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4th Quarter Newsletter 2012

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4th Quarter Newsletter 2012
Well, here we are at the end of another very eventful year, for all of those of you who were able to attend our Book launch and the unveiling of the new Schools Mural, we are sure you would have enjoyed yourselves. It was a beautiful day weather wise and very exciting for our hard working committee to see so much come to fruition on the one day.
We need to give a very special thanks to Ventura Buses, when we contacted their Managing Director Mr. Andrew Cornwall to invite him to attend, he immediately offered to send their original 1924 Bus the one that started the company bus run, and put Ventura on the map! We were of course delighted to accept his very kind offer, and it was a great success on the day, with many pictures being taken and lots of happy smiling children and adults both inside and outside of the bus. Thank you soooooo much Andrew and VENTURA.
The new Schools Mural project was also a highlight of our Birthday year. Mentone Grammar School, Kilbreda College and Mentone Girls Secondary College, were quick to say they would like to participate in the creation of a new Mural. We were very pleased with the way the Teachers and the Students co-operated with both us and each other. This was not an easy ask. As a retired Secondary teacher I am only too well aware of the pressures teachers are placed under and this challenge was just such another pressure. The Chair and the Committee of the Friends Group along with, we are sure the Community, would like to say a very big thank you for this most wonderful outcome in the excellent Schools Mural, we are all delighted.
The City of Kingston Community Grants Program, was the vehicle which allowed us to both publish our book and renew the Schools Mural. We would like to thank both our Mayor Councilor Ron Brownlees OAM and The City of Kingston for their support, with a special mention to the staff in the Arts & Culture department of council, and a representative from ACAC without their help would none of this would have been possible.
Winning Friends” By Mr. Leo Gamble The Mentone Station Story, would also not have been possible without the skill of Leo as our wordsmith, (who by the way forgot to come to the launch). If one was to ask Leo he would say he was bullied into writing our story for us, but the truth is he has a deep love of history and feels that it should be recorded, as can be seen in his other well known book Mentone Through the Years.” Should you wish to obtain a copy of either book

contact Dorothy 0417 997 712.

Another person who must not go without thanks is Mr. Murray Thompson M.LA.

Sandringham. “Winning Friends” would not have come into being without a

conversation with Murray over a cup of coffee many months ago, when Murray suggested

that our story was one that should be told, Thank You Murray for a great idea, and thank

you also for the great support you and your staff have given us for the last ten years.

As part of our close connection with The City of Kingston we would like to let you know

about the first of the Summer Revival events to be held throughout the City of Kingston

over the summer period. The Friends of Mentone Station and Gardens is proud to host a

performance of

The Three Kings
Christmas Music & Fun

in the Station Gardens Saturday
December 15th @ 10.30 AM
We recommend this free event to all, both Children and adults.
As we go into our summer recess, but you can be assured we will be back on the job

looking after our most precious Mentone Station Gardens first Sunday in 2013, we would

like to wish you all a
Very happy Christmas

& bright &

Prosperous New Year

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