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Warning: This round contains some material which is in questionable taste. Play at your own risk, and remember that we're usually only joking

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Death Dismemberment and other acts of God and/or Zod

Warning: This round contains some material which is in questionable taste. Play at your own risk, and remember that we're usually only joking.


1. His varied career included the military and porn films, but now he's found

Jesus and has been ordained by the Eternal Life Church in Nevada, ftp, name
this dismembered former soldier whose injury elicited many headlines about
freeing willy.

A. John Wayne Bobbit

2. Azaria doesn't really mean "sacrifice" in Hebrew, and Seventh Day
Adventists don't generally espouse human sacrifice. An Austalian jury, swayed
by rumors to the contrary, convicted this woman of murdering her infant
daughter, a child she claimed was eaten by dingoes. FTP, name this woman,
later cleared, and played by Meryl Streep in the movie "A Cry in the Night".

A. Lindy Chamberland

3. Forcing the President to kneel, hurling cars through the air, hurling
busses through the air, escaping from the Phantom Zone, antagonizing Superman,
and naming Lex Luthor King of Australia are all acts of, ftp, which
supervillain featured in Superman II?

A. Zod (accept "Acts of Zod" )

4. A former presidential candidate, his decline into drug abuse resulted in a
horrendous fatal car crash. FTP, name this Meadow Party leader, ressurected
by Oliver Wendel Jones who cloned him from the genetic doohickeys and
thigamabobs in a tongue found at the scene of the accident.

A.Bill the Cat

5. Basically, she gets eaten by a giant trash bag covered in motor oil. In
"Skin of Evil", a nasty alien sucks her into its depths and spits her out dead
and beyond revival, ftp, name this security officer who discovered just how
fully functional Data could be in "The Naked Now".

A. Tasha Yar

6. He loves Mattie Silver, but is married to Mattie's bitchy cousin, Zenobia.
In the movie version with Liam Neeson and Patricia Arquette, this title
character actually has sex with Mattie before their general angst and intense
stupidity lead them to attempt suicide sledding into a tree. FTP, name this
Wharton character.

A. Ethan Frome

7. They made it into a cheesy movie starring Robbie Benson as the title
character. Set in the deep south, it tells the story of a girl's teenage
love, and about his suicide. FTP, name this woeful 70's song, a one-hit

wonder for Bobby Gentry.

A. Ode to Billy^Joe

8. We first meet him in a drug-induced coma—a state to which he returns years later in Haiti. Although his death is reported, fans everywhere rejoice to learn he's only been zombified. ftp, name this protagonist of the book "action figure", a one-time ambassador to American Samoa, attempted assassin of John Denver, and the proprietor of Nothin* but Orphans, Inc.

A. Uncle Duke

9.It contains plenty of death and dismemberment, including that of a small child and a civic-minded gay man. Its supernatural villain is a demented figure of fun who insists that "we all float down here." ftp, name this Stephen King novel and scary miniseries starring Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown.

A. It

10. Brenda Spencer was sixteen when she went to prison for a terrible crime.

When asked why she shot up a schoolyard, killing two school officials and
wounding a child, she said something strange about the day of the week. FTP,
paraphrase her "excuse", and name the Boomtown Rats/Bob Geldof song based on
the case.

A. I Don't Like Mondays

11. A new novel tells the story of a nineteenth century crime. A servant girl
and her accomplice were convicted of murdering her employer and the
housekeeper who was his mistress. FTP, name this chilling tale of murder and
insanity in Canada, the latest work of Margaret Atwood.

A. Alias Grace

its perch. Bereft of ten thousand volts FTP, name this bird,

12. It doesn't really talk anymore, but it does stay on
life, it rests in wouldn't "foom" if you put
through's joined the bleeding choir invisible.
renowned for its lovely plummage.

A. Dead parrot or Norwegian Blue

13. She was runner-up to playmate of the year, 1979. A naive young Canadian,
she was quickly taken under the wing of Hugh Hefner and Paul Bogdonavitch, who
later wrote a book about her tragic death at the hands of her estranged
husband. FTP, name this playmate and actress, the subject of a film for which
Mariel Hemmingway reportedly had breast augmentation.

A. Dorothy Stratton

14. You may recall last year's winner: the man who found out moments before
making a 300 mph dent in an Arizona cliff that the JATO (jet assist take off)
unit he'd strapped to his car could not be turned off once it was turned on.
FTP, name these awards that are (by definition) granted posthumously to


individuals who have protected the sanctity of our gene pool by removing themselves from it.

A. the Darwin Awards

15. A vampire awakens from a twenty-five year sleep when an errant golf ball

strikes him on the head. The vampire finds himself safe-guarding two
Torontoans from a gang of thugs and eating kiwi filled donuts (when he's not
eating live rats). FTP, name this arty horror film starring Gordon Currie as
Stash the vampire.

A. Blood and Donuts

16. People have faked their own deaths for many reasons—insurance money,
avoiding prosecution, getting out of a bad marriage. Have you ever considered
faking your own death? You might. FTP, ring in and play dead.

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE—award points at your discretion

17.Lea Salonga voices the title character. Singing dogs and vilainous animals make their appearances. This info was garnered from the trailer of, FTP, which forthcoming cartoon musical which may or may not contain songs about being shot to death, hemophillia, and post^humous DNA testing.

A. Anastasia

\l8. Hedda Hopper was one of this actors greatest supporters. A member of the Itelefarum Coven in Hollywood he told his fellow Satanists that he was planning to» cross the river Styx. An icon for discontented youth everywhere he starred in only three films but his influence remained after he died in 1955 in his Porsche Spyder 550. FTP, name this talented yet nutty star who used to rebel against whatever you had.

A. James Dean

19. His agent was found dead in a car trunk after rumors began that this

person was willing to coach other teams. Snubbed recently by the basketball
hall of fame though he has the best ratio of wins to losses record in college
basketball, he now coaches the pathetic Fresno State Bulldogs. FTPname this
Shark who used to coach the Running Rebels of University of Nevada at Las

A. Jerry Tarkanian

20. in one of his films, a mother avenges her daughter's rape and murder by
ending oral sex with the rapist in a way he didn't bargain for—dismemberment.
FTP, name this novelist and director of the Last House on the Left, The People
Under the Stairs, and of the Hellraiser series.

A. Wes Craven

21. I was looking for question material to finish up this packet when, luckily
for me, he died Thursday. FTP, name this world leader—rumours about whose
death or severe illness (though never dismemberment) have been circulating in


China for years. A. Deng Xaio Ping

22. "Virgil Kane is my name and I rode on the Danville Train. Till
Stonewall's calvary came, and tore up the tracks again. In the winter of '65,
we hungry—just barely alive..." begins this grim song about the last days of
the Confederacy. FTP, name this weeper, made famous in versions by The Band
and Joan Baez.

A. The Night Thev Drove Old Dixie Down

23. This character spends time trying to pray a dead squirrel back to life and
is often bound and tormented by unseen authority figures who look in on him
through a slot in the door. FTP, name this Life in Hell character,
distinguised from his father because he only has one long rabbit ear.

A. Bongo

Death Pack—Bonuses

1. Carl Hiassen's caracters meet their ends in unique and grizzly ways. Given

the description of a character's death, name the Hiassen novel in which he or
she was featured for ten points each, thirty total.

a. A security guard at the Amazing Kingdom of Thrills is humped to death

by Dickey the Dolphin. v/

A. Native Tongue

b. Darrel Grant falls asleep in a truck loaded with sugar for
processing. Grant gets processed to death, forcing the sugar company to
recall several tons of product. ^

A. Strip Tease

c. A retiree is forced by a maniac to fight it out with the local fauna
to see who should have the territory, unfortunately, the territory is
Florida, and the fauna is a salt water crocodile.

A. Tourist Season v

2. Canibal, Presidential candidate, both or neither. Given a person, identify
the category he or she belongs in FFPE, twenty five total. Note: the person
doesn't have to have been on the ballot—merely to have run a widely-
publicized presidential campaign.

a. Roy Harley A. canibal V

b. Bobby Francois A. canibal ><

c. Gracie Allen A. presidential Candidate

d. Roberto Canessa A. both )<.

e. Eva Peron A. neither ^

3. Given the murderer, name the mystery author who created him or her, FTPE,
thirty total.

a. Hanibal Lechter A. Thomas Harris X

b. Temple Gault A. Patricia Cornwell \^

c. Elmo Blatch A. Stephen King

4. Autopsies rule. Answer the following autposy questions for five, ten and
fifteen points respectively.

5: Some coroners don't use the term autopsy, saying it means "surgery on oneself." For five points, provide the alternate term, perhaps the one favlored by Jack Klugman's Quincy character.

A. Medical Examiniation or Post Mortem X 10: Some guys will do anything for money. FTP, name the actor who made quick, tasteless bucks hosting Fox's Alien Autopsy.

A. Jonathan Frakes ^

15: To emblam a body, you need this implement. For f if ten points, name this tool, a giant needle, used to drain fluid out of corpses.

A. trochar yc

5. Stand up comics call a good perfomance "killing" and a bad one "dying".
FTPE, name these standups who used to kill, but who now really have died.

a. This former preacher did screaming standup on SNL and played Rodney

Dangerfield's deranged professor in Back to School before dying in a car
accident. y

A. Sam Kinison

b. Her best bits were "Midol junkie" and the character Cabrini Green—a
teenage mother and birthcontrol advocate. Name this comic who livened

up a dismal season of SNL with her That Black Girl sketchs and who has

since died of ovarian cancer. *

A. Denitra Vance ^

c. He advocated drug use and claimed big oil companies were anti-pot.
Banned from Letterman for his controversial material, his life was
examined by a Commedy Central documentary. FTP, name this Texan who
died of pancreatic cancer. ,

A. Bill Hicks A

6. As everyone knows, the main point of video fighting games is the thrill of
killing one's opponent in various greusome ways. Given the video game and
method of killing, name the character described FTPE.

a. This femme fatale from Killer Instinct 2 has a habit of dropping

elephants on her helpless opponents.

A. Maya ^

b. This female ninja from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 tends to impale her
opponents on her fighting staff and fling them back and forth until
their skin and bones fly off their bodies. ^y

A. Jade

c. This Aztec high preist from the game War Gods loves to place his
helpless victims upon his alter, rip out their hearts, and have a little
lunch. y

A. Auh Kin (Ow Kin)

7. He wrote the plays "What the Buttler Saw" and "Loot" before being
bludgeoned to death by his lover as part of a murder /suicide. FTPE, name him
and the biographical film about him starring Gary Oldman and Albert Molina.

A. Joe Orton. Prick Up Your Ears

8. Given the means of demise, identify the television character FTPE. You'll
get five points if you need to know the shows the appeared on.

a. (10) His plane was shot down enroute from Korea.

( 5) M*A*S*H

A. Lt. Col Henry Blake '


b. (10) Dressed as a peanut, he was shelled by a rogue elephant.
( 5) The Mary Tyler Moore Show

A. Chuckles the Clown

c. (10) During a heated argument with Leland MacKenzie, she stepped into
an empty elevator shaft and plumetted to her death.

( 5) L.A. Law

A. Rosalin Shays

9. No one likes death and dismemberment (and mosters, aliens and Russian

spies) more than Dean Koontz. Answer the following Koontz questions FTPE.

a. This Koontz novel involves a woman scientist's terrifying hospital

stay, memories of a college boyfriend's death, and a talking severed
head. <,

A. The House of Thunder '

b. A woman's supposedly dead child keeps appearing to her—both in
dreams and as physical manifestations. Name this Koontz book about mad
scientists and lost boyscouts. ys

A. The Eyes of Darkness '

c. Koontz wrote both of these novels under a pen name, an alterego he
says was decapitated in a bizarre limbo accident. FTP, give this

A. Leigh Nichols

10. Dune—Arakis—Desert planet. It's a crappy place to visit, and living
there sucks, too. Given clues, identify these dead dudes from Frank Herbert's
Dune for ten points each, and a five point bonus for both correct.

a. He's betrayed by a retainer. Outfitted with a poison tooth, he dies

in front of Baron Harkonnen having failed to use it. j& »>^

A. Duke Leto Atreides

b. He dies in the struggle for Arakis, but folks like him so much they
clone him over and over again. FTP, name him, the only character who
appears in all the Dune books.

A. Duncan Idaho /•

11. The last person executed in England was a mildly retarded man whose
accomplice shot a policeman. The accomplice committed the murder while the
soon-to-be-condemned man was already in custody. Answer the following
questions about the case FTPE.

a. Name the executed man.

A. Derek Bently ^

b. Give the four-word phrase Bently said to Chris Craig, the shooter.

The phrase was used as the title of a film about the case.

A. Let him have it

c. Elvis Costello wrote a song protesting this historical event, a crime
that describes the method of execution.

A. Let 'Em Dangle X.

12. They have a lot in common—both were young actresses, both were stalked,
and both were murdered in the early to mid eighties. FTPE name:

a. The actress who starred opposite Pam Dawber in My Sister Sam. y

A. Rebecca Shaeffer ^

b. The daughter of a crime writer and reporter, she'd just finished

shooting on Poltergiest before when she was strangled to death by an
abusive ex-boyfriend.

A. Dominique Dunne ^

13. ER is full of death and dismemberment. Given clues, identify the actor
who died (or feigned death) on ER FTPE.

a. This star of Cybil and L.A. Law played a father and husband who

died of a fatal heart malformation during ER's first season. x

A. Allen Rosenberg

b. This stand-up comic and star of Shakes the Clown didn't actually die,
he just lay under a sheet claiming to be dead and waiting for a psych
eval. ./""

A. Bobcat Goldthwaite

c. His character, a resident abused by Benton and blown off by his so-
called friend, Carter, threw himself under an EL train.

A. Omar Epps X

14. Dead, dismembered, both or neither. Given a person, identify the category
he or she belongs in FFPE, twenty-five total.

a. Vic Morrow A. both ^

b. Sunny VonBulow A. neither y

c. Lady Bird Johnson A. neither y^

d. Boris Yeltsin A. dismembered v

e- Doolittle Lynn A. dead

15. This being the death round, we can't not write a Kevorkian bonus. Answer
the following questions about u of M's most impressive alum after Dave Frazee
for five, ten and fifteen points each.

a. Dr. Jack's lawyer has been fined for an ethics violation that

involved trying to select sympathetic judges. For five points, give
the two-word phrase the names this practice.

A. Forum shopping. X

b. For ten points, name the attorney.

A. Jeffrey Feiqer ***

c. For fifteen points, name the Michigan county that the good doctor
calls home. .

A. Oakland *>

16. Euphemisms make death and disease seem almost fun and romantic. Given the
euphemistic name for a disease, or given a disease with a euphemism, name the
ailment or give its euphemism for five, ten, and fifteen points.

a. (5) The Black Death ^

A. Bubonic Plaque v^

b. (10) The White plague or the white death

A. Tuberculosis a.

c. (15) Osgood Schlatter's disease

A. Growing pains (or equivalents) .

17. Given the song that mentions death, identify the band or singer for five

points each, twenty total.

a. I Just Died in Your Arms A. Cutting Crew

b. Killing me Softly (original version) A. Roberta Flack «^r

c. Another One Bites the Dust A. Queen *s

d. A Kinder Murder A. Elvis Costello ^

18. Apartheid-era South Africa and Northern Ireland both spawned unique forms

of death and dismemberment. Given a description of an unpleasant form of
assault common in those places, give the common term for it for fifteen points

a. A tire filled with gasoline is placed around the victim's neck and

set aflame.

A. Necklacinq

b. Traiters to the IRA are sometimes (if they aren't killed outright)
kneecapped using power drills.

A. Tooling

19. Piers Paul Reid's Alivel is a great book for inflight reading. Answer the
following questions about the Andes survivors and their real-life adventure

a. From what country did the survivors hail?

A. Uruguay

b. What sport were the survivors travelling abroad to compeat in?

A. Rugby Football

c. In what year did the plane crash occur?

A. 1972

20. The Rocky Horror Picture Show does to some extent involve death and

dismemberment. Answer the following questions about Rocky for the stated number of points.

a. (10) This character is hacked up by Frank-n-Furter and served up for

dinner. Name him, ftp.

a. Eddie

b. (5) identify the actor who played Eddie, prompting many an audience

member to yell "oh no, not Blank again" during the dinner scene.

A. Heatloaf

c. (10) Frank is killed at the end of the film by, FTP, what character?

A. Rif Raf

21. Sara Paretsky has gone a little bit soft on death and serious violence in
her more recent works—perhaps because her own son was assaulted and robbed.
Given a character and a description of his or her death, identify the V.I.
Warshawsky mystery described, FTPE.

a. Boom Boom Warshawski, V.I.'s ex-pro-hockey player cousin, slips off

a pier and is mangled to death in the screw of a ship.

A. Deadlock

b. The sister of a close friend of V.I.'s dies in childbirth due to
the hospital's incompetance. Another friend—a doctor—is murdered by
hospital employees as part of a cover-up.

A. Bitter Medicine

c. Hitch Krueger, V.I.'s neighbor's best friend, is murdered by henchmen
of his old employer, trying to cover up fraud.

A. Guardian Angel

22. Garry Trudeau usually kills people metaphorically. Answer the following
death-n-Doonsbury questions for ten points each, thirty total.

a. Her husband dies of a massive coronary trying to photgraph a rare

warbler. FTP, name this congresswoman.

A. Lacey Davenport

b. This congressional aide to Lacey and friend of Joanie Caucuse Redfern
might be the first comics character to die of AIDS.

A. Andy Lippincott

c. One of Roland Headly's porters dies during the expedition through
Reagan's brain. The man was killed by a rare and unexpected live one of
these, the areas where nerve impulses are transmitted.

A. Synapse

23. Some people belong in this packet just because they bought the farm.
Given clues, name these folks who died recently FTPE.

a. This Somali Warlord evaded the U.S., but couldn't evade cancer.

A. Mohammed Farrah Aidid

b. He starred in La Dolce vita, as well as in more recent films like

Used People and Ready to wear.

A. Marcello Mastoianni

c. He invented Bluegrass and wrote the song Blue Moon of Kentucky.

A. Bill Monroe

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