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Led zeppelin 2 The Live Experience

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LED ZEPPELIN 2 – The Live Experience


LED ZEPPELIN 2 The Live Experience recreates the sights, sounds, and pure rock & roll euphoria of a prime Led Zeppelin concert. Decked out in satin and denim stage costumes, LZ2 delivers the intense, raw energy and dynamics of songs such as Whole Lotta Love, Stairway to Heaven, Kashmir, Dazed and Confused and many more.
LED ZEPPELIN 2 The Live Experience is comprised of musician/songwriters from the best of Chicago’s indie music scene. From cutting their teeth in the top heavy rock and alternative clubs of Chicago, LZ2 quickly gained national attention and has sold out major rock music venues across the USA.
In concert, LZ2 delivers authentic renditions of classic Zeppelin material, as well as recreating the live improvisation & onstage dynamics that earned Led Zeppelin their legendary status for performing. LZ2 has performed across the US since early 2010 drawing rave reviews for a "spot-on" Zeppelin show, playing both deep cuts and classic tracks from the entire catalog, and occasionally entire Led Zeppelin performances from specific dates.  LED ZEPPELIN 2 brings forward the Led Zeppelin experience to a new generation while satisfying diehard fans with a fresh new approach.

LED ZEPPELIN 2 – The Live Experience



The Chicago Southsider is no stranger to the city's rock scene. As frontman for the critically acclaimed avant-metal group Yakuza for the past decade, Bruce has toured all over the world. In addition to Led Zeppelin 2, Yakuza, and his solo works, Lamont performs with other projects including Circle of Animals, Bloodiest, and previously with Dyslexic Apaches. Lamont's solo album "Feral Songs for The Epic Decline" was recently selected Top 20 Metal Recordings by SPIN.

Canadian-born Drummer Ian Lee's dad was a well-known folk musician (the satirical and occasionally controversial Brothers-In-Law). Starting drums at age 8, Ian moved to US to join Bad Oskar, opening for Ted Nugent and national acts. In Chicago, Ian drummed for Woolworthy, Not Rebecca, and with members of Cheap Trick, Veruca Salt, Ministry, and Urge Overkill. Lee runs the website, and was recently featured in Asylum magazine "How to Be John Bonham -- A Drummer's Guide".


After winning Downbeat awards on jazz trumpet in high school, Matthew picked up bass. In 2001 Matthew joined Chicago-based Ghettobillies, playing upwards of 200 gigs a year, including shows with Alice Cooper and The Allman Brothers, and numerous European tours. Matthew was voted best un-signed bassist in America at the 2004 National Emergenza battle of the bands and has played with Pete Special (The Band), Umphree’s McGee, Nyco (Ted Atkatz of CSO), Underwater People, Matt Walker (Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage, Morrisey). Matthew handles bass, keys, and mandolin in Led Zep 2.


By age 12 Paul was playing lead guitar in bands on Chicago's southwest side. Kamp is recognized for his work with Busker Soundcheck, a Chicago trio known for inventive, interactive rock songs, including bowed-guitar and a range of electric and acoustic styles, a staple of the 1990's Chicago music scene. “The Busker” was a touring machine, with studio recordings hailed on several prominent critics' "Best Of" lists. Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune, called Kamp "one of the most accomplished guitar players in the Midwest" and he earned a nomination as "best guitarist" in the Illinois Entertainer magazine.  

LED ZEPPELIN 2 – Chicago, IL

Flowerbooking – Tim Edwards

Earsplit PR – Liz Ciavarella-Brenner

YouTube – Zep2Chicago

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