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Hosted by Shalimar G. C., Tempe, az july 7-10, 2014

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13th Annual Mandi Luck Memorial

Junior Match Play Championship

Hosted by Shalimar G.C., Tempe, AZ July 7-10, 2014

Format: 9 Hole Match Play Championship for Juniors (ages 18 & under) open to boys & girls

Day 1: Stroke Play qualifying round. Flights of 8 determined by day 1 score.

Day 2: Flighted Match Play for all players.

Day 3: Match Play Semi-Finals in the Championship and Consolation Brackets for all players.

Day 4: Match Play Finals in the Championship and Consolation Brackets. All remaining players compete in the Mandi Luck Team competition, a separate two-junior alternate shot event (Mandi Luck Team event). A cookout, tee prize distribution and trophy presentations will conclude the tournament on the final day. Please note that there may be sudden-death playoffs to determine flight placements (qualifying rounds) and matches.
Schedule of Events: June 30 5:30pm All Entries must be received and paid (Field limited to the first paid 72


July 7 7:00am Tee times begin for stroke play qualifying round

July 8 7:00am Tee times begin for first round matches July 9 7:00am Tee times begin for the semi-finals and consolation flight matches

July 10 7:00am Tee times begin for the final matches for flights & consolation flights

along with the Mandi Team competition followed by a cook-out, awards & presentations

Entry Fee: $45.00 per Junior includes the 4 rounds of golf, tee prizes, trophies and cook-out on 7/11
Entry Deadline: Monday June 30, 2014 at 5:30pm or first 72 paid entries, whichever occurs first
Eligibility: All juniors through age 18 (Must be 18 years old or younger as of 7/8/14). All juniors must be able to play 9 holes of golf walking without supervision and abide by the rules of golf. You must be able to commit to all four (4) days of the tournament.
Volunteers: Parents and volunteers are needed as rules officials and chaperones on the golf course. Please see Paul Szymanski to sign-up and assist.
Sponsors: Sponsors are actively being sought to donate monies for trophies and awards. Please contact Tyler Gustafson, PGA at Shalimar Country Club. A sponsor board will be displayed and any funds are appreciated.
Code of Conduct: The following violations are always considered flagrant and as such will result in immediate disqualification with no refund or appeal:

*Lack of respect for volunteers, fellow-competitors or officials *Damage to course or property

*Smoking or use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs *Cheating *Throwing clubs *Obscene, abusive or vulgar language

Mandi will be remembered for her love of God, life, family, and golf. She possessed the rare combined attributes of respect and caring for others. Her spontaneity, humility, great sense of humor along with that quick and beautiful smile would reach out and touch all who had the privilege to meet her. Those who knew her loved Mandi. Mandi’s favorite past time was golf, always playing with total respect for the game and for others. Mandi’s life on earth was tragically shortened in early 2002. This tournament is being held not only to honor and remember Mandi but also instill her many positive attributes into the lives of others through the game she loved, golf.


13th Annual Mandi Luck Memorial

Junior Match Play Championship

Hosted by Shalimar G.C., Tempe, AZ - July 7-10, 2014

Entry Form


Please Print Clearly Last First
City________________________State______Zip ______________
Home Phone (_____)___________________ Cell Phone (____)_____________
Date of Birth____/____/____ Home Course__________________________
Average 9 Hole Score_____
I hereby agree to abide by the Rules of Golf and the Code of Conduct listed on the opposite side.
__________________________________________ Date____/____/____

Junior Golfer’s Signature

Mail or Return Entries with $45.00 Entry Fee to:

Shalimar G.C., Attn: Mandi Luck Jr Invitational, 2032 E. Golf Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282 (480) 838-0488

Entry Deadline is Monday, June 30th, 2014 at 5:30pm or when we receive a full field of 72 players, whichever occurs first

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