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Barrie J. Roberts, Esq. (Ms.)

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Barrie J. Roberts, Esq. (Ms.)


LL.M. Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University School of Law, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution (Aug. 2008)

M.A. TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

California State University, Sacramento (1999)

J.D. UC Hastings College of the Law, San Francisco (1983)

B.A. Political Science, UC Berkeley (1978)
Employment: Law

Director of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Programs

Superior Court of California, County of Riverside (2008 -2013)

Worked with judges, court staff, attorneys, bar associations, law students and

community organizations to develop and manage mediation programs for

civil, family law & probate cases.

Project Graduate: Co-founder of court-county-bar program to help foster youth

graduate from high school with a plan for their future.
Staff Attorney, Legal Services of Northern California, Inc. (1985 – 1999)

Represented low-income people on housing and homelessness issues through

litigation, legislative advocacy and working groups (including representatives

from business, neighborhoods and law enforcement) to resolve conflicts on

local policy issues.
Staff Attorney, Law Offices of Melvin M. Belli, San Francisco (1984-85)

Personal injury litigation on behalf of injured parties

Employment: Education

Chapman University, Fowler School of Law (2013 to date)

Negotiations (for foreign LL.M. students)

UC Berkeley, College Writing, Wheeler Hall

Academic Writing (with conflict resolution theme) (2006-’07; 2014 to date)

Public Speaking; Academic Skills & Conflict Management for Non-Native

Speakers of English (2014 to date)

Summer English Language Studies Program (2000-’07; 2012 to date)

Created Mediation as a Second Language ® for international students,

combining English, dispute resolution and cross- cultural communication skills

through role-plays. Also: Human Rights; Legal English; Business English

University of San Francisco (Summer 2011)

Instructor, Legal English Program – Integrated Skills

Prepared foreign lawyers for the language and culture of law school in the U.S.


Community Mediation:

San Francisco Community Boards (2005 – 06)
Mediation as a Second Language ®

Presented teacher-training workshops at UC Berkeley; TESOL and

CATESOL conferences (2003- 2007) and at the 2010 ETAI Conference in

Jerusalem for international ESL instructors.
Trainings for court-connected interpreters, Riverside, CA (2012-13)

Mediation Experience

Mediator/settlement attorney

Riverside County Superior Court (2008 -2013)

CAMP (California Academy of Mediation Professionals) (2007)

San Francisco Community Boards (2003 - 2006)

Special Mediation Training:

Provided mediation training to delegation of Afghani women

judges and lawyers in Riverside, California, Jan. 2009

Participant in “Campus Consortium,” an organization working to bring

Peer Mediation to college campuses (2004-2006)

Articles on Court-Connected Mediation:

Turning the State Budget Crisis into Opportunities for ADR in Riverside, Riverside Lawyer Magazine, March 2013, p. 12

Court’s Mediation Programs Resolve Broad Array of Disputes, Riverside Lawyer Magazine, March 2012, p. 6

Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Burma/Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan,

Australia, Russia, Europe, Egypt, Israel, Mexico, Nicaragua

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