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Michael Pollard Chairman, Board of Stamford Board of Finance Michael Pollard

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Michael Pollard
Chairman, Board of Stamford Board of Finance

Michael Pollard has lived and worked in Stamford since 1990. Presently he manages business development for Archstone Consulting, a strategy and operations consulting firm headquartered in Stamford. Prior to joining Archstone, he worked for A.T. Kearney consulting, in a similar capacity providing procurement and sourcing technology and solutions to government and commercial organizations.

Michael's business career includes managing and leading teams at Fortune 500 businesses including serving as a business manager at Owens Corning where he managed its eastern US operations for the retail products. He also worked 19 years for IBM and served as a business practices advisor and an alliance manager. Michael began his career as a government and education specialist. In addition, he held management and consulting positions in IBM's U.S. headquarter and commercial business units.

He is a member of Union Baptist Church where he serves as a Deacon. He also serves as a board member of Union Social Services Corporation, a not for profit agency that sponsors youth and senior citizens programs. Additionally he has served on the boards of the National Urban League of Southwest Connecticut, United Way of Stamford, and ARI of Connecticut, Inc. In addition he developed a mentoring program between Hart School and Xerox, served as a blood drive sponsor for the American Red Cross, as well as coached Stamford youth baseball and basketball.

Michael is a native of Opelika Alabama and graduated from Tennessee State University in Nashville where he earned a B.S. degree in accounting. He is married to the former Patrice Bryant, who is a teacher at Rippowam School. They have two sons, Mickael and Mallury, both graduates of Stamford High School.

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