe Budd

Abby Stevenson

Ryan Fraser

Matthew Arnold

Bailley Fraser

Tomasz Hines

Colton Campbell

Nicholas Barrett

Savanna Hackney

Jessica Horne

Austin Bevin

Jacqueline Dunn

Kearah Davis

Julia Lester

Fares Diab

Jayde MacDougall

Liam Sheridan

Nicholas Kiley

Laura Alvear

Steven Renaud

Morgan Bentley

Angela Melissa Brace

Daniel Kiley

Kyle Pyke

Jeffrey Jorgensen

Liam Chisholm

Caitlyn Tobin

Grant Arnold

Mark Hagen

Ryan Mitchell

Kristen Hall

Zachary Smart

Devin MacDonald


Thursday, January 27 School Dance (6:30-9:00)

Friday, February 11 Last day of classes prior to Spring Break / Canada Games Break

Monday, February 28 Schools re-open

Thursday, March 10 School Dance (6:30-9:00)

Monday, March 21 Public Health Immunization Clinic (Grade 7 & 8 only)

Friday, March 25 Professional Development Day (no classes)

Monday, March 28 Term 3 begins

Wednesday, March 30 Jazz Café
Friday, April 1 Assessment & Evaluation Day (no classes)

Thursday, April 14 Report Cards sent home

Wednesday, April 20 Parent-Teacher Conferences 1 – 3 & 5.30 – 7.30 pm

Students dismissed at 11:45 am

Friday, April 22 Good Friday (school closed)

Monday, April 25 Easter Monday (school closed)

Monday, May 2 Music Monday

Friday, May 13 Professional Development Day (no classes)

Thursday, May 19 School Dance (6:30-9:00)

Monday, May 23 Victoria Day (school closed)

Wednesday, June 1 Spring Awards Band Concert – 6 pm

Friday, June 10 Public Health Immunization Clinic (Grade 7 & 8 only)

Monday, June 27 Grade 9 Closing Dance – 7.30 – 10 pm

Wednesday, June 29 Assessment & Evaluation Day (no classes)

Thursday, June 30 Last Day of School

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