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Integrity Mark Parker's New Book Addresses Timely Concerns in Our Cultural, Military and Political Arenas

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Integrity - Mark Parker's New Book Addresses Timely Concerns in Our Cultural, Military and Political Arenas

1888PressRelease - Author Mark Parker's book, titled Integrity, challenges individuals to think carefully about the value of ethical behavior in our cultural, military and political arenas.
TUCSON, Ariz.- Is integrity an outdated concept or one that is becoming valued more as contemporary challenges emerge? According to author Mark Parker, integrity is a timeless concept embraced by our Founding Fathers and one that should be embraced today.

Parker is so convinced that integrity is worth talking about that his newly released book of the same title takes a hard look at a range of historical figures, such as John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson and exposes not only their strengths, but their flaws. He then contrasts their behavior with current day United States Presidents, legislators, athletes, religious leaders, business leaders, educators and other cultural influencers who might, or might not, measure up to the high standard of ethics held by the Founding Fathers.

In this book, Parker exposes:

How a lack of integrity among leaders not only affects them individually, but also leaves the people they lead in a state of being morally rudderless, unable to decipher what is true, right and honest in the same way that our Founding Fathers did.

How cultural leaders, whether they are business people or athletes, deal with lapses of integrity and the effect that it has on the next generation.

How a lack of honesty is prevalent in today's government, religious institutions, college and professional athletic programs and even in the curriculum provided at our top colleges and universities.

"This book was an opportunity for me to get my ideas out about how a lack of truth is hampering the advancement of our culture, politics and military," said Parker. "I want to help people understand that ethics and personal responsibility matter. They always matter."

Parker's book is available on Amazon as both an e-book and a paperback and is appealing to a wide variety of audiences. His website is and features information about the book as well as a blog.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Mark Parker was born in Salt Lake City Utah in 1951 and soon after moved to Southern California. He called Santa Barbara California his home until he got married to Lizetta Ann De St Jean in 1972, and entered the United States Air Force in 1974.

Parker had a stellar career in the United States Air Force garnering numerous coveted military awards and decorations. He served over twenty-two years in the logistics field working with petroleum oils and lubricants and retired in 1996. He is the father of three children, four grandchildren and one great grandson. Parker is an honors graduate of Park University and also graduated from Chapman University with a Master of Arts in Education with honors.

Mark is retired and now lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife Lizetta of 41 years.

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