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Project Update: February 2013

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Project Update: February 2013
Reforestation of Mau Forest has already started with purchase of all the equipment and seeds. The project will be implemented by four groups chosen to work with Trees for the Future. All the groups have received all the equipments ranging from potting tubes, jembes, pangas, hosepipes and watering cans. Two of the groups have finished putting soil on the potting tubes and they are now germinating seeds. The trees to be raised will be planted in four sites of Mau Forest and each group is supposed to plant between 7,000 trees to 10,000 trees.

On the training, two training sessions are to be held on 9th and 10th April 2013 in Njokerio and Likia area of Mau Forest, two more sessions will be held in Chepalungu and Oloipangi part of Mau Narok which is in the Mau forest.

More updates will be given in terms of all the seedlings germinated, trainings held and number of participants.

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