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Chair called the meeting to order at 7: 00 pm

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Senate Minutes

Student Government Association

Northeastern University


Present: 55

Absent: 24

Excused: 10

Quorum: was met.

The Chair called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
Executive Vice President, Mike Karolewski

  • Tonight, we have Peter Roby and Darren Costa coming to speak with us.

Peter Roby, Director of Athletics, and Darren Costa, Assistant Director of Marketing and Promotions, addressed the Senate regarding the changes in athletic and recreational services and promoting husky pride.

President, Noah Carville:

  • Textbook exchange website is now live. It can be found at

  • Budget priority survey is coming out a week from today and will run from November 10th to the 24th

  • SGA will be attending a hockey game on November 22nd at 7pm

  • According to SGA bylaw’s, if you would like to pursue a leadership role in SGA, (VP of committee or board) you need to serve on a committee for 20 academic weeks or 15 weeks for Elections Chair. Therefore, this is the final week that you can join a committee and be eligible for a leadership role.

Comptroller, Krista deMello

  • Yields

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Eric Tyler:

  • Met with the Vice Provost about changes and more flexibility within the core curriculum and changes to the co-op system.

Vice President for Student Affairs, Morgan Helfman:

  • Go Vote!

  • Looking for an SGA representative to attend the Off-Campus Coalition on Thursday at BU.

  • Working on the homecoming banner during Student Affairs and Communications and Events committees.

  • Decorating the wooden husky next Wednesday for homecoming.

Vice President for Student Involvement, Selmon Rafey:

  • Student Leadership happened this past Sunday and we will be re-vamping it for next year.

Vice President for Student Services, John Finn:

  • Working with the smoke-free initiative about how NUPD and OSCCR can better enforce the smoking policy and how to increase signage so people are aware about the policy.

  • We have a walk-through with facilities to assess the overall state of the library cleanliness.

Chief of Staff, Zach Shaw:

  • Applications for Deputy Chief of Staff are still being accepted and will be closed at the end of day on Friday.

  • If you have trouble filling out an excused absence form on orgsync, you need to be a part of the SGA group on orgsync.

Executive Director of Communications, Meghan Murdock

  • Thank you to everyone who helped with “I am a Husky” last week. It was a great success and we had great Twitter engagement.

  • Currently working on website updates

  • Committee will be moved from 7:00 to 7:30 to work with Student Affairs on the homecoming banner

The Senate moved into Special Addresses.

Parliamentarian, Cameron Eide

  • Yields

Elections Committee Chair, Keith Harrigian:

  • Yields

The Senate moved into Question Time.

Senator Lowe: How would you buy a Kevin Spacey ticket?

EVP Karolewski: You can log onto myneu and go onto the tickets page. Tickets are $15

Senator Armstrong: I’ve gotten a lot of feedback that the water refill stations in Snell are red.
VP Tyler: Could you give a brief overview of the budget priority survey?

President Carville: The budget priority survey is a survey that we try to get between 2000 to 3000 students to fill out and asks how you want your money to be spent at Northeastern. You’re given 10 options and you rank them in the order of importance to you and then you are asked questions based off that. The results of that survey get presented to the senior leadership team.

VP Helfman: When are internal elections?

President Carville: Internal elections happen every spring in April and the process is very similar to the process of vice chair and EDOC confirmation. Somebody will submit their candidacy, we will have a debate, and elect someone internally. It will happen 20 weeks from today.

Chief of Staff Shaw: What is 20 weeks?

President Carville: That is 20 academic weeks.

VP Helfman: Do you have to be on the committee that you want to run for?

President Carville: Yes, you have to be on the committee for the position you want to run for.

Senator Valles: What is the off-campus coalition?

VP Helfman: The administrators in the Boston area meet to talk about the different issues of off campus living and other college’s rules and regulations.

The Senate moved into New Business.
Textbook Exchange

President Carville, VP Tyler, and VP Finn presented the live textbook exchange website to the Senate and explained how to use it.

SGA Projects Page

EVP Karolewski presented SGA’s projects page on the SGA website

  • When you click on the project, there is a description about the project and it lists the project manager and what steps need to be taken.

Member of the Month

President Carville presented the Member of the Month Award to Senator Abraham.

The Senate moved into Open Discussion
VP Helfman: Sign up for the hockey game and vote!
VP Tyler: If anyone is interested in a committee and can’t make the committee time, talk to the VP of the committee.
Senate adjourned at 8:04pm.
Respectfully Submitted to the Senate by Noah Carville and Rebecca Abraham.

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