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Hornby School Log-Books 1900-94

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Hornby School Log-Books 1900-94

The following are extracts from the school log books of Hornby, Lancs., between 1900 and 1994. They are a selection of the most interesting entries over those years. The log books were written by the Headteacher and there are four of them covering this period. The original log books are kept at the school. I am very grateful to Mr.B.G.Wood, Headteacher 1983-94, for allowing me to borrow and make extracts from them.


19th November

The Thermometer at 9 o'clock this morning registered only 42 degrees. Fire was lighted at 7 but during the night there had been a very severe frost. Florence Goth who has been suffering for the last few day from earache was not able to attend to her duties. The New Time Table as approved by J.G.IIes HMI was brought into use this morning.
20th November

There are still 15 children absent from School on account of Whooping Cough.

26th November

Florence Goth has not yet returned to her duties, and it is now known that earache referred to on the opposite page is more correctly described as Mumps. This morning I find several cases of Mumps in the School, and some are absent on that account. Jane Smith is also beginning in the Mumps and ought not to be among the children. She will report herself to Mr Kay at the Central Classes this afternoon. Dr Bone the Medical Officer of Health recommends the closing of the School again indefinitely to stamp out the Mumps and the Whooping Cough.

10th December

During the time that the school was closed a thorough disinfecting of the premises was made under the supervision of the Sanitary Inspector Mr Marshall.

14th December

Several cases of Mumps are known among the children and make sad work in attendance and progress. Average for the week is only 49.1 the number present at all being 59 out of a possible 66 on the books.

20th December

Notice of the closing for Xmas holidays was posted to the Department by midday mail. A longer holiday ( till January 7th 1901) was given, than at first intended, owing to the great amount of sickness among the children. It is hoped that Mumps will have disappeared before the time for re-opening.


7th January

School opened this morning the P(upil) teachers also began work at the Central Classes. Several children are still absent suffering from Mumps. The Thermometer at 9o'clock registered 42 degrees. The morning was colder than usual.
25th January

A half holiday was given this afternoon it being the Proclamation Day of the new King Edward VII.

28th January

Florence Goth has returned to her duties. The Object Lessons given this morning by P. teachers were illustrated by living specimens. Wilfred Bone has come back to school, on the authority of his father Dr. Bone, after an absence of over six weeks on account of a case of scarlet fever in the family.

4th February

The thermometer registered only 38 degrees this morning at 9.15. The attendance is very poor and the coughing among the Infants is painful to listen to.

8th February

The thermometer is at 40 degrees at 9 o'clock, the fire was lighted at 7 o'clock. The attendance during the week has been very poor indeed especially among the infants. A nasty cough reduced their number from 15 on Monday to 3 on Thursday.

19th February

A half holiday was given this afternoon as usual on Shrove Tuesday.

26th February

A New Vicar Rev. Wilson visited the school during the dinner hour on his way to the station.

22nd March

The vicar made a short visit this afternoon.

29th March

Very cold again the thermometer 40 degrees at 9 o'clock. Weekly average 49.4. A heavy snow storm commenced about 3 o'clock this afternoon and is drifting very much. Some of the children will have difficulty in getting home.

4th April

Prepared return showing age and attendance of children for Colonel W.H. Foster's Attendance Medals. Margaret Kelsall, Alice Ripley, Sarah Ellen Hodgson and Fred Ripley have never missed.

11th April

A half holiday was given this afternoon. Mrs. Foster's annual Xmas treat was given this afternoon instead of at Xmas last, owing to sickness at that time among the children.

25th April

Diocesan inspection by Rev. Davidson of Scorton. The written work for Standard 4 was 4th Commandment and the Creed, Standards 1 and 2 Third and Sixth, Eighth and Tenth Commandment. The vicar was present the whole time.

1st May

A holiday was given today. It is the opening day of the Morecambe Musical Festival.

13th May

Admitted John Procter of Claughton. He is now 6 years 10months old, and not been to school before and is a delicate child.

7th June

Average for the week 47.1. Alice, Fred and May Ripley left the village and gone to Saltaire.

10th June

Standard 3 make good progress in Long Division.

5th July

Mr Wilkinson market gardener and farmer cleared the ash pit and closets this morning.

11th July

Scheme of work for year ending May 31st 1902. For the Standards. Geography Standard 1, 2 and 3. Group 1 definition by object lessons. England and Wales. Standards 4,5 and 6 Group 2. The British Colonies. British North America, Australia and New Zealand. Recitation Standards 1,2 and 3 Group 1, Lucy Grey.

Scheme of Work May 31st 1902. Recitation Standards 4,5 and 6 Group 2, The Deserted Village. Object Lessons for all the standards. Formation of Soils. Cultivation of soils. The farmer and his work in:- Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Lessons on animals of the farm:- dog, sheep, horse, cow, pig and poultry as workers and food producers. Lessons on plants of the farm and gardens - as living things, grasses, roots, trees, fruits, flowers and leaves. Lessons on farm implements. Lessons on simple natural phenomena. Air, clouds and rain, frost snow and ice. Object lessons, Infant Class. On form and colour. On familiar animals and birds:- Cat and kitten, dog, rabbit, duck, pigeon, cocks and hens. Object lessons infant class. On common objects:- stone, coal, clay, soil, water, wood, chairs, baskets, tables, cup and saucer, knife and fork and spoon. On plants:- potato, carrot, turnip, onion, beans, peas, wild flowers, trees. Occupations. Drawing and colouring. Paper folding. Embroidery work. Mosaics, Stick Laying, Dolls House, Maypole Dance, Skittles. Recitation. Dolly's Doctor, Mary's Cat, Little Cook, Our Baby Boy.

11th July

School closed for 4 weeks summer holidays.

August 1901

Report of HMI. "The Children are in good order and instruction generally is suitable, but, even when due allowances made for the closing of the school through sickness, the standard of attainment of the Upper Division in some subjects is not creditable. Efforts should be made to remedy the defect noted at the Visit of Inspection. The drill taken by a sergeant is thoroughly good. "

28th August

A half holiday was given this afternoon on the occasion of Hornby's first Jumble Sale.

19th September

Very wet morning prevents Claughton children from coming.

24th September

This morning the girls of first and second class presented me with a fountain pen accompanied by a note expressing their good wishes on the occasion of my birthday. Several boys brought presents of writing paper and envelopes. A half holiday was given in the afternoon.

6th November

Mr Danson (SAO) visited the school. Drill could not be taken this morning owing to the thick fog.

12th November

A very wet stormy morning. Attendance unusually small, 24 including infants. Sarah Hodgson was required at home, the river was coming out and flooding the house. Thomas Corless and his brother James were sent home being wet through in legs and feet of their stocking and trousers. The rest of the children were sent home for the day as soon as the weather was fit. The registers were not marked.

25th November

Mrs Yates of the Castle Hotel with her children called to say "Good-bye" to the teachers. She introduced her little niece who has come to the hotel.

19th December

Dismissed schools for Xmas holiday two full weeks after this.

January 1902

School should have met on January 6th but was indefinitely closed by Medical Officer of Health owing to Epidemic of Measles.

10th February

Jane Smith (up to the present a P(upil) teacher in this school) has been allowed to leave and terminate her engagement she has secured an appointment in St John's School (Girls Department) as Art 68.

10th March

Form 24B announcing success of P(upil) Teachers at King's Scholarships Examinations was received on Saturday 8th. Jane Smith has obtained a First Class in King's Scholarship and a Second in Religious Knowledge. She will enter Warrington Training College in September next.

11th March

A half holiday was given in honour of the success of Pupil Teachers.

7th April

Mrs. Foster's Annual Treat and distribution of presents took place on Thursday last and had been postponed owing to epidemic of Measles. Admitted Elizabeth Hartley an inmate of the Workhouse and lately of Quernmore Park. She is between 7 and 8 years old and does not know the alphabet. I am of the opinion that the child is of weak intellect although she looks bright.

6th May

Croasdale and Henry Storr two old pupils visited the school this afternoon. A snow storm passed over the village at 4 o'clock this afternoon. It has been unusually cold all day.

2nd June

The children were given a holiday on the occasion of Peace rejoicing in the country for the termination of the war in South Africa.

25th June

School closed this morning for Coronation festivities and owing to the master being called away to see his mother who is seriously ill.

8th September

Mrs Lavender brought her boy to school. He was not well at the time and was complaining of pain in the stomach. I advised her to take him to Doctor Stott.

24th September

This morning Florence Goth on behalf of the school children presented me with a birthday present consisting of a beautiful little Alarm Clock and Brass Inkstand attached to which was a Card bearing an Inscription " Wishing you many happy returns on your birthday". I returned thanks as well as I could and spoke to the children on the value of a good education, prompt and cheerful obedience at school and at home.

7th November

Joseph Taylor is 14 years old today and will probably not come to school again.

14th November

Joseph Taylor and Ellen Harrison have both left school this week, the former for farm service near Bolton le Moors the latter for half-time domestic employment at High Bentham.

15th December

Jane Smith formerly a pupil teacher here now a student in Warrington Training College visited the school this afternoon.


13th January

School opened again after Xmas holidays. On the 12th Mrs Foster gave her treat and Xmas presents for the children of Day and Sunday school. During the holidays the master has been laid up with Influenza. Another row of pipes and a coil has been added to the heating apparatus in the large room to make it warmer.
27th March

John Procter had been absent the whole week and is under medical treatment for an accident to his finger caused by a piece of string.

20th April

Mr Danson, SAO, brought Clara Thistlethwaite to school this morning. She was found loitering about the lanes and had been punished at home to make her come to school.

24th April

On Tuesday the 21st admitted Florence and Albert Willows. The latter is nearly 8 years old and does not know how to write or read the smallest words. He has no knowledge of number. The girl read nicely but is backward in writing and arithmetic.

27th April

Mr Danson SA Officer brought Clara Thistlethwaite to school again at 10.30. She tried to hide behind a wall near the roadside.

5th May

This afternoon the drawing was given up for a time during the passing of a storm which made it very dark.

11th May

Mr Wilkinson, farmer, Farleton emptied ash pit and closets this afternoon.

2nd July

Mr Danson SA Officer visited the school this morning and reported that he met Harry Thompson, Richard and Nelly Mashiter truanting in the field about Farleton. They came to school at noon.

10th July

School dismissed for holidays (5 weeks) and it was announced to open on Monday August 17th.

27th August

A very wet day, continuous rain for preceding night brought the river out in flood which caused Sarah Hodgson of Bridgend Cottage to leave school at 3.40 to get in the house before the floor came on.

14th September

Took the children of the Upper Division on the Moors at 3 o'clock this afternoon for a lesson on Observation. Notice was made of Autumn tints, Blackberry brambles, Hips and Haws, Mountains and valleys. Rain clouds in the distance pouring down showers on Pennine Chain and in Lune Valley.

30th September

Mrs Thompson mother of Harry and Edwin prosecuted by the Attendance Authority for neglecting to send her children regularly to school.

11th November

Thomas Corless was dismissed by the Vicar this morning for bad language to the master on the previous afternoon.

1st December

Florence Goth Art. 50 is not able to come to her duty having met with a serious accident which rendered her unconscious for some time. She is under the care of Doctor Stott.

23rd December

School dismissed for the usual Xmas holidays, viz. till Monday January 11th 1904.


2nd February

On Tuesday the children of Day and Sunday School had a treat at the Castle and took part in the celebration of the Silver Wedding of Colonel and Mrs Foster. The school flag has been up since Tuesday at noon in honour of the occasion. The children and teachers contributed a handsome bouquet and two silver fruit dishes to mark their appreciation of the many acts of kindness done to them by the Squire and his family.
25th February

The School was not cleaned by the caretaker last night and is very dirty owing to the soft weather.

24th March

Needlework was not taken this afternoon. Mrs Illidge is not well enough to come in to her duty.

6th April

Isabella Hornby has left and gone to live at Saltaire with her grandmother.

12th April

Agnes Henrietta Fell left this afternoon on removing to Troutbeck.

6th June

School room floors have not been swept this weekend by caretaker.

16th June

The caretaker has not swept or dusted the rooms since last Saturday.

20th June

Thomas Hodgson, Edward Thompson, Alice Foxcroft passed the Labour Examination held at Morecambe on 11th inst. James Fairclough failed and just escaped being sent out of the room for talking to his neighbour.

23rd June

Henry Robinson has neglected his duty as caretaker again.

27th June

Vicar visited school this morning and brought letter from County Offices re Amended Scale of Salaries as from April 1st 1904 under which I should be paid at the rate of £104 and house £6 from the above date.

2nd August

Scheme of work for year ending May 31st 1905. Recitation Group 1 Lower division. (a) The wild wind. (b) How the leaves came down. (c) Jack Frost. Group 2 Upper division. Selection from Deserted Village. Prose - read Vicar of Wakefield. Geography Group 1. Geography of district and Lancashire generally, geographical terms and general geography of England. Group 2 World generally, Asia, India in fuller detail, Africa, South Africa. History Group 1 simple outline standard 3 only. Group 2 great events (Royal Picture) Drawing freehand and ruler of actual objects. Memory. Scale and model (Boys only) Physical Training. Object lessons. On plants and trees. What is a plant? Roots, leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds, stem or trunk. Woody stems, exogens, endogens, wood of exogen, stems medullary rays, heartwood and sapwood, hardwood and softwood, comparison of oak and fir, fruit and seeds of, stems of, leaves of, hard and soft timber, seasoning, shrinking, time of felling, uses of timber, principal timber trees.

8th August

Called the offices of local committee on Saturday 6th and found that the order for materials for this school was now being sent to Arnold and Son, Leeds. Goods may be expected in a few days.

23rd August

First supply of materials and apparatus for this school through the County authorities, was received this morning. The order was first given on March 4th and is referred to in the entry on page 78.

31st August

Received one wire doormat from A Seward & Co a carrier to whom three pence was paid for delivery.

2nd September

Received two brushes from A. Seward & Co by carrier, two pence to pay.

27th October

Large room has been badly swept and requires dusting. Master's desk, sideboard and harmonium very dusty. Miss Rome of No. 2 Area Committee visited the school and looked round the needlework and the girls' closets.

21st November

This afternoon there was a good fall of snow and winter seems to have come in earnest.

7th December

James Fairclough left school and gone to service at Birtle near Bury.


9th January

The new desks ordered by Managers were carted and unpacked by W. B. Smith. The ironwork of backrest of one of them was cracked.
6th February

Copy of Diocesan Report. This school may be classed as very good. The whole tone of the school is decidedly good. And the children are reverent and good mannered.

20th February

The old desks eight in number have been stiffened by fixing iron brackets to the angle formed by leg and bookshelf.

28th February

At 8.55 the thermometer 46 degrees, in infant room 45 degrees. Very wet and stormy morning. Dr. Stott has ordered me indoors to a warm room and not to use my voice more than is absolutely necessary for a few days.

13th March

Vicar visited the school and asked me to announce a holiday on Tuesday. "Puppy Show" day at the Castle.

16th March

The drain in the boys' yard at the corner of the infant room has been stopped for more than a week and the caretaker neglects to see to it.

29th May

All children were wearing a sprig of oak this morning.

25th September

The school very untidy this morning. Nutshells and apple peelings were spread about the room.

3rd October

Mr Grime Sub-Inspector visited the school. He complained of the dusty state of the school and the need for fires at once. A record must be kept of temperature in both rooms.

16th October

The rooms have been badly swept last weekend. The furniture has not been dusted. The pipes, doors and desk shelves are disgraceful.

19th October

Visited the school this morning on account of complaints of the dirty state of the school which I found very dirty, the classroom had been swept but masters department had not been touched and some corners had not been done for some weeks. (Signed) John Hoggarth.

17th November

The large room has not been swept since last Saturday, the pipes were scarcely warm at 8.50. The thermometer 41 degrees in infant room and 40 degrees in large room. Sent all big boys and girls for a run round by Camp House Gate. Gave the infants exercise in classroom.

5th December

Mr Ward began duties as caretaker, on the 1st of the month.

11th December

Betsy Eccles returned to school after and absence of 13 weeks. (Whooping Cough)

21st December

School closed as by above notice. Vicar visited the school in company with Miss Redman, a candidate for the duty of Supplementary Teacher.


19th January

Yesterday the 18th School was used as a Polling Station for electing Member for Lancaster Division. Very bad attendance this week caused by Scarlet Fever, bad weather and the General Election.
7th March

'Puppy Show' day at Hornby Castle. Several children absent without the consent of their parents. A public meeting in the school this evening for Parents and Ratepayers to sign a petition to influence the Government on the coming 'Education Bill'.

19th May

Mrs Fosters Treat was given today at the Castle. The medals and clasps for full attendance during years 1904 and 1905 were distributed after tea. Games followed in the Assembly Room because the weather was very wet and cold. The children received loads of present, sweets and oranges.

21st May

Thermometer broken in classroom on Sunday by Melville Leitch, George & Sam Amatt at play.


7th January

School opened this morning. A dull damp day. Mrs Foster's treat will be at the Castle Hotel on the 16th at 4 o'clock.
12th February

Very wild morning. Snow and sleet make it impossible for children to reach school. Only 34 arrived, some wet in feet and legs. All were sent home for the day. No registers marked.

24th May

Empire Day observed in accordance with instructions from the C(ounty) Council. Lessons on Empire in the morning and holiday in afternoon.

13th September

Agnes Kitchen left during the week on attaining 13 years of age.

18th September

George Amatt left to go to Bentham Grammar School. Attendance for the week good.

25th September

Took first class through Farleton over the old Roman road to Claughton Hall and Church and found many things of interest.

23rd October

Received notice from Clerk to No. 2 Area Committee that Louisa Norris of Farleton has been approved as a Half Time Scholar. She will be 13 years old on November 30th and her attendance qualification is as follows: 338 - 1902, 381- 1903, 416 -1904, 426-1905, 363-1906.


27th January

Monday was a very wet day. Many children were soaking wet in feet and legs and was stripped and kept warm by wraps and cloaks whilst stockings clogs and boots were dried.
31st January

Very dark this morning. Lamps were required till 10.30 and at that hour children of front desks Group 2 have difficulty in seeing the lines and reading from sum books.

3rd February

Another wet Monday morning and bad attendance especially of the Farleton & Claughton children. The latter are become troublesome in the matter of attendance on the slightest appearance of rain.

9th March

New desks arrived by rail. Engaged W.B. Smith to examine the same and fit together.

10th March

The new desks take the place of the shaky ones. Packing returned this morning to Bennet and Co Ltd, Glasgow.

16th March

On Friday afternoon from 3 to 4 o'clock an Election for Representative to Parliament, two boys being candidates. Was carried out instead of the work on Time Table. This was most amusing and instructive.

27th March

Friday was a sad day in the Parish on account of the news at noon of the death of Colonel Foster at Algeciras in Spain. The school flag was half-mast high over the weekend as a mark of respectful regret for the Colonel as a manager and friend to school and children.

27th April

On the 22nd the children and teachers sent wreath for the grave of the late Colonel Foster, Chairman of the School Managers.

27th May

Took boys for a walk down the riverside and examined the site of the Roman Camp.

25th August

Thomas Blake an infant left and has arrived with his friends in Canada.

9th September

Wednesday morning was a dreadful downpour of rain preventing many children from reaching school. Of those who did come 12 were wet through, the rest 16 in number were kept till 10.15 and then sent home for the day. The road leading from Claughton and Farleton was flooded near Stocks Bridge to the depth of 3 feet and water was crossing the road in various places.

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