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Celebrating March Irish-American Heritage Month Mad for Plaid Month Women’s History Month Employee Appreciation Day

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Celebrating March
Heritage Month

Mad for Plaid Month
Women’s History Month
Employee Appreciation Day

March 4
Iditarod Begins

March 5
Daylight Saving Time Begins

March 13
St. Patrick’s Day

March 17
International Sister
Cities Days

March 26–28
March 27

International Hug a Medievalist Day

March 31

MARCH 2016

The Gardens Gazette

The Gardens Assisted Living * 1000 W Washington Street, Jefferson, IA 50129 * 515-386-2555*

From the Managers Desk….

If you have not had a chance to check The Gardens Website or Facebook page out I invite you to do so! You can find us on the Web at and can link to our Facebook page from there. This will give you an opportunity to see what is happening at The Gardens. You may also find an activity or celebration you may want to attend as well.

With the start of March surely spring can’t be too far away. It seems as if winter has lingered on forever. We here at The Gardens are ready to get out and enjoy the warm weather. I anticipate several picnics at the lake, a full garden in the courtyard, and time spent just sitting outside enjoying the day.

The Ides of March History…

The earliest Roman calendar, which consisted of ten months beginning with Martius (March), was believed to have been created by King Romulus around 753 B.C. At that time, dates were expressed in relation to the lunar phase of the month using three markers: Kalends (Kal), Nones (Non) and Ides (Id). The first phase of the moon, the new moon, was denoted by Kalends and signified the first day of the month; the first quarter moon fell on either the fifth or seventh day of the month and was referred to as Nones; the full moon fell on either the 13th or 15th day of the month and was referred to as Ides. The ides of March—March 15—initially marked the first full moon of a new year. During the late Roman Republic, a new year’s festival was held on the ides of March in which people would gather a mile outside of Rome on the Via Flaminia by the banks of the Tiber River. Participants celebrated with food, wine and music and offered sacrifices to the Roman deity Anna Perenna for a happy and prosperous new year. Between 222 and 153 B.C., the ides of March also signaled the beginning of the new consular year, in which two annually-elected consuls took office as leaders of the republic. In 46 B.C., after consulting with the Alexandrian astronomer Sosigenes, Julius Caesar reformed the Roman calendar by adding ten days to the 355-day year, instituting January 1 as the first day of the new year (beginning in 45 B.C.) and introducing a leap year every four years. Shortly thereafter, he was granted the title Dictator Perpetuus or “dictator for life.” Concerned with Caesar’s increasing power and monarchical leanings, a group of Roman senators stabbed the ruler to death on March 15, 44 B.C.—forever linking the ides of March with the assassination of Julius Caesar.

Have a great month!

-Matt Gordon

March 2016

Lions and Lambs
The weather of March is likely to keep us ever on our toes. As the old saying goes, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb,” traditionally meaning that the start of March is still in the harsh throes of winter, while the end of March brings a soft spring thaw. Meteorologist Ashley Kaepplinger explains that this oft-uttered proverb does ring with some truth. March is a transition month, bridging the seasons and bringing variable weather events for much of the world.
The Farmers’ Almanac offers another take. In olden days, before the advent of meteorology, people believed that weather was closely related to the spirit world. Bad weather was the doing of bad spirits, and it meant that the community needed to change its ways for the good. This shift in behavior from bad to good often resulted in good spirits bringing improved weather by the end of the month.
Still others point out that March’s lions and lambs come not from heavenly spirits but from the stars in the sky. James Albury, director of the Kika Silva Pla Planetarium in Gainesville, Florida, explains how at the beginning of March, the constellation Leo, the Lion, rises first in the night sky. By the end of March, the stars have shifted, and the constellation Aries, the Ram (lamb), is observed setting on the horizon. So, throughout March, at least in terms of the night sky, lions do come in and lambs do go out. Albury’s guess is that perhaps someone “decided to poetically link” the stars to March’s turbulent weather.
With Easter falling on March 27 this year, bunnies are added to the menagerie. Then again, Jesus was termed the “Lamb of God,” as he was sacrificed to save sinners. And Jesus was also called the “Lion of Judah,” a strong and fierce leader. Perhaps it is fitting when Easter falls in the month of March, as it does this year.

A note from the Nurse, Dawn……
It is with mixed emotions, but with a thankful heart for the time I have had here, that I say, “See you later” to the precious folks here at The Gardens. (I do NOT like Good Byes!!) I have enjoyed my year here but have accepted a Director of Nursing job in a skilled nursing facility in Ames, where we live. This will save me 70 miles of driving a day and over an hour a day in travel. (THIS winter weather has NOT been much fun to drive in!) I have met some wonderful people here in Jefferson and have learned so much about Assisted Living during my time. I have been and continue to be Blessed and am thankful that The Lord has allowed me the opportunity to work here. March 6th will be my last official day.

I am very excited that Pam Van Pelt RN has accepted the position of Director of Nursing here! Pam has been learning the ropes since her arrival several months ago and will make this an easy transition for both staff and tenants. Please know that she wants to continue to provide the same wonderful care that we have always had and that her door is always open! Please welcome her to this position!

God’s richest blessings to you folks!
Dawn Hales RN

Huge “Thank You” to Dawn for all of her hard work and dedication here at The Gardens! We wish her all the BEST!

March 2016

Upcoming Events……
Tuesday March 1st: We are going to make a wreath for Easter!

Wednesday March 2nd: Roger Aegerter will be here to talk about the history of Greene County!
Sunday March 6th: Happy Birthday Bev Flack!
Monday March 7th: Tenant Meeting and Birthday Party!
Wednesday March 9th: The local Old Timers Band will be here to entertain!
Thursday March 10th: Join us as we fill Easter Eggs for Mrs. O’s Class!
Sunday March 13th: Turn clocks back 1 hour!

Monday March 14th: Visit from Mrs. O’s Kindergarten Class!
Wednesday March 16th: We are going out to eat at the Ram Restaurant!
Thursday March 17th: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Wear Green and join in for All things IRISH!

Friday March 18th: The public will be in and out all day doing a virtual dementia tour with Lisa
Sunday March 20th: Happy SPRING!
Thursday March 24th: Happy Birthday Fred and Ann Behr! Cowboy Jim will be here to sing us some Country Western!
Sunday March 27:

Hello Everyone! February was a good month but I’m over the cold and the snow and ready for MARCH! So many things going on this month! Two Holidays, Dayligt Savings ends and SPRING! I hope the rest of winter is mild and we have a nice warm up! I’m ready to enjoy our beautiful courtyard, get the flowers and garden planted and sit out on the patio furniture and soak up the sun and fresh air! 

Cowboy Jim sings “You are my Sunshine” to Lorna

Everyone enjoyed the “Piano Man Extraordinaire”

Dory enjoying a Root Beer Float on her Birthday!

Bob and his friend enjoying donut holes and coffee, Join us every Wednesday at 9:00 am!

The Gardens Assisted Living

1000 W Washington St

Jefferson, IA 50129

March Birthdays
Bev Flack 6th

Fred Behr 24th

Ann Behr 24th
In astrology, those born between March 1st and 20th are Pisces. These Fish are spiritual types who feel comfortable in their introspective natures. As passionate, romantic, creative dreamers, they are charitable helpers who “go with the flow.” Those born between March 21st and 31st are Rams of Aries. As the first sign of the zodiac, Arians charge out of the gate with energy, confidence, power, and zeal. As pioneers, Arians are unafraid of the unknown. For these eternal optimists, no odds are ever considered insurmountable.
Lou Costello (comedian) – March 6, 1906

Liza Minnelli (entertainer) – March 12, 1946

Ozzie Nelson (TV dad) – March 20, 1906

Fred Rogers (neighbor) – March 20, 1928

Fannie Farmer (cook) – March 23, 1857

Walt Frazier (athlete) – March 29, 1945

Vincent van Gogh (painter) – March 30, 1853

Shirley Jones (actress) – March 31, 1934

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