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Fupr committee 11-12-15 4: 05-5: 42 pm

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The regular meeting of the Glendive City Council was held Tuesday, November 17, 2015. Mayor Jerry Jimison called the meeting to order with the following Council members present: Doug Baker, Leon Baker, Rhett Coon, Mike Dryden, Betsey Hedrick, Gerald Reichert, Clyde Mitchell and Kevin Pena. Department heads present included: Ty Ulrich, Kevin Dorwart, George Lane and Pete Leath. Dean Svenvold was absent.
Mayor Jimison opened the Council meeting at 7:00 p.m. and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.
Dryden moved to approve the minutes of the November 3, 2015 regular Council meeting; second by D. Baker and the motion carried.
FUPR committee 11-12-15 4:05-5:42 pm

Mayor: Jerry Jimison

Council Members: Chair Mike Dryden, Rhett Coon, Kevin Pena, Gerald Reichert

Dept. Reps.: K. Dorwart, Finance; Pete Leath, Public Works

Media: Jason Stuart, Ranger-Review
1. Planning Board: Mayor Jimison presented an inter local agreement for a joint City-County Planning Board. Councilman Coon requested that the Committee delay action on the proposed agreement until the Committee has had time to examine the Sidney-Richland County Joint Planning Board Agreement.

    1. ACTION: Committee took no action pending an examination of the Sidney-Richland County Joint Planning Board Agreement.

  1. Roney Water Bill: Previously La Bonna Roney had made a request for City assistance with her water bills. In July 2015, the City exchanged her water meter for a new water meter. The old water meter had passed the City’s test for accuracy. The newly-installed meter had been tested at the factory. Seeing no problems with the City’s meters, the Committee took no action on the request.

    1. ACTION: FYI

  1. Bike Racks: The DCC Welding Class has completed construction of the first two bike racks. The first bike rack was in the shape of a tennis racquet. This bike rack will be located at Jaycee West Park. The second bike rack is designed to represent a locomotive and it will be placed in the BNSF Parking Lot. Both bike racks will be painted by City Public Works employees and the City will be responsible for transporting the bike racks.

    1. ACTION: FYI

  1. WRRF Change Order #9: Finance Director Dorwart brought up change order #9. There are two separate components to this change order. First, Sletten Construction will purchase and install an H2S Monitor at the Headworks Building at WWRF. This monitor and installation comes at an additional cost of $5951.18. Second, the fence will not be placed around the outfall. By not purchasing and installing this fence will save the City $2173.00. Therefore, change order #9 will add an additional sum of $3778.18 to the cost of the WWRF.

    1. ACTION: The Committee approved change order #9.

  1. Wild Horses: Cody Fergauson wanted to discuss the problem of his horses being at-large within the City limits. Due to changing the day of the Committee meeting, Mr. Fergauson was not in attendance.

    1. ACTION: FYI

  1. WRRF Signs: Director Dorwart requested Committee input on signs for the WRRF. Mr. Coon and Mr. Coon were to examine the color wheel for the appropriate sign color.

    1. ACTION: FYI

  2. Disaster Payment: Mayor Jimison shared a letter from the State of MT informing the City that it will receive $24,578.35 for reimbursement of eligible emergency work costs for the July 27th, 2015 severe wind storm.

    1. ACTION: FYI

  3. Sound Boards: Mayor Jimison brought up that the City is looking for a contractor to install sound boards into the City court room to improve the acoustics. The judge would like this done ASAP.

    1. ACTION: FYI

  4. Public Comment: Jason Stuart reminded the Committee that City Planner Forrest Anderson had commented on how the fringe area outside the City limits would eventually fall under City zoning and, according to Stuart, this we be a positive action for the City and County.

Update on WRRF construction progress- Kevin Dorwart gave an update to the Council on the WWRF progress. He stated the fence is completed and they have picked out signs. They are still working on some electrical connections. The lab is currently being installed and in the final stages. Coon asked about the timeline and they discussed future FUPR meeting times. Dorwart added that there will be training going on this month.

Clyde Mitchell updated the council on the study commission activities and requested that council members attend the December 8, 2015 study commission meeting to provide input. Jim Squires addressed the council concerning some questions the council members had about a brochure that was provided to them.


Mayor Jimison asked twice there was no public comment.


Accept resignation off Jeremiah Wyrick from police patrolman position effective 11/25/15. Hedrick moved to approve resignation of Jeremiah Wyrick effective 11/25/15; second by Dryden and the motion carried.
Hire Kendra Christensen as full time dispatcher effective 11/26/15. Pena moved to approve hiring Kendra Christensen as full time dispatcher effective 11/26/15; second by L. Baker and the motion passed. Ty Ulrich stated that she is currently a permanent part time dispatcher and is now ready to move to full time.
Permission to advertise for two full time police patrolman positions effective 11/18/15. Mitchell moved to approve permission to advertise for two full time police patrolman positions effective 11/18/15; second by D. Baker and the motion carried. Chief Ulrich added that filling these two vacant positions would move the department up to 10 officers.
Permission to advertise for permanent part time dispatch position effective 11/18/15. Pena moved to approve advertising for permanent part time dispatcher effective 11/18/15; second by L. Baker and the motion carried.
Accounts Payable Claims: $161,199.12. L. Baker moved to approve the accounts payable for: $161,199.12; second by Dryden and the motion passed.

Police- Chief Ulrich stated that he and Brad Mitchell have been going through old records and sorting the storage areas. An active shooter training was held at Jefferson School. They will be doing CPR training.
Operations- Kevin Dorwart has been working on WWTP issues. He has started the annual report and other projects such as Mead and Rosser have been moving forward also.
Public Works- Pete Leath stated the pool skimmers are installed and the crew is filling summer pot holes. Dryden asked about the bike racks. Pete stated they have been picked up and are at the city shop.
Fire- George Lane updated the council on two building permits he had issued. He added that all fire truck s have been serviced. They had a productive training last week.


Thanksgiving holiday- November 26- City Hall Closed

Friday November 27-Community Light Parade 7 pm

WRRF Open House- Tentative 12/11/15


Ordinance Committee –11/23 or 24/15 at 4:00 p.m.

Personnel Committee –11/23 or 24/15 at 4:15 p.m.
Pena made a motion to adjourn the meeting; second by Coon.
Dated this 17th day of November, 2015.

Approved the 1st day of December, 2015.


Jerry Jimison, Mayor



Jessica Ayre, Administrative Clerk

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