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Land and Resource Management Plan Protect basic soil, air, water, and cave resources

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David Mahan

Chemistry II

Land and Resource Management Plan

  1. Protect basic soil, air, water, and cave resources.

Soil, air, water, and cave resources are vital for the survival of our ecosystem. These four general areas are really the basis of the environment. Our environment is a lot more to us than some would realize. We need to be very careful on how to take care of this.

Our soil is eroding as we speak and it is known that this will happen but still needs to be monitored. Our forest workers should even set up barricades possibly to prevent mudslides or what have you. Mudslides can be very harmful to the survival of plant life for one. If the plants are below the mudslide it will push the plants into the ground and take the sunlight away from them that is needed to survive. Mudslides may also really harm our fellow neighbors’ property value or even destroy their houses. With as much rainfall as we receive and snowfall it is very likely for mudslides to occur. They are detrimental to our survival.

The motor vehicles used for off road travel or on small roads other than highways can really cause a problem too. They can tear up the ground very bad and also kill plant life. There are a number of teenage guys for the most part that go around and intentionally tear up the ground. This is very detrimental to the environment.

When observing the Jasper Fire burn area it is seen that most of the trees are all crowned. They were only burnt part of the way down the tree. They break and snap very easily. The fire kills off some plant life but in a large fire such as that it depends on where you observe because it a few places it doesn’t even burn the plant life on the ground.

It is possible to test the soil as our Chemistry II class did and monitor what is in the soil of a burned area. In order for this to be real effective it might help if you test the soil of a non-burned area and compare your results to see if there is a drastic change in anything.

With caves in our environment there is not a bunch that anyone can do; as far as my knowledge goes. The water is sort of the same way besides of course the lakes and streams that humans have access to on a frequent basis. We can even litter into a water source without any harmful intentions but this can mess up things or have no effect it is hard to tell.

2.) Provide for a variety of life through the management of biological diverse ecosystems.

The habitats and survival of endangered species should be monitored on a very routine basis. Everyone knows that they want to have their great grandchildren see the same animals as we have today. There are already a number of extinct animals. It is great to all around the world and see all the different types of wildlife and environments and we have to hold that responsibility on ourselves for the maintaining of the black hills. It is our responsibility to do what ever we can to make sure we keep these creatures all around for a long time. We need to go out of our way to make sure they are around for generations. Even close some back roads because they are all over and damage quite a bit

Grassland fires need to be restored immediately because they burn extremely fast and wipe out everything in a hurry. They should be restored as fast as possible to keep part of our diverse environment.

Take water tests of ponds, lakes, streams that public has access to; is very important. This will monitor if they human interaction is hurting some species. If so we can try to hold this down and than problem solved. If no water tests are taken it is hard to tell if we harm anything or not. Excluding obvious physical damage of course.

3.) Provide for sustained commodity uses in an environmentally acceptable manner.

We need to make sure a supply enough food for our livestock with the weather pending of course. According to the Black Hills Forest Management Plan Book states that livestock use up to 127 million pounds of forage per year or approximately 128,000. Wildlife use will be up to 106 million pounds of forage per year; approximately 70,000 deer and 4,500 elk or other combinations that use the same amount of forage. Clearcutting of trees should only be used to enhance our environment and not just for making ends meet for logging companies.

Private lands up for sale need to be researched in order to see if the land is sufficient enough to provide a sustainable tree population. By employing tree farms less reliance will be needed for tree resources of the natural forest.

Recycle worn down tree branches for wood chips or what have you. Recycle office material as much as possible to prevent using excess trees and paper products.

Areas that were clear cut need to be replenished immediately. The sooner we replenish these areas the better.
4.) Provide for scenic quality, recreational opportunities, and protection of heritage resources in response to the needs of the forest visitors and local communities.

It is a well known fact that we are a huge tourist attraction. We need to cater to the tourists needs and make them want to keep coming back. We should have more lawn maintenance personal around the area to keep the forest in good shape. You still need a lot of areas with no lawn maintenance touching them what so ever but it would be great to see a well kept forest and people would be really impressed and think this place is even more than they already do.

City borders should be well taken care of and even a mile or so beyond the city border to bring more appeal to the town. People love well kept bushes and trees. People are who we need to make a living in most areas.

Planting a variety of trees and strategically planting certain trees at least; will help. The forest will speak for its self for beauty but a little help never hurts. A little helps to bring out the true beauty.

Keep all scenic trails and roads in good condition; especially with the hiking trails. The hikers are a huge income for quite a few tourist attractions around the area and keeping these maintained is a great concept. Some trails tend to get a little to rough to walk on even and just bring in some rocks might make them more user friendly.

Going thru the trails after big storms or just once a year for a check up and they may have broken trees on them or big wash outs from the rain. All trails that are around streams and creeks are at a bad spot when we receive an excessive amount of rainfall.

Needles highway is a great example. Keep that clean and have a unique scenic view and people are going to tell other people and than more and more people are coming out. The more people that come out the more money that is brought it. The more money brought in the happier we all are.

5.) In cooperation with other landowners, strive for improved landownership and access that benefit both public and private landowners.

Both land owners public and private just need to make an attempt to keep improving there land and it will happen. They have so many options that they can choose to improve there land. They can plant certain trees, put a pond in, and keep improving when ever they can. It is all about improving so if we all work together; you will see better results.

Human interaction with the land that is not a priority should be cut to a minimum to keep the land in great condition. Signs should be posted all over to make sure people are aware of private lands.

The forest service should routinely contact landowners to survey them and see if they will agree to have free managements of their lands. A common courtesy call will never hurt.

Let people, organizations, agencies, and corporations offer ideas, concerns, or problems with the forest area. Many of the company’s will have proposals that nobody thinks about until they are brought to your attention. Let them give you their proposals and than make a decision.

6.) Improve financial efficiency for all programs and projects.

Comparing methods and tactics used for other similar programs and projects is a great resource. If they have a better way of going about it and it costs less money than maybe it is time to change your tactics. Or they may be having troubles and therefore you should give them a few hints. It will help if the offer is on the table. Look and see if you can cut a few corners and still make it just as efficient.

Keep salaries and unwanted spending to a minimum. Keep your salaries a worth while rate for the employee but not where it is taking too much money away from your profit.

7.) Emphasize cooperation with individuals, organizations, and other agencies while coordinating planning and project implementation.

Throughout this entire document it has been emphasized on how cooperation is needed by everyone. Set up meetings to coordinate plans and make it a routine deal. The results will be seen immediately or shortly after. Meetings can be set up for the timber industry and it is very unlikely that this won’t be useful. This is a huge topic and if you like a heated discussion that here you go.

Make sure that all support or interest groups are invited to the meetings. Get as many people as you can for a productive meeting. The more people you have the more you ideas that will be thrown out there. Eventually you are bound to find one that will work.

Let all the agencies around the area have a say and listen to their ideas. They all need to feel like they are being heard otherwise they will become upset and who knows they could have really good ideas.

Do all the projects that can be feasible and give them all an honest attempt.

8.) Promote rural development opportunities.

Promote any development local, county, or state. If someone is behind it than it will just start a chain reaction.

Utilize the rural development board meetings. These meetings can be very productive if you have effort and a bunch of ideas brought on the table. If you get a few people doing a few good things than this will bring societies idea of the rural development better.

Fundraisers are a needed project in a rural development program. Raise money anyway possible. Being short of funds is a very common problem and hurts a bunch of programs because no money. Well go out and raise as much money.

9.) Provide high quality customer service.

Customer service is the key to any successful thing. This should be the top priority in any business man’s mind. It is what will make a lasting impression on any person’s mind. If you have polite and courteous workers you can’t go wrong. Believe it or not but it is the key to success. Having good thorough interviews with your staff before they are hired is a good sign in what type of personality they will have.

It isn’t always on how good the product or company is but how you present yourself. Presentation is what people are going to remember if you are nice and courteous. People want to feel as they have a voice. Remember that old saying the customer is always right. Make them feel that they are right and than you have them.

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