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Local plan for sustainable development for tulcea county

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UNDP Project 0033238

Copyright © 2007 Tulcea County Council, Romania

20 Păcii Str, Tulcea, 820033, Tulcea

Tel.: +40 240 511 960

Fax: +40 240 513 071

Copyright © 2007 National Centre for Sustainable Development

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Copyright © 2007 Ministry of Dvelopment,Public Works and Housing

Authority of Management for Regional Operational Programme

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This document was published with the help of the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing, and with the help of the United Nations Development Programme, based upon the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of European Integration and United Nations Development Programme regarding the co-finance and implementation of the project “Extented implementation of the Local Agenda 21 in Romania”, signed in Bucharest, on May 12, 2006, approved by Governemnt Decision no. 898/2006, issued in Romanian Official Gazzette, Part I, no. 659 of July 31, 2006.

The views expressed here belong to the authors and no not necessarily reflect the views of the MDPWH/UNDP.
Technical expertise was provided by the National Centre for Sustainable Development.

Designed and produced by: EXCLUS PROD

Local Steering Committee
GHEORGHE BUNDUC President, Tulcea County Council

IOAN BOIERU Sub-prefect, Tulcea County Prefect Institute

ION OLTEANU Mayor, Topolog Local Council

AUREL DIMITRIU Local Council, Sulina Local Council

NICOLAE IANUS Local Council, Baia Local Council

MARIAN AVRAM President, Visterna Community Group

ION DANIEL President, Mahmudia Association for the Development of Civil Society

CADAR BECTAŞ Chief Inspector, Tulcea Environmental Agency

MIRCEA STARÂS Director, Danube Delta National Research and Development Institute

MONICA IVANOV Chief Inspector, Tulcea Construction Inspectorate

GRIGORE BABOIANU Executive Director, Office for the Preservation of the Danube Delta Biosphere

SIRMA CARAMAN Executive Director, Tulcea County Council

MIRON IGNAT President, Russian and Lipovenian Community in Romania

FLORIN MIHALEICO President, Dobrogea Ukrainian Union

STELA LEPĂDAT Executive President, NGO Resource Centre

ADRIANA ARGETOIANU Director, Tulcea Public Health Authority

MIRELA DIDĂ Tulcea County Chief Architect, Tulcea County Council

MIHAI STROE General School Inspector, Tulcea County School Inspectorate

NICOLAE RĂDUCU President, Friends of the Danube Delta Foundation, Sulina
LA21 Local Office DAN CHIRIAC, Regional Development Expert, Tulcea County Council

IRINA COREŢCHI, Auditor, Tulcea County School Inspectorate

Working Groups
1. Economic
Coordinator: OCTAVIAN MOTOC, Executive Director, Regional Development Department, External Relations, Tulcea County Council

Members Mihaela LUNGU, Deputy Executive Director, Economic Budget and Finance Department, Tulcea County Council

Ana Maria CAZACU, Project Manager, Tulcea Association for European Integration

Luciana GHERGHIŞAN, Professor, “Delta Dunării” Economic College

Tudorel HOGEA, President Councillor, Tulcea County Council

2. Environmental

Coordinator: GRIGORE BABOIANU, Executive Director, Office for the Preservation of the Danube Delta Biosphere

Members Suzana MIHAILOV, Regional Development Expert, Tulcea County Council

Mirela DIDĂ, Chief Architect, Tulcea County Council

Georgel ROŞCA, County Councillor, Tulcea County Council

Nicolae STAICU, President Councillor, Tulcea County Council

3. Social

Coordinator: LAURA MICU, Service Chief, County Department for Social Aid

Members Aurel CHIRIAC, Director, Tulcea County Youth Department

Liliana MUNTEANU, Psychologist, Tulcea Pedagogic High School

Viorica NICOLOV, Councillor, Tulcea County Council

Lucica COSTACHE, Regional Development Expert, Tulcea County Council

Authority of Management for Regional Operational Programme

Valentina Rădoi – Director, Department of Programmes Management

Cezar Grozavu – Public manager, Department of Programmes Management

Consultancy from the National Centre for Sustainable Development:
Călin Georgescu – Project Manager

Radu-Ştefan Vădineanu – Coordinator

Tania Mihu – Program Coordinator – Projects

Oana Voicu – Project Officer

Gheorghe Onuţ – Social Research Coordinator

Daniel Toboş – Financial Coordinator

Olivia Popescu – Editing Assistant

Dan Apostol – Editorial Consultant


Foreword by the Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme in Romania

Foreword by the President of the Tulcea County Council
I.1. Evaluation of the Anthropic Capital (Economy)
I.1.1. General Overview

I.1.2. Industry

I.1.3. Agriculture

1.1.4. Tourism

I.1.5. Waste Management

I.1.6. Basic Infrastructure

I.1.7. Transportation

I.1.8. Communication

I.1.9. Financial Services

I.1.10 General swot Analysis

I.1.11 swot Analysis by Sector

I.1.12 Objectives

I.2. Evaluation of the Natural Capital
I.2.1. General Overview of Tulcea County

I.2.2. Water Resources

I.2.3. Mineral Resources

I.2.4. Renewable Natural Resources

I.2.5. Soil Resources

I.2.6. Biodiversity and Protected Areas

I.2.7. Forest Vegetation

I.2.8. Environmental Status in Tulcea County

I.2.9. swot Analysis

I.2.10. Objectives

I.3. Evaluation of the Social Capital
I.3.1. Demographics and Structure of the Population

I.3.2. Workforce in Tulcea County

I.3.3. Healthcare

I.3.4. Education

I.3.4. Culture

I.3.6. Social Aid

I.3.7. swot Analysis

I.3.8. Objectives

II.1. General Considerations

II.2. General Objectives

II.3. Measures for Strengthening the Institutional Capacity

II.4. Institutional Structures for Monitoring and Evaluation

II.5. Financial Projection

II.6. Local Action Plan
III.1. Economic Sector

    1. Modernisation of the airport and separate intakes of passengers at the Tulcea “Delta Dunării” Airport

    2. Modernisation of the access infrastructure to the Murighiol-Uzlina-Dunavăţ-Lacul Razim tourist area

    3. Tourist emphasis on the Tulcea monasteries by improving the access and environmental infrastructure

    4. Management of tourist mini-ports at Sf. Gheorghe, Murighiol, Sarichioi

    5. “Ivan Patzaichin” leisure and athletic activity centre

III.2. Environmental Protection Sector

  1. Selective collection, processing and transportation system of waste from the Danube Delta

  2. Ensure that the sand processing plant at Caraorman in the Danube Delta is environmentally friendly

  3. Re-implementation of the Territorial Management Plan for Tulcea County

  4. Re-implementation of the Territorial Management Plan by Area for the Preservation for the Danube Delta Biosphere

  5. Environmentally friendly reconstruction in the Dunavăţ-Murighiol agricultural area

  6. Environmentally friendly reconstruction in the Murighiol (Lake Murighiol) piscicultural area

  7. Environmental information centre in Sf. Gheorghe

  8. Development of a development plan for use of non-conventional forms of energy in Tulcea County, including wind energy, in harmonisation with the objectives for the preservation of biological diversity

III.3. Social Sector

  1. Tulcea day centre

  2. Sulina healthcare centre

  3. Improved heating systems for the schools in Somova, Beidaud, Ciucurova, Cataloi, Horia, I.C. Brătianu, Luncaviţa, Mihai Bravu, Niculiţel, Greci

  4. Restoration of the Tulcea County Council and of a specialised ambulatory

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