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Date of birth: 01. 04. 1941 Place of birth: Moscow Nationality: Russia Address for correspondence

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Mikhail M. Soloviev Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth: 01.04.1941

Place of birth: Moscow

Nationality: Russia
Address for correspondence:

Russia, Moscow, 101000, Myasnitskaya ul., 20, HSE

tel. - 8 (495) 772 95 88


Home address and tel.:

Russia, Moscow, 127083, Verkh. Maslovka ul., 21, kv.62

tel.: 8 (495) 612 25 90.
Scientific Degrees:

Professor (Management), approved by the Higher Certificate Commission of the Russian Federation Education Ministry, 1998;

Visiting-Professor of the Oxford Brookes University since 1996;

Doctor of Sciences (Technology) in Management Information Systems and System Analysis since 1988 - defended in the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute for Control Systems;

PhD in Automatic Control Systems since 1971 - defended in the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute for Control Systems.

Other Courses and Degrees:

1986 USSR Gosplan CPD-system course: Diploma in Higher Economics,

1970 USSR Academy of Science Institute for Control Systems – postgraduate PhD courses,

1963 Moscow Aviation Institute: Higher Education Diploma in Control Systems


1996-present: Professor (full time since 1997) of The National Research University - Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow;

1993-1996 - Professor of the State Maymonid University, and Head of its Informatics & Property Management Sub-Faculty, Moscow;

1991-1993 - Scientific Secretary of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute for Information Transmission Problems (IITP), Moscow;

1988-1991 - Deputy General Director of the Moscow City Council Association NPO ASU "Moscow" (Management Information Systems for Moscow Government);

1984-1988 - Head of Laboratory of the Gosplan USSR Institute for Fuel-Energy Problems (Computer Planning Systems).

Research projects and training (incl. CPD-systems) activities

2008-present: CPD-system courses - Institute for Real Estate Economy of the National Research University - Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow;

1996-present: Privatisation and Business Academy (PBA), Moscow: projects, consulting, seminars, and training courses for central and regional administrative bodies (state property management and valuation);

2006-2007: HSE-project, Moscow: Innovation technologies for studying programs organization in the strategy management sphere;

1999-2000: RICS Education Fund, UK: Valuation standards comparing for the Russia, UK and international standards;

1994-1998 Russian Federal Fund for the State program “Informatics for Russia” in three projects through Russian Academy of Sciences IITP with the real estate management connected themes (valuation, investment risks and information support systems).

1993-1998: commercial Russian-British projects for Property Valuation & Investment (as co-ordinator together with Richard Grover, Oxford Brookes), Oxford, UK.

Summary: 12 books and chapters in books, more than 100 articles and full text published conference papers (mainly – in Russian), 13 patents.
List of selected publications

Books and Chapters (last 10 years)

Soloviev M., etc. (2012) State Property Management: Methodology, Experience, Innovations [in Russian], Kazan: Otechestvo, 274 p., ISBN 978-5-9222-0528-3.

Soloviev M., Grover R. (2007) Real Estate Management: International Studying Course [in Russian], Moscow: PBA. – 374 p., ISBN 978-5-89718-025-7.
Soloviev M., etc. (2006) State Property Management in Nature-Resource Sphere [in Russian], Moscow: PBA, 184 p. ISBN 978-5-89718-026-4
Soloviev M. (2002) Valuation activity: Real Estate Valuation [in Russian], Moscow: HSE. - 224 p., and (2003) – 2nd pub., ISBN 5-7598-0089-2.
Grover R., Munro-Faure P., Soloviev M. (2002) Housing tenure change in the transitional economy [in English] / Chapter 3 / “Land, Rights & Innovation” / ed. by G. Payne, ITDG-Publishing, pp. 41-57.

Selected Articles and Conference Papers

Soloviev M. (2012) Welfare Growth and Property Relations in the Reform Mechanisms [in Russian] // Problems of Theory and Practice of Management, №3, pp. 14-19;

Soloviev M., Koshkin L. (2011) State and Private Partnership: Nationalization and Privatization [in Russian] // Problems of Theory and Practice of Management, №3, pp. 19-30;
Soloviev M., Koshkin L. (2010) Conceptual Base for the Union State Property Management [in Russian] // Economy and Property Management, №2, pp. 45-52;
Soloviev M., Grover R. (2009) New Concepts for the Public Property Management [in English] // Papers collection of the Lomonosov Moscow State University VII International conference “State and Municipal Management”, Moscow MAKS-PRESS, vol. 1. pp. 706-715.
Soloviev M. (2008) Methodological aspects for state property management [in Russian] // Economy and Property Management, №2, pp. 37-43;
Soloviev M., Grover R., Zakharchenko V. (2007) Corporate real estate management during the transition in Russia [in English] // Journal for East European Management Studies (JEEMS), v.12, N3, pp. 205-231;
Grover R., Soloviev M. (2003) “Professional Standards in Appraisal Activity Regulation” [in Russian], Moscow / PBA “Property Management”, N2, pp. 29-38.
Grover R, Polyanski A. & Soloviev M. (2001) “The Development of the Moscow Housing Market” [in English] // RICS Cutting Edge Conference 6-8 September 2001, Oxford, UK. – RICS & Oxford Brookes University.
Grover R., Soloviev M. (2000) “Western influences on the development of Eastern European valuation standards” [in English] // RICS Cutting Edge Conference in London - 2000.
Grover R., Mikhovski J & Soloviev M. (1999) “The development of compulsory purchase and compensation in the transitional economics of Eastern Europe” [in English] // RICS Cutting Edge Conference in Cambridge.

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