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Marsupialia/Monotromata Assignments

1. *Create a Marsupialia or Monotremata coloring page, with a specific species of Marsupialia or Monotremata. Include the common name and scientific name at the top of the coloring page. Include a cited picture in the right hand corner of the top of the page. Include at least 5 interesting facts about that specific species stated in first person at the bottom of the page, numbered 1-5. Each fact should contain at least 10 words per fact. - up to 40 points per page – limit of 15 pages

2. *Read an article about a specific species of Marsupialia or Monotremata and either write a one page response or create a multiple choice quiz from the article with at least 10 questions and 4 possible answers. Comic Sans 12 or Times New Roman 12 font. Single spaced with double space between paragraphs. If you choose to make a quiz you must provide 2 quizzes, one without answers and one with answers. *** When writing questions, each question must stand alone. In other words, your question must be specific so the reader understands what is being asked even if they did not read the article. Include the article

Include a picture that is cited. – up to 70 points

3. Read the provided article on Marsupialia and write out facts from the reading- up to 100 points
3. Read the provided article on Monotromata and write out facts from the reading- up to 50 points
4. Marsupialia or Monotremata acrostic research assignment- up to 40 points
5. Down Under Motion Picture Studios – follow directions given- up to 300 points
6. *Read a reading. Do a crossword. Take a quiz.

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