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Heward Wilkinson

98 Robinson Road



SW17 9DR
Telephone Numbers

H: (+44)2085405575

M: (+44)7710100181
Email Address
Date of Birth

22 March 1945
Place of Birth

Guildford, Surrey, UK
Marital Status


Academic Qualifications

10 O Levels

3 A/S Levels: English, History, Divinity

BA (English & Theology) Cantab 1967

MA (Religious Studies) Lancaster 1869

MSc (Psychotherapy) Leeds 1992

Currently studying for Doctorate in Psychotherapy by Professional Studies,, Metanoia Institute.

My working Doctoral title is: The Muse as Therapist: A New Poetic Paradigm for Psychotherapy

Professional Qualifications

Registered Nurse (Mental) 1975

Certificate in Education 1988

UKCP Registered Integrative Psychotherapist (Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute) 1994-2004, Scarborough Psychotherapy Training Institute - present
Relevant Trainings and Courses undergone

Registered Mental Nurse Training Huddersfield School of Nursing 1972-1975

COHSE Union Stewards’ Course, Keighley Technical College, 1973

Certificate in Education, Huddersfield Polytechnic, 1987-1988

Leeds University MSc Psychotherapy, 1989-1992

Various short Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy Courses relevant to transition to Integrative Psychotherapy Accreditation1992-1994, including

5 Day Marathon Workshop on Integrative Psychotherapy with Richard Erskine 1993

5 Day Marathon Workshop with Petruska Clarkson, 1993, on Gods and Goddesses in every Person (Jung from a Gestalt Perspective)

3 day Experiential Workshop with Ken and Mairi Evans, working with Integrative approach 1995

2 Day Gestalt Workshop with Malcolm Parlett, 1996

Gestalt Psychotherapy UK National Conferences attended in 1995 and 1997

Psychology of Awakening Conference 1999

Karuna Institute Core Process Psychotherapy (Buddhist-based) Foundation Course 2001
For Involvement in UKCP Professional Conferences see below
Non-Psychotherapy Employment and Vocational History (from 1972, prior to which student, and casual employment)

i. Formal Employment

1972-1975 Student Nurse, Storthes Hall Hospital, Kirkburton, Huddersfield

1975-1976 Staff Nurse (Adult Psychiatry), Storthes Hall Hospital, Kirkburton, Huddersfield

1976-1979 Charge Nurse (Adult Psychiatry), Storthes Hall Hospital, Kirkburton, Huddersfield

1979-1984 Charge Nurse (Child Psychiatry) Park Hospital for Children, Oxford

1984-1986 Charge Nurse (Elderly Psychiatry) Warneford Hospital, Oxford

1986-1988 Nurse Teacher, Wakefield School of Nursing (Mental Health)

1988-1992 Nurse Tutor, Wakefield School of Nursing (Mental Health)
Psychotherapy Employment and Vocational History

i. Formal Training and/or Directorial Positions

Co-Founder, Scarborough Psychotherapy Training Institute, and Co-Director, 1991-1998

Associate Teaching Member, Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute, 1994-2002

Company Director, Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute, 2000-2003

Company Director, Scarborough Psychotherapy Training Institute, 2001-2004

Full Teaching Member, Scarborough Psychotherapy Training Institute, 2004-present

Head of Training, Minster Centre, 1999-2000

External Relations Officer, Minster Centre, 2000-2003

Taught One Year Modules on:

Freud and Jung

Object Relations in Psychoanalysis

Styles of Facilitation
Workshops on:


Psychiatry Today
Co-Led One Year Supervision Course for Qualified Practitioners with Sue Daniels
Faciliated Experiential Group
ii. Full Training Led and Completed

Integrative Psychotherapy Training, Scarborough Psychotherapy Training Institute 1997-2003

ii. Freelance work and experience

(from 1992 onwards)

Regular Training Workshops (Psychodynamic, Integrative, and Supervision)

offered on Higher Diploma and MA Courses in Integative Psychotherapy, at University College Cork, Eire 1993-present

Miscellaneous Training Workshops offered at:

Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute

Karuna Institute

Bretton Hall College of Education

Leeds UniversityPsychotherapy Dept
External Examiner for:

Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute,

Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute,

Metanoia Institute,

North Staffs Psychotherapy Institute

Institute for Arts and Therapy in Education
Validating Assessor in UKCP for the following Organisations and Trainings:

South Trent Training in Dynamic Psychotherapy

Westminster Pastoral Foundation Graduate Organisation

Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy

Northern Guild for Psychotherapy

Terapia Integrative Child Psychotherapy Training

Institute for Psychosynthesis

Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling Education

London Association for Primal Psychotherapists

Groupwork and Organisational Supervisor for:

Harbour Counselling Service, Cork
Other Relevant Organisational Experience

Delegate for Yorkshire Association for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy to Rugby Conference/United Kingdom Standing Conference for Psychotherapy (UKSCP, which inaugurated as United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, UKCP, 1993) from 1987-1993

Member of Analytic Section Working Party (Rugby Conference) 1987-1988

Member of Conference Working Party (Council of UKSCP from 1989) 1988-1993

Delivered Inaugural Address of UKSCP, 1989 (published in Association of Family Therapy Newsletter)

Founding Chair, Training Standards Sub-Committee UKSCP (now Training Standards Committee), 1992-1993

Member of Sub-Committee on Definition of Organisation and Section (Now Membership Committee, Rugby Conference/UKSCP), 1988-1993

Delegate to United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) for Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute, 1996-2000

Delegate to UKCP for Minster Centre, 2000-2003

Delegate to UKCP for Scarborough Psychotherapy Training Institute, 2003-present

Elected (Ordinary) Member of Governing Board UKCP 2000-2002/2005-present

Hon Sec, Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy Section, 1997-2000

Chair, Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy Section, 2002-2005

Co-Chair, UKCP Professional Conference Committee, 2000-2002

Chair, UKCP Professional Conference Committee, 2002-2006

Professional Development Officer, United Kingdom Association for Therapeutic Counselling (UKATC)2000-2002

Chair, United Kingdom Association for Therapeutic Counselling (UKATC), 2002-2003

Co-Chair, United Kingdom Association for Therapeutic Counselling (UKATC), 2003-2005

Contributor of a substantial appendix to UKCP’s mapping of the field of the Psychotherapies Document to the Department of Health, 2005

(Appendix B, p 69)

Presenter of the UKCP position on regulation at the Freud Museum/Roehampton Conference on Thereapeutic Training after Freud, 2006

Published as Psychotherapy Visible: Psychotherapy Invisible, in European Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling, 8, 4, December 2006, pp. 429-433

Honorary Fellow of UKCP (March 2008)
Editorships and Publications

Senior Editor, International Journal of Psychotherapy (IJP), Journal of the European Association for Psychotherapy, 1994-2004 (first issue, 1996, final issue 2003)

Own Papers published in IJP on (themes):

'Phenomenological Causality', 1998
'The Significance of Julian Jaynes and Schizophrenia', 1999
'Pluralism as Scientific Method in Psychotherapy', 1999
An inspired resurrection of Freudian drive theory: but does Nick Totton’s Reichian ‘bodymind’ concept supersede Cartesian dualism?’ Review article on Nick Totton’ s The Water in the Glass: body and mind in psychoanalysis, 2000
Conjoint review of: ‘Relationality’, by Stephen Mitchell; ‘Beyond Empathy’, by Richard Erskine, Janet Moursund, Rebecca Trautmann; ‘The Evil We Do’, by Carl Goldberg, 2001
Retrieving a posthumous text-message; Nietzsche’s fall: the significance of the

disputed asylum writing, ‘My Sister and I’ ’, 2002
The autonomy of psychotherapy — Why psychotherapy can be subordinate neither to psychology nor psychiatry’, 2003
Review articles 2003

Impossible meeting: too strange to each other for misunderstanding’,

Review Article on Darlene Bregman Ehrenberg’s The Intimate

Psychoanalysis as finite, psychoanalysis as infinite? Psychoanalysis’

religious potential’: Review Article on Who is the Dreamer who Dreams the Dream?, by James S. Grotstein
The Shadow of Freud: Is Daniel Stern still a psychoanalyst? The

creative tension between the present and the past in psychoanalytic and existential

psychotherapies, in Daniel Stern’s The Present Moment, and his humanistic—

existential partners in dialogue’, Review Article on Daniel Stern’s The Present Moment: In Psychotherapy and Everyday Life, and Creative License: the art of Gestalt Therapy, M. Spanuolo Lobb, and N. Amendt-Lyon, Eds
Three Editorials per year and Book Reviews
Book Reviews and short papers in Self and Society, European Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling, and The Psychotherapist
I have co-edited, and contributed to, two books drawing from the, pluralistically conceived, UKCP Professional Conferences; (I was Chair of the Organising Committee till 2006):

Revolutionary Connections: Psychotherapy and Neuroscience (co-edited with Jenny Corrigall) (2004)


About a Body: Working with the Embodied Mind in Psychotherapy (co-edited with Jenny Corrigall and Helen Payne) (2006)

Book in Press in Karnac-UKCP Series:

The Muse as Therapist: A New Poetic Paradigm for Psychotherapy
Book Chapter in Press (Routledge/Taylor and Francis)

Primary Process of Deconstruction: Towards a Derridean Psychotherapy, Chapter Four of:

Beyond Postmodernism: Extending the Reach of Psychoanalysis:

Roger Frie and Donna Orange, Eds.

Some Major Achievements and efforts at Conflict Resolution and Organisational Development in UKCP and EAP

1. Within the Sub-Committee for Section and Organisation (the forerunnerof the Membership Committee, the other members were Haya Oakley, Annette Meadows, and Elspeth Morley) I was the main architect of the ‘Core Philosophy’ or Generic Modality basis for Sections, and it was upon the basis of this work that I was invited to give the Inaugural Address of UKSCP in 1989.

2. I was the pioneer and first Chair of what became the Training Standards Committee, but started out as the Training Standards Sub-Committee

3. I was the person who formulated the concept of Institutional Member, a compromise concept but one which has deferred many conflicts over the years.

4. With Derek Blows, Director of the Westminster Pastoral Foundation, I was the moving force in the move in January 1988 to defer (by tabling) voting on sub-divsioning of the Psychoanalytic Section, which postponed the split in UKSCP/UKCP for four years, and enabled UKCP to come into being.

5. It was on the back of the above conciliation that, with Courtenay Young, I was elected to the Rugby Conference Working Party (later Council, Governing Board, Board of Trustees) in its first ever elections. This later evolved into the concept of Elected Ordinary Member.

6. In 1989 formulated the basis for the first new Section of UKCP, which became the Experiential Constructivist Section, and has had a significant mediating role in UKCP over the years.

7. Through my Senior Editorship of International Journal of Psychotherapy, Journal of the EAP, I developed, and promulgated in both Organisations, a philosophy of Pluralism in psychotherapy, as the basis of the field. Consequently I have been in the forefront of ‘mapping the field’ in a generic way, and my contribution to the UKCP submission to the Department of Health and 2005, and presentation on behalf of UKCP at the Freud Museum/Roehampton Conference on Training in 2006 are evidences of that.

8. In 2001-2002 I was probably the person who prevented a complete breakdown in relations between the EAP and UKCP, and consequently made it possible for EAP to pass the more democratic statutes in 2002, which have made subsequent repair of relations possible, culminating in UKCP and EAP co-hosting the 2006 10th Professional Conference of UKCP and 14th Congress of EAP at Cambridge.

9. Dorothy Hamilton and myself were the principal architects of the UKCP Professional Conferences, the vehicles of Professional Dialogue in UKCP, beginning in 1995. Latterly with Jenny Corrigall I have chaired the process of the last two conferences and co-edited the books which arose from them.

10. As Chair of HIPS, and as a vehicle of continuity in UKCP, I was able to support James Pollard as Chair as he restabilised UKCP from 2002-2005 after a period of crisis.

11. As Chair of HIPS I was able to bring to fruition the recognition by UKCP of the modality of Integrative Child Psychotherapy within UKCP, and to assist in the process through which Laura Donington and Jenny McNamara, with others, have been establishing the presence of Child Psychotherapy as independent Psychotherapy modes within UKCP.

12. Latterly with my new articulated concept of a non-science based aesthetic paradigm for the psychotherapies, I am increasingly in the forefront of those who are challenging the supremacy of the purely ‘evidence-based’ paradigm for Psychotherapy.

13. I was one of the key people involved in establishing the basis for Psychotherapeutic Counselling in UKCP.

14. I have been through the whole process of bringing a new Organisation – Scarborough Psychottherapy Training Institute, founded in 1991 – from start to finish to the point where it achieved Full Membership of UKCP.

I have a special interest in the interface between religion, philosophy, the arts, and psychotherapy. I am dedicated to promoting and protecting a serious pluralistic and deconstructionist position and dialogue within the politics of psychotherapy, and I have had a substantial facilitative effect within the psychotherapy field in my work over 20 years for UKCP. I am a creative experiential trainer and teacher with over 20 years experience. I co-founded a Psychotherapy Institute in Scarborough which is now a Full Organisational Member of UKCP.

I believe the structure and conventions of all human organisations, and institutions, are profoundly secondary to individual personal and relational processes, but that, within their necessarily imperfect limits, and as a necessary evil, they should be regulated by constitutional and libertarian principles of organisation, ethics, and politics. I try to bring jest and humour to serious matters without dismissing their seriousness. I like people, and some of them I love, and I love also the natural world, particularly butterflies, the sea and moors and mountains, - as well as music, soccer, cricket and other sport. I am a bit of an internet groupie!

Heward Wilkinson, 2008

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