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Messerschmitt Me262
The world’s first jet combat aircraft authentically reproduced by award-winning developers Flight Replicas, for Flight Simulator X and 2004.

Label: Flight1

Developer: Flight Replicas

Genre: Flight Simulator Expansion

Format: PC CD-ROM

Release: April 2009

SRP: £19.99 / €29.95

Barcode: 5060094401225 (Eng)

5060094401232 (Ger)

Take your seat in the legendary ‘Stormbird’

The Messerschmitt Me262 Schwalbe (German for "Swallow") was the world’s first operational turbojet fighter aircraft. It saw action from late summer of 1944 until the end of World War II as a multi-role fighter/bomber/interceptor warplane for the Luftwaffe.

German pilots nicknamed this incredible aircraft as the Sturmvogel (Germanfor “Stormbird”). Ultimately though the Me262 had little impact on the course of the war, with 500 odd kills claimed against a loss of 100 aircraft and many more grounded due to lack of fuel.
However, its spectacular and revolutionary design has left it as one of the legendary and most recognisable combat aircraft of the era.
Some 1,430 total aircraft were built, though only about 300 ever saw combat. Some 120 two-seat trainers were built, made by modifying the single seat airframe. The Me262, although a spectacular aircraft for its time, had a negligible impact on the course of the war, shooting down an estimated 150 Allied aircraft for the loss of 100 Me 262s, the majority of aircraft being grounded too often for lack of fuel.
Built specifically for FSX (SP2/Acceleration) from the critically acclaimed developers of the Bf109, this all-new extremely detailed and functional Gmax version of the famed Messerschmitt Me262 features not only the single seat fighters, but the two-seat trainer with fully operational dual cockpits as well with a total of ten different aircraft variants.
In addition the package includes the single seat Me262A single seat -1A model in seven variants.

  • Highly accurate Virtual Cockpits, each different, individually modelled after photos of those in existing period aircraft, including fully-functional dual cockpits in the two seat aircraft.

  • Accurate cockpit instrumentation right down to different types of artificial horizon, VSI, electric compass and oxygen gauges – all modelled in 3D.

  • Cabin ventilation lever that opens a visible air scoop

  • Revi16B gunsight that folds accurately out of the way and can be turned on or off.

  • The Nightfighter has a red gun sight reticule, just like the original!

  • Fully clickable and workable cockpit has accurate and working buttons on systems panel plus a working trigger guard and trigger on control stick.

  • Bump mapping with carefully researched textures, including help from a major museum.

  • Accurately landing gear sequence (e.g. on approach: main wheels first, then front gear)

  • The animated pilot is dressed in authentic flight suit, helmet and mask. He will even put on his mask when you turn on the oxygen system!

  • Exhaust cones that move with throttle setting, just like the original Jumo 004 engines.

  • Full flight operations manual, accurate and derived from the original plus included history of all the aircraft depicted.

  • Two paint kits, one for the Me262A and one for the Me262B two-seater.

Aircraft model list

Flight Simulator X

Me-262A-1A - 5 liveries

Me-262A-1A Nightfighter - 1 livery

Me-262A-1B Nightfighter - 1 livery

Me-262A-1A/U3 Reconnaissance -  1 livery

Me-262A-1A/U4 Large Cannon - 1 livery

Me-262B Trainer - 1 livery

Flight Simulator 2004

Me-262A-1A standard - 2 liveries

Me-262A-1A/U3 Reconnaissance - 1 livery

Me-262A-1A R4M Rocket Launcher equipped - 1 livery

Me-262A-1A Long-range standard (Drop-tanks) - 2 liveries

Me-262A-2A Jabo - 1 livery

The boxed edition includes both the Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X versions of the software with printed manual detailing the history and operational procedures for this remarkable aircraft.
System Requirements


Windows – Windows XP or Vista

Processor – 2.8 GHz

Memory – 2 Gb RAM

Hard Drive – 200 Mb free

Video Card – 256 Mb

About Flight One

Atlanta-based Flight One Software, Inc. (Flight1) is a successful and critically acclaimed developer and publisher of flight simulation technology and software.

Founded 12 years ago, Flight1 has released some of the best and most recognized expansions for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator franchise, including Greatest Airliners 737-300, FS Clouds, Ultimate Traffic, Flight Environment and many more, including officially endorsed ATR72-500, Pilatus PC12 and Cessna Mustang simulations.
Flight1 Europe provides local marketing and sales support for the company’s range of products in major markets outside of the USA.
For more information about all Flight1 products visit

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