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Publicity Guide for Community Service Agencies How can the Public Service Center (psc) help you?

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Publicity Guide for Community Service Agencies
How can the Public Service Center (PSC) help you?
PSC e-mail/website bulletin

The MIT Public Service Center (PSC) sends out a weekly bulletin via e-mail to the MIT community headlining current and upcoming service opportunities. The current bulletin is always posted on the PSC’s website at:

Here’s how to get your informaiton in our e-bulletin:

  • Go to our webform and submit the requested informaiton about your service opportunity:

  • Submit your posting by 9:00am on Monday to have it published in our bulletin on Wednesday of that week.

  • You MUST RESUBMIT the description each week that you want it to be published.

Remember that we DO NOT guarantee that your description will be published. However, we will try our best to accommodate it.

Service Fair

If you’d like to be invited to MIT’s Service Fairs that take place in September and February and allow community organizations to meet with MIT students interested in volunteering, email We’ll see that your contact information is added to the invitation list.

Lobby 10 Booths and Student Center Vendor Tables

MIT offers the use of table space to non-MIT groups for the purpose of disseminating information that will benefit the MIT community. Fundraising is not allowed by outside organizations at these tables. Tables are located in Lobby 10 at at the Student Center.

In order for an organization not affiliated with MIT to reserve this space, you need to be sponsored by an Institute department, and the PSC might agree to be your sponsor. Contact to request table space. Please make your requests 2-3 weeks before you’d like a table, and know that your requested dates might not always be available.
Directing Your Request Towards Specific MIT Groups
Time permitting, we can also help you to focus your search for volunteers/employees by passing your information on to student organizations and departments specific to your needs. Send an e-mail to which includes a short description of the event/opportunity, important dates, times, and your own contact information. Ask that we forward the information to relevant student groups.
What can you do yourself?
There are a variety of methods available to non-MIT affiliated individuals/groups.
MIT AV Services offers the use of a projection screen in the Infinite Corridor immediately before the entrance into Lobby 10 as well as one in Building 4. There is a charge for this service. Contact MIT AV Services at 617-253-2808 for more information and to reserve the screen.
The Tech, MIT’s student-run newspaper, prints on tabloid-size paper, with a 10-inch wide by 16-inch tall area available for advertising on each page. There is a charge for this service. Guidelines concerning payment and ad submission can be found under the link “Advertising Information and Rates” at
The Lecture Series Committee (LSC) at MIT shows slides as previews to movies played every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night in 26-100 (one of MIT’s largest lecture halls). There is a charge for this service. Guidelines concerning payment and ad submission can be found at
General bulletin boards can be used by both MIT and non-MIT affiliated individuals and groups to post flyers for events/opportunities. Bulletin boards are cleared every Monday morning and Thursday night. The guidelines are as follows:
General Rules:


· Poster only in designated spaces (many spaces are reserved for student groups or departments. Signs will indicate that you may not post there)

· MIT groups have priority

· You must include the sponsoring party and contact information

· You must date your posters

What you CAN do:

· Use flat flyers up to 22” x 17”

· Poster over repeated flyers

· Poster over flyers of past events

What you can NOT do:

· Never tear down other posters; poster over them, if applicable above, but do not tear them down

· Don’t poster over current flyers

*No posters, flyers, or other announcements shall be placed on any wall, door, window, pillar, floor, chalkboard, ceiling, tree, outside building space, or other space at MIT other than a designated bulletin board or official announcement space.

Contact the Campus Activities Complex (CAC) for more information at 617-253-3913 or visit their website at
The MIT Spotlight answers the question, “What interesting and wonderful things are happening at MIT?” The choice of spotlights is an editorial decision based on factors that include timelines, promotion of MIT’s mission, the balance of interest to both internal and external audiences, and the appropriateness of presenting a certain face or image. Visit to complete an electronic application which will then be sent to the MIT Webmasters. Your site should comply with MIT’s Web guidelines by being compatible across multiple browsers, using alt tags to ensure accessibility, and including a link to the MIT homepage, using the MIT logo.
MIT Cable Television sponsors a community bulletin board listing of campus activities and events called “My Info TV” The listing can be seen on MIT channel 12 and on television sets in Lobby 10. Messages are restricted to announcements of events, meetings, activities and information for the MIT community. There is no cost for this service. If you would like to design your own message slide, visit and follow the steps outlined on the website. However, if you would just like to submit a text message and have MIT Cable format it for you, simply e-mail the message to or via campus mail to room 9-050.

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