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Lawrence University

Summer Experiential Learning Grant

General Information
The Volunteer and Community Service Center, Career Services and the Office of Community Based Learning and Research provide funding for students serving the community over the summer months. Students submitting this application can be considered for all funding opportunities below.
Summer Volunteer Opportunity Grant (SVOG), sponsored by the Volunteer and Community Service Center, provides financial assistance for students participating in service projects as learning experiences during the summer months. SVOG funding is available to assist with the practical expenses for service projects. Because the VCSC recognizes the financial demands of a Lawrence University education, part of the funding is also intended to offset the opportunity cost of a summer spent engaged in volunteer and service work. Although the grant itself helps to remove financial barriers to summer service, the SVOG program also seeks to enhance and develop the individual student learning imperative as well as the Lawrence community’s broader understanding of service. To that end, recipients are encouraged to link service work and academic inquiry and expected to engage themselves and the campus community in a consideration of social, legal, political, and other issues pertinent to their service project.
Betty Heistad Barrett Fund for Excellence in Civic Service, sponsored by Career Services, provides students funding to participate in unique and valuable opportunities to learn, explore, and grow as individuals while serving the non-profit community. Non-profit organizations can rarely afford to pay interns, but greatly benefit from the enthusiasm provided by college students who are eager to make a difference. Students who are granted funding will develop professional skills and gain practical exposure to the non-profit field. They will set intentional learning goals and reflect actively on what they are learning throughout the experience. The student will be expected to follow the guidelines of the internship program.
Suzanne and Richard Pieper Family Foundation Endowment, sponsored by the Office of Community Based Learning and Research, is available to support student research, experiential learning, and service projects that reflect, promote, or otherwise align with the principles of servant leadership as described by Robert K. Greenleaf and others ( NOTE: All recipients of a servant leadership grant must commit to enrolling in UNIC 170: Leadership and Service (3 credits, S/U only) in the first offering of the course after completion of the project; OR if this is impossible, to arrange for a substitute reflective exercise with the Pieper Professor. In addition, grant recipients must include in their reflective essay, a description of the impact of the project on their development as potential servant leaders.

Students who will have successfully completed at least two terms of academic work at Lawrence University before the start of their proposed project are eligible to apply. Qualifying students must be available the following academic year to present to the LU community; graduating seniors are not eligible. Projects involving travel to countries that have been identified as unsafe by the U.S. Department of State will not be funded.

Application and Allocation Process Timeline
Monday, January 18, 2016

Application packet available online

Monday, April 11, 2016 (by 4 PM)

Complete applications due to Career Services

Week of Monday, April 25, 2016

Notification letters sent

Explanation of Award

In accordance with the dual purpose of the funding, awarded students will receive the funds in advance but will be held responsible to repay the grant if all requirements of the program are not satisfactorily met.

Awarded students must complete the following requirements:

  1. Attend a pre-summer orientation session and complete necessary paperwork. For those projects/internships that take place in another country, verification that travel and medical insurance has been purchased will be required. For those opportunities that are considered internships, students will need to register their internships with Career Services and complete the official internship process through Career Services which consists of reporting an intern hire in LUworks, completing an orientation session, learning agreement, evaluations, participating on Moodle throughout the experience, attend the Internship Celebration, and Internship Summit.

  1. Compose a reflective paper which addresses how your service experience/internship is related to issues (social, political, economic, legal, etc). Topics you may wish to consider include: the needs your service addressed, the political/social/other backdrop from which these needs arise, the successes and failures of your service endeavor and the challenges and struggles inherent in your work. The final paragraph should summarize how the experience impacted you personally and may be shared with a wider audience. Papers should be available electronically.

  1. Share your experiences at an event during the 2016-2017 academic year (date and location TBD). You may be asked to present a lecture, give a demonstration, create a showcase display, or find some way to engage the Lawrence community in an understanding of your service work.

  1. Provide confirmation from the project coordinator/supervisor of the sponsoring organization that you have completed the project/internship.

Lawrence University

Summer Experiential Learning Grant


Application Checklist


__List of References

Please provide the names and contact information of three references (1-academic, 1-professional and 1-personal) who can attest to your level of responsibility, commitment, and leadership abilities.

__Project /Internship Information Sheet

__Budget Outline


__Terms and Conditions

­­­__Interviews may be requested

Project/Internship Information Sheet

Project/Internship Name/Title: ____________________________________________________________________


Sponsoring Organization: _______________________________________________________________________


Contact/Supervisor _____________________________ Position: _______________________________________


Address: ______________________________________ Phone: ________________________________


_____________________________________ Email: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________________________


Volunteer/Internship Application Due Date (if rolling, please note):___________________________________


Projected Start Date: ____________________ Projected Completion Date: ______________________


Approximate Hours/Week: _______________ Project Location: ________________________________




Please attach a copy of any completed application materials from the sponsoring organization/site and your resume.


Have you been accepted/approved to participate in this project? _____Yes _____No

(If applying to a specific program, priority will be given to students who have already been accepted.)


If not, when will you be advised of your status? ___________________________________________________


Please describe the nature of your project and your site. What tasks will you complete, and what roles will you play? Feel free to attach an additional sheet for your response.



Budget Outline
Using the table below, please develop a budget outline based on your best estimate of expenses. If the program or sponsoring organization covers any costs, please indicate that as well. Budgets below $2,000 will receive higher priority than other proposed budgets.


For details on the actual allocation of funding, please refer to the sheet in the application packet labeled “Explanation of Award.”






Program Fees:






Other (specify):


Total Expense Estimate:


Are you in the process of applying for funding from other sources? _____Yes _____No

Please describe: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________________________________________________________________
What financial support/resources (if any) have you already received to support you with this project (free housing/food, funding for another source, etc.): ________________________________________________


Please share any information you would like regarding your financial situation and what your plans will be if you are not able to receive funding (optional): ___________________________________


Please type responses to the following questions. Limit your responses to a maximum of 1/2 page in length for each question.



  1. Why have you chosen to engage in a service activity or non-profit internship this summer and what do you hope to gain from the experience? How would this summer position contribute to your personal, educational, and/or career goals?

  1. How will this experience enhance your understanding and/or knowledge of an issue, region or population?

  1. Why do you think the service project or mission of your non-profit organization is important? What factors contribute to the need for this kind of service? How do you feel qualified for this type of work?


Describe how your position and involvement this summer will benefit the community, population, or organization for whom you are working.

  1. Describe the ways in which your project involves:

  1. listening to those served (either before or during the project) in order to help you best meet their needs

  2. empowering those served or helping them to grow or develop as persons

  1. Describe any other ways in which your project is aligned with the principles of servant leadership.

Terms and Conditions
I understand the purpose of the Summer Experiential Learning Grant and the terms of the application and allocation process as outlined. If I am awarded funding, I intend to participate fully in my proposed summer service project/internship, recognizing that I am a representative of Lawrence University. I also intend to complete the follow-up requirements upon my return to campus for the Fall Term of the 2016-2017 academic year.



_____________________________________________________________ _________________________

Signature Date



Thank you for your application.


Inquiries regarding:

SVOG should be directed to: Kristi Hill, Director of Volunteer and Community Service Programs, 832-6644,
Betty Heistad Barrett Fund for Excellence in Civic Service should be directed to: Tricia Plutz ‘03, Internship Coordinator, 832-6561,
Suzanne and Richard Pieper Family Foundation endowment should be directed to: Mark Jenike, Pieper Chair of Servant Leadership, 832-6717,

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