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Principal of the Year for the State of Illinois

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Gwen Lee Gwen has over 38 years experience in secondary education. She retired in December 2007 from Thornton Township High School, District 205, where she served as the Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction and Professional Development and as the Director for Special Education and the District Coordinator for Small Learning Communities. She was named Principal of the Year for the State of Illinois in 1998 and Administrator of the Year in 2003. She received the Dare to Be Great Award in 2006 from the Illinois Women Administrators Organization. Dr. Lee currently serves as a Leadership Coach for New Leaders for New Schools
Dr. Lee received her Ph.D. from Loyola University (Chicago, Illinois). She is an adjunct faculty member at Governors State University and National Louis University.

Dr. Lee has a 32 year record of active participation in The Links, Incorporated. She is a charter member of the South Suburban Chicago (IL) Chapter located in the Central Area. In 1994, Dr. Lee was appointed as Director of National Trends and Services and served in that capacity until 1998. She has held four National offices; National Member-At-Large (1986-1990), National Nominating Committee Chairperson (1990-1994), National Recording Secretary (1998-2002), and National Vice President (2002-2006).

Dr. Lee is currently serving her second term as the National President of The Links, Incorporated and The Links Foundation, Incorporated.

Margot James Copeland has been a member of the Cleveland (OH) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated for twenty-four (24) years where she has served in leadership positions at the National, Area, and Chapter levels. Prior to her election she was chair of the National Study Committee on Clusters, Central Area Director, and member of the Chapter Establishment, National Trends & Services, Ad hoc Committee on Affirmative Action committees and presenter at National Assemblies.


Margot James Copeland
National Vice President
Cleveland (OH) Chapter

rofessionally, Ms. Copeland is the Executive Vice President at KeyBank in Cleveland, Ohio, and has worked in high-performance companies in the areas of fund development, strategic planning, leadership development, organizational change management, program development, financial management, community affairs, and public policy development. She currently serves in numerous leadership

positions which extend to board memberships and trusteeships on numerous schools, universities and foundations some of which are the Children’s Defense Fund of Ohio, United Negro College Fund (Cleveland), the President’s Advisory Board, Hampton University, Hawken School and Playhouse Square Foundations and the Thomas White, and Kenneth Scott Foundations.

Margot Copeland is the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award, Hampton University; Black Professional of the Year, Cleveland BPA; Business Person of the Year, National Black MBA; Cleveland Woman of Vision Award; Coalition of 100 Black Women Award, Cleveland, Ohio; and the Leadership and Excellence Award, Negro Business and Professional women’s Clubs. Ms. Copeland was a Delegate to the White House Conference on America’s Future. She is the author of articles to SBN and New Cleveland Woman Magazine. She is an Heir-o-Link, and the mother of a Link.


Josephine Dunbar Davis, Ed. D.
National Recording Secretary
Fort Valley (GA) Chapter

r. Josephine Dunbar Davis has been a member of the Links, Incorporated for twenty-three (23) years. At the National, level, she has served as the first Dean of the Scott Hawkins Leadership Institute and member of the National Nominating Committee. At the Area level, she has served on the Evaluation Committee and has organized two Georgia Cluster meetings, one in Albany and the other in Fort Valley. Dr. Davis’ leadership roles at the Chapter level include being President and Secretary of the Fort Valley (GA) Chapter and Organizer, President, and Vice President of the Albany, GA Chapter. From 2004-2006, Dr. Davis, as Dean of the Scott-Hawkins Leadership Institute (SHLI), worked with a team of outstanding Links, Assistant Deans and faculty members, to broaden the leadership skills of more than100 Links aged 21 – 45. The SHLI experience facilitated participants’ abilities to create promising futures for black women’s organizations. She guided participants through a one-on-one mentoring experience, matching each with experienced and accomplished Links and Connecting Links utilizing

Anna Julia Cooper’s concept of black womanhood. This concept advances the idea that, “When and where I enter . . . the whole race enters with me.”

Professionally, Dr. Davis has a distinguished academic administrative career as past President of York College, City University of New York, Acting President and Vice President of Academic Affairs of St. Cloud State University, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Fort Valley State University, and professor of mathematics at Queens College, New York and Fort Valley State University, GA. She has been a Leadership Fellow, with the American Council on Education where she served as mentor to the Honorable SME Bengu, Rector of Fort Hare University, South Africa. She is a Group VIII Kellogg Fellow. Currently, she is a Professor of Mathematics at Fort Valley State University. Among her honors and awards are the 2006 Woman of Achievement, Macon, GA Career Women’s Network, 2006 Nominee, John W. Davison Outstanding Teacher Award, Fort Valley State University, 2005 Giant in Science award, Quality Education for Minorities in Science, Washington, DC, New York’s Citizen’s Ambassador to Korea, and Woman of the Year, Albany GA Chamber of Commerce

Lula L. Lang-Jeter has been a member of the Arlington (VA) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated for twenty-four (24) years and has served in leadership positions at the National, Area, and Chapter levels. At the National level, she has served on the Finance, Nominating, Protocol, Journal, Public Relations, and Elections Committees. She has also been Director of The Links Foundations, Inc. She is past Treasurer of the Eastern Area, and Chair of the Audit and Public Relations Committees. At the Chapter level she has held offices of Treasurer, President, and Corresponding Secretary of the Arlington Virginia Chapter.

Lula L. Lang-Jeter
National Treasurer
Arlington (VA) Chapter

rofessionally, Ms. Lang-Jeter is a Senior Executive (Retired) with the Internal Revenue Service, where she advanced with distinction from an auditor through the ranks of field audit manager, section chief and branch chief prior to being selected into the IRS Executive Selection and Development Program. She served on numerous advisory and financial boards which included several historically Black colleges and universities’ School of Business. She has served as national treasurer for three predominately Black female organizations. Currently she serves on the Board of Director, Virginia Hospital Center, Arlington, chaired its Finance Committee and National Internal Auditor, Imperial Court, Daughters of Isis (Masonic affiliated).
Among her numerous awards are the IRS-EEO Hall of Fame; Federal Woman’s Award, U. S. Treasury Department; Outstanding Woman of the Year, Arlington County Business and Professional Women’s Award; Distinguished Alumni Award, Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio; Who’s Who of American Women and Who’s Who Among Black Americans. Ms. Lang-Jeter believes that, “The growth and success of the organization (The Links, Incorporated), as we move through the 21st century, depend on very careful and clearly decisive leadership and how we manage our finances.”

Dr. Glenda Newell-Harris is past President and Vice President of the Alameda-Contra Costa Chapter of The Links, Incorporated. She has served on the National Nominating Committee for four years as a representative from the Western Area. Dr. Newell-Harris is past chair of the Health and Wellness Linkage, most noted for her Walk-A Thon slogan of “ Take Charge of Your Health “ and former member of the Disaster Relief Committee.
Professionally, Dr. Newell-Harris is an Internist and serves as the Medical Director of Primary Care Services, Planned Parenthood where she has distinguished herself in the areas of innovative health care delivery, staff


Glenda Newell-Harris, M.D.
Nominating Committee Chair
Alameda-Contra Costa (CA) Chapter

raining, and improved access to care. She has served in a number of medical association leadership positions. She is Secretary of Region VI, National Medical Association; Immediate Past President, Sinkler Miller Medical Society; and past Chair of the Health & Wellness for Jack and Jill of America, Inc., Oakland, California Bay Area Chapter. She has been President of the Northern California Black Women Physicians. She is the recipient of the African American Matriarch Award, awarded by the Black United Fund; 2004 Black Professional of the Year Award (CA) and the “Let it Shine” Community Service Award from the Oakland Bay Area Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc.( 2005). She serves in a leadership role on several school and community boards and she is an Heir-O-Link.

National Officers of The Links, Incorporated

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