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Saturday September 12th. Following our massive success and vibrant performances at 2008’s inaugural Batizado at Lakeville Regency

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Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai’s second annual Batizado and Troca de Corda will take place on _ Saturday September 12th. Following our massive success and vibrant

performances at 2008’s inaugural Batizado at Lakeville Regency, Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai will be holding another visual and fun-filled event for 2009’s 2nd Annual Batizado and Troca de Corda.
What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art form that mixes music, dance and gymnastics with its fighting components. Its beauty, fluidity and explosive gravity-defying movements have taken

the world by storm. Capoeiristas can be found in movies, television ads, music concerts (Cantonese pop star Denise Ho hired Axe Capoeira’s Professor Berimbau to choreograph a

Hong Kong show), and video games (Capoeira Mandinga’s founder, Mestre Marcelo, was the

model for Tekken’s Eddie Gordo – one of the greatest video game characters of all time).
The Evolution of Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai
Over the last three years, our group - Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai - has grown remarkably. Students from different backgrounds and cultures - with a solid commitment to training - practice this flowing Brazilian martial art form, known as capoeira. Our student members generally fall into the 20-35 year-old age group. Fast becoming renowned as an energy-charged visual performance, our capoeira group has been called to do shows all over Shanghai

  • Pinnacle Property Management

  • Johnny Walker

  • BMW

  • Hyatt on the Bund Vue Bar

  • Brahma Beer

In 2008, we were also featured in the following media

  • City Beat (ICS - International Channel Shanghai)

  • City Weekend

  • That’s Shanghai

  • Shanghai Daily

  • TV Show “Be my Guest” on NMTV

Batizado 2009
This year’s Batizado celebration promises to be “massive” and “inspiring” for everyone in our audience, be they martial arts or cultural enthusiasts. Being a Brazilian art-form, capoeira’s philosophy is focused on the community and encourages harmony through the display of Brazilian dance and music. In addition to the dedicated local students, world-class capoeristas will be involved in the performances. Our capoeira list of Who’s Who includes Mestre Marcelo, Founder of Capoeira Mandinga, Mestre Cabello from Capoeira Angola center of Ouroverde Cultural farm, CM Carcara from Capoeira Mandinga Rochester, CM Jo from Equipe Jo Capoeira, and Istructor Bolacha from Capoeira Mandinga Oakland. This event is expected to draw 300 – 500 spectators from both the Chinese and international community in Shanghai.

Local Promotion
In addition to the wide social and business networks of our students, local businesses will also distribute tickets. Cooperation with dance studios, fitness centres, clubs/restaurants and international schools will allow us to reach the target audience. Support from the Brazilian Consulate will ensure that Shanghai’s lively Brazilian community will be on hand for this event.

Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai’s website – receives more than 4000 hits per month, and has excellent positioning with all the major search engines. The Batizado will be heavily featured on the website

Sponsors are welcomed – its benefits!

  • Sponsor logos and information will be prominently featured on promotional materials, such as event posters, fliers, T-shirts and online advertising programs.

  • Sponsor representatives will have a chance to distribute their own materials to attendees at the event.

  • Diamond sponsors will have the option of having an ad or a web link on our website.

  • Capoeira’s cutting-edge popularity makes it an excellent marketing tool for those businesses trying to reach customers who are dynamic, sporting, young and lifestyle oriented.

  • Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai has already done promotional performances for leading brands, such as Johnnie Walker, BMW and Pinnacle Property Management, and has been featured in Ossur’s Australian and American ad campaigns.

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