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World Cat Federation

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World Cat Federation
Geschäftsstelle: Geisbergstr. 2

45139 Essen Deutschland

Tel. 00 49 (0) 2 01 55 57 24
Fax 00 49 (0) 2 01 55 40 90

Steuer-Nr.: 111/5786/1357

Minutes of the General Meeting
14-15 August 2010
Essen, Germany

Friday, 13. August 2010
09:00 – 11:00 Board Meeting

13:00 – 15:00 Meeting of the Show Commission

15:00 – 18:00 Meeting of the Judges Commission

Saturday, 14. August 2010,
08:30 Entry
09:50 Opening of the Meeting .

TOP 1 Welcome speech of the President

TOP 2 Confirmation eligibility of voting Members present

48 eligible votes

After the voting 48 eligible votes are accepted

Majority: 25; ¾ majorities: 37

Presented Clubs with eligible votes
Country Club Delegate Vote transfer

  1. Austria A-0106 Katzenunion Österreich Renate Mayrhofer

  2. Australia AUS-0174 WNCA – Waratah

National Cat Alliance Tino Eckhardt

  1. Belgium BE-0105 Association Feline Belge Frau Jacobs

  2. Brazil BR-0167 Confederacao de Felinos Sylvia Roriz

do Brasil De Cavalho

  1. Switzerland CH-0113 Swiss Cat Club SCC Sandra Rautmann

  2. Switzerland CH-0212 AFSI-Associazione Felina

Della Svizzera Italiana Ernesto Castelnuovo

  1. Chile CL-0201 REGANACH Catclub Nini Phalempin

  2. Germany D-0103 Deutsche Edelkatze e.V. Anneliese Hackmann

  3. Germany D-0122 Niederbergischer Martina Katzenverein e.V. Wolker-Sieczkarek

  4. Spain E-0150 AFSeC Associacio Felina Manuel Borraz Arino

De Catalunya

  1. Spain E-0151 ASFEGA Associacion Lola Vega y Romero

Felina Gallega

  1. Spain E-0152 Club Felino de Madrid Sergio Asensio

  2. Spain E-0169 Club Felino de las 7

Islas Canarias Laura Ghirimoldi

  1. Estonia EE-0191 Zookeskus Cato Diana Nesterenko

  2. France FR-0223 Voice’s Cats of France Francesco Picinalli X

(from Saturday 4 o’clock p.m.)

  1. Italy I-0141 FIAF Federacione Italiana

Associazioni Feline Marco Pozzi X

  1. Italy I-0145 Serenissima Cat Club Andrea Vincenzi

  2. Italy I-0175 AFEF Associazioni Feline

Federate Nicoletta Locati

  1. Italy I-0176 AFI Associazione Felina Carlotta Meo-Colombo


  1. Israil IL-0115 Royal Amuta Lehatulim Marija Savrasova

  2. Lithuania LT-0195 Das Zentrum der Tierzucher

Litauens (LGAC) Renata Citovic

  1. Latvia LV-0134 Latvian Felinology

Association Felimurs Vija Klucniece

  1. Latvia LV-0159 Latvijas kaku milotaju

Asociacija „MOONCAT“ Dieter Meister

  1. Latvia LV-0217 CATs MEOW Yan Lavrentyev

  2. Malta MT-0198 MFGC Malta Feline Vittoria Duchi X

Guardians Club

  1. Poland PL-0138 Polski Zwiazek

Felinologizeny Anna Kubien

  1. Poland PL-0194 SKR-Polnischer

Rassekatzen Verein Anna Sutowiecka

  1. Ukraine UA-0133 League of Cat Fancy Ortrun Wagner X

  2. Ukraine UA-0136 PFZ “Pan Koskiy” Tatjana Cernova X

  3. United Arab UAE-0192 MECAT Middle East

Emirates Cat Society Cornelia Hungerecker

  1. USA USA-0123 Brazilian Shorthair

International Cat Society Paulo Ruschi

  1. South Africa ZA-0215 Casa Cat Association of

Of Southern Africa Johan Lamprecht

  1. Belarus BY-0140 Belarus Felinological

Center Felita Janina Melnikova

  1. Russia RU-0112 SAFFI Tatjana Komarova

  2. Russia RU-0119 Cat Club Alice Irina Guseva

  3. Russia RU-0125 United Cat Club of

Moscow Alex Khokhlovkin

  1. Russia RU-0131 St. Petersburg

Felinological Society Imran Okulov

  1. Russia RU-0135 Korgorushi Natalia Bykova

  2. Russia RU-0139 Cat Club Samarskaja Luca Natalia Fomina X

  3. Russia RU-0149 Cat Land St. Petersburg Vera Marchenko

  4. Russia RU-0160 International Feline

Center (IFC)Felis Olga Abramova

  1. Russia RU-0161 FFRB-Felinological

Federation of Republic

Bashkortostan Dina Portnova X

  1. Russia RU-0164 Cat Info Irina Loginova X

  2. Russia RU-0165 Alice-Best Svetlana Ivanova

  3. Russia RU-0170 Elitar-Club Anna Rudakova

  4. Russia RU-0178 Kalinka Cat Fanciers Club Alexander Marchenko X

  5. Russia RU-0179 Moskva Liudmila Vjugina

  6. Russia RU-0197 CCA Kotofey Olga Mironova

  7. Russia RU-0204 RosKosh Marina Litvina

  8. Russia RU-0207 UROFO CC Gratsiya Elena Fedorenko

Simultaneous - translations in the French and partial in English: Andreas Möbius

TOP 3 Election of:
Counter of Notes

Mrs.Yanina Melnikova, Mrs.Marion Meister, Mrs.Brigitte Peppermans.

48 yes 0 abstain 0 no accepted
Minutes Secretary

Mrs.O. Wagner (German), Mrs.T.Cernova (English);

48 yes 0 abstain accepted
TOP 4 A vote to decide on the Minutes being a record of results.

48 yes 0 abstain 0 no accepted

Mr. Lamprecht signs up with signature on the delegate's list.

Therefore 49 eligible to vote are present

TOP 5 Approval of the Agenda.

5.1 Admission of the present application of Switzerland ACEF on full membership

47 yes 2 abstain 0 no accepted

5.2 A proposal from the Board: to change the order of examination of the Agenda paragraph 15 „ applications for full membership and the applications on Full membership from point 16 “ before Agenda paragraph 14.

45 yes 3 abstain 1 no accepted

5.3 Proposals from the Board

11.1 Election of the First Tresurer

11.2 Election of the Second Tresurer

12. Election of the Second General Secretary

14.5.1 suggestion of the candidate of the second treasurers 14.11.2 suggestion of the candidate treasurer 14.18 suggestions of the candidate the second secretary general

Approval of the changed agenda

45 yes 4 abstain 0 no accepted

TOP 6 Board reports

TOP 6.1 President Mrs. A. Hackmann

- Report about growing of the WCF, increase of the contacts with economy and media

- Increase of the quota for the board members

- Necessity of spare forces for case of illness

- Necessity of the equipment of additional offices for seconds secretaries general, the second treasurer

- Notable thanks to employee, appeal to all members to exert itself actively, e.g., in committees

- Tip to the prescribed way from correspondence with the board of directors

- Appeal to adequate representation of the WCF as the world-biggest cat's organization

TOP 6.2 1. Vice-President Mr. P. Ruschi

  • Backward glance on to the 22 year history of WCF from its beginning till nowadays into biggest and the only cat's organization represented on all continents

  • Report about the fivefold increase of the licensed shows number for the period from 2008.

  • Positive mention of the work of Nicoletta Locati as an exhibiton-coordinator in Italy

  • Address to all clubs. When sending license request, please fill entirely the application from correctly.

TOP 6.3 2. Vice-President Mrs. A. Rudakova: not submitted beforehand as usual and requested, but unexpectedly from Mrs. Rudakova read out

- Communication about full-extensive honorary management of the Russian clubs, coordination of Russian kennels and World champions by the 2-nd Vice-President

- Mention of the handing over of membership fees of the Russian clubs to the WCF by the 2-nd Vice-President

- Mention of more than 800 exhibitions with 6 World shows from in 2008-2010 in Russia

- general criticism of the activity of the executive board, in particular with regard to the penetration of rules, the closing of the so-called office WCF in Russia, the measures in connection with the persistent trade mark problem in Russia

- Criticism of the financial statement, in particular in issues for office assistants and tax deliveries

- Reproach, the executive board of directors would hinder the development of the WCF, if restlessness and mess became with decisions and actions in the work of the Russian clubs to bring in, would waste finances of the association pointlessly to cover opaque sanctions, to create disharmony and chaos with outdated and cost-intensive structures

- Support of a vote of no confidence against the executive board of directors
TOP 6.4 For time as a provisional treasurer Mrs. M. Meister

Mrs.M.Meister fulfilled position of the treasurer since the general assembly 2008 only temporary.

- Report from the GA in 2008 to the 31/12/2009

- Presentation of the different posts by distribution of the income and expenses

- Registration of the detailed payments in a system especially developed for it

- Registration by Mrs. Danisch since 2009

- Replacement by Mrs. Christiane Lissy-Brumpreuksch on 24/09/2009

- Final balance in 2008 close with a profit of 681€, in 2009 it was 3485 € .

- Sales increase 14 938 € (20%), increase of the association property on 47555 € (more than 40%)

- Balance in 2008 and temporary balance in 2009 with detailed posts are displayed here during the GA

- For the trademark protection (Trademark) a deficit of 10875 € arises till the end of 2009 in spite of special payments. Because is to be calculated on considerable costs during the subsequent years, other special payment or increase in contributions is recommended

- Relation taxes / donations could be improved

- Various open demand remained after exclusion unpaid. To keep to recommendation, to payment terms more strictly

- Hand cash since 07.09.2008, is led by Mrs. Hackmann

TOP 6.5 General Secretary Mrs. O. Wagner
- Growth of the WCF on more than double membership since 2004

- Report about growth of work in General Secretariat , hence, the second General Secretary is necessary.

- Problems in Russia because of the trademark protection (Trademark), forthcoming process

- Collaboration with the LOOF at the moment stagnant

- Coordinators like in Italy in bigger countries desirable

- Appeal in working readiness of the candidates for commissions

- Thanks to employees and honorary members

TOP 7 Report of the Commissions
TOP 7.1 Judges Commission Mrs. C. Hungerecker

- Basic features standards, judge's education, reworking of the list of questions

- Judge's committee, function and requirements for the committee members, critical working report

- New form sheet on the web pages for the application as a new Judge’s Pupil

- Regulation with regard to foreign languages, new form linguistic competence

- Sense and purpose of foreign linguistic knowledge in the WCF as an international organization

TOP 7.2 Show Commission . Mrs.E.Preiss.

Because of absence of Mrs. Preiss read out by Dr. Johan Lamprecht

  • Thanks to the committee members, Mr. Ruschi, Mrs. Mironova, Mrs.Rudakova and the Russian members for good collaboration


- approx. 150 inquiries to the committee

- Reworking of the exhibit rules into 5 languages

  • Placement of a self-generating exhibition licensing program at WCF’s disposal –

  • Insufficient state of information of the Russian members with regard to show rules and resultant offenses and suitable clarification work

TOP 7.3 Disciplinary Commission Mrs. M. Oliver-Sasson

Report was presented by General Secretary Mrs. Ortrun Wagner.

- Emphasis of the necessity of common discipline on account of together accepted rules, respect for our name, logo, board of directors, clubs and committees

- Mention of treated cases

- Recommendation, itself with become known from offense against the protection of animals law to the responsible federal state authorities to turn

- Explanations to the retiring as a committee member at the beginning of 2010

Statement by the member of Disciplinary Commission Mrs. O.Abramova

  • Report about her experience in DC for a last half of year. Maine cases solved in Disciplinary Commission related to the violations of the show rules

  • Proposed that work of Disciplinary Commission should focus not on punishment but on education.

  • TOP 7.4 Auditors Mrs. M. Schunkert, Mrs. A.Frickel

  • Report about the financial audit of the office on the 7th of July, 2010

  • Book-keeping records, bills about expenses in cash, remittance orders were compared with the corresponding statements of account. All necessary documents were presented to the arbitrary commission deliberately.

  • Confirmation of the excellent correct book-keeping. Mrs. Schunkert praises the excellent correct book-keeping.

Mr. Picinali enters the meeting as a delegate after the coffee break. Therefore, there are 50 eligible votes present.

Majority: 26; ¾ majorities: 38

TOP 8 Discussion of the reports.

- Correction of a typing mistake in the translation of the report of the auditors: Annual number not in 2009, but in 2010

- Mrs. Meister underlines her account processing increased by 40%

- Mrs. Frickel asks why fixed deposits had to be taken out in the end of 2009, after the due money from Russia had not come

- Mrs. Rudakova explained that transfers were not possible by private individuals in Russia, also not by PayPal. There was no opportunity for a personal handing over a money

- Mrs. Meistar contradicts. The WCF has received transfers as well as payments by Paypal from Russia

- Mrs. Rudakova denies this

  • Mrs. Melnikova said to spend 10000 € in 1 year in personnel expenditure is too much. The members should help to deminuish the personal costs. She proposed the Board to prepare a two-years financial plan

- Mrs. Hackmann explains that the fixed deposits are intended for eventualities, only Belarus has cost approx. 4000 € because of the Trademark, taxes must be paid; now we have a tax adviser. Assistants in the office receive 6 € hourly wage, that was financed by the Deutsche Edelkatze during the past 10 years. Mrs. Danisch receives 50 € monthly, thousands of copies and hundreds of e-mails are passed on, at the moment because of the GA. The WCF pays 247 € of rent, incl. additional costs

- Mrs. Pepermans suggests the production of a budget which must be sanctioned by the members. She lets herself explain post "travel expenses", asks for presentation of the balances. The balances are actually being presented during the GA

  • Mrs. Hackmann explains to the meeting to the attacks of Mrs. Rudakova with regard to disproportionately high fine against FAR, that Mrs. Rudakova herself has suggested to the Board of directors the fine instead of an exclusion, even still a higher one. FAR left the WCF, without paying.

Mrs. Rudakova mentions a bi number of fines, that she had handed out altogether in Essen. Mr. Okulov criticizes the statement as incorrect and discriminating. Neither POF nor Cat Land have paid in 2009 any fine. Mrs. Rudakova explains, that the info came from Mrs. Preiss.

- To the supposedly superfluous tax deliveries Mrs. Hackmann explains that the WCF is not of benefit to the public and taxable, hence.

- Mrs. Frickel underlines that the WCF as an in Germany incorporated society is subject to the German legislation and recommends that Russian members, who do not want to accept this, can to found their own organization. Mrs.Hackmann notes, that from the beginning Russian associations members of the WCF were present and they were namely contented ones. With the entry into an Organization one must be clear to himself about the necessity of the adaptation and the control knowledge.

- On Mrs. Pepermans question Mrs. Hackmann explained that the WCF is an international organization which is registered in Germany according to European legislation.

- Mrs. Hackmann would like to continue in the agenda. She supposes that Mrs. Rudakova’s aggressions against the Executive Board are founded personally to herself position, because of the results of the board meeting in January, 2009 and because Mrs.Rudakova failed when trying to campaign for WCF president in 2010.

- Mrs. Rudakova responded, her speech has not been personal, she represents the opinion of different Russian clubs. The misunderstandings with regard to the financial statement are cleared up on 12.08.10 in the WCF head office.

TOP 9 Clearance vote (Majority: 26; ¾ majorities: 38)

Secret votings on application of Mr. Dr. Zaalov
TOP 9.1 President Mrs. A. Hackmann

28 yes 0 abstain 22 no accepted

TOP 9.2 1. Vice-President Mr. P. Ruschi

45 yes 1abstain 2 no 2 invalid accepted

TOP 9.3 2. Vice-President Mrs. A. Rudakova

31 yes 0 abstain 19 no accepted

TOP 9.4 Treasurer 2006-2008 Mrs. M. Meister

35 yes 1 abstain 14no accepted

TOP 9.5 General secretary Mrs. O. Wagner

31 yes 0 abstain 19 no accepted

TOP 10 Applications submitted by the Board

TOP 10.1 Change of Statuses
10.1 Change of Statutes

10.1.1 Second Treasurer

Article 20

5.1 The Extended Board

Current :

The Extended Board consists of

• the 1st Vice-President ,

• the 2nd Vice-President

d) The first and second vice-president represent the president, for example in representation tasks, and will give him all the support necessary. In addition they fulfill all the tasks delegated by the president to the vice-presidents.

New Amendment:

the Second Treasurer
e) The second treasurer assists the first treasurer with the administrative work. He speaks German and is a member of the extended board. The position of the first treasurer remains as described in Article 20 c).

23 yes 0 abstain 27 no not accepted

10.1.2 Second General Secretary
Article 20

5.1 The Extended Board


• the 1st Vice-President ,

• the 2nd Vice-President
d) The first and second vice-president represents the president, for example in representation tasks, and will give him all the support necessary. In addition they fulfill all the tasks delegated by the president to the vice-presidents.
New Amendment:

the 2nd General Secretary

e) The second General Secretary assists the first General Secretary with the administrative work. He speaks several WCF languages and is a member of the extended board. The position of the first General Secretary remains as described in Article 20 c).
23 yes 0 abstain 27 no not accepted

TOP 10.2 Proposal Show Rules

TOP 10.2.1 Judges Reports

Judges reports need not be issued in 3 copies. One page is sufficient, but it is not allowed to mention the breeder or anything about the identity of the cat.

41 yes 1 abstain 8 no accepted

TOP 10.2.2 Novice class

The closed Novice classes are reinstalled, however under the condition that the examinations will exclusively be held at events of WCF Member clubs. Every club decides on its own, whether an exhibit meets the requirements for recognition in the Novice class.
23 yes 0 abstain 27 no not accepted

TOP 10.2.3 Proposals 1 – 14 from the Show Commission

Proposal 1 – Standard for household pets

Amend the standard: Household pets can also be Semi-Longhair.

49 yes 0 abstain 1 no accepted
Proposal 2 – show rules

Household pets may receive the same titles as neuters.

They are judged in separated classes according to their sex, age, coat length.

10 yes 0 abstain 40 no not accepted

Proposal 3 – show rules

The WCF will hold the competition Best Cat of WCF every year. Description and rules see Annex 1.

An example-competition is published in English and German on the website at:

36 yes 0 abstain 14 no accepted
18:15 End of the day

Sunday, 15. August 2010,
08:50 Entry
Opening of the Meeting
Missing Mr. F. Picinali.

49 eligible votes

Majority: 25; ¾ Majority 37
Because of absence of Mrs. Schunkert, Mr. Dieter Meister is chosen as a Counter of Votes: unanimously

Proposal 4 – show rules

When proposal 3 is accepted, the following titles can be received: Continental winner

Regional winner

National winner

Best of breed 1, 2 and 3

The cat with the highest point score will receive the title accordingly.

29 yes 4 abstain 16 no accepted
Proposal 5 – show rules

The following title can be received: DM = Distinguished Merit/

Under the following conditions:

A male must have produced 10 offspring, which received the title GR.Int.Ch./Pr. A female must have produced 5 offspring, which received the title GR.Int.Ch./Pr.

23 yes 9 abstain 17 no not accepted
Proposal 6 – show rules

Change in article E.4.5

Current text:

“At least one all-breed judge licensed by the WCF is required …” New text:

Only judges, licensed for the categories participating in a Master-ring, are entitled …”

46 yes 2 abstain 1 no accepted


The Master-ring can be separated for adults, neuters and kittens. The same rules as for the WCF-rings apply.

45 yes 4 abstain 0 no accepted


The 1st and the 2nd place of a non-split Master-ring will receive the title “Master”.

If the Master-ring is split into part-rings the winner of each part-ring will receive the title “Master”.

45 yes 4 abstain 0 no accepted

Proposal 7 – show rules

There will be introduced a new show class for “companion cats”.

A companion cat can be for example every cat of a non-authorized cross breeding (“mixed” breed), any cat, which does not correspond to any standard of a WCC-member.

The cats will be judged in separate classes according to their age, sex and coat length. Adult cats may receive the title “National Champion/Premier”.

They may also compete in their own BIS, separated from the “normal” BIS.

10 yes 3 abstain 36 no not accepted

Proposal 8 – show rules

The show organizer is free to make a BOB also for neuters and kittens. The rules are according to the current rules for BOB.

Affected articles will be changed accordingly.

46 yes 2 abstain 1no accepted

Proposal 9 – show rules

There can be organized Special Breed Shows, either for single breeds or for breed groups. These special shows are not permitted to be organized as ring-show.

Nomination for a separate BIS is made according to the current rules for nomination.
The winner of this separate BIS may participate in the BOB, as currently outlined in the show rules. Affected articles will be changed accordingly.

43 yes 4 abstain 2 no accepted

Proposal 10 – show rules

Amendment to part F of the show rules, new article:

At complaints dealing with violations, which concern the show rules, also the show commission must be heard.

40 yes 9 abstain 0 no accepted

Proposal 11 –show rules

Deletion in article D.5.3 of:

“males first” and “starting with the adults”.

46 yes 2 abstain 1 no accepted

Proposal 12 – show rules

Change in article D.10.1

Current text:

Only all-breed judges are entitled to vote for Best of Best … New text:

Only judges, which are licensed for the concerned categories, are entitled to vote for the Best of Best

12 yes 10 abstain 27 no not accepted

Proposal 13 – show rules

Change of article B.1.3

WCF exhibitions combined with another non-WCF organization or non-WCF organizations holding a cat show on the same day, at the same venue, with separate or combined catalogues and separate or combined posters, with or without sharing the judges, and with or without one BIS (Best-in-Show) organized together, are joint-exhibitions.

To organize a joint-exhibition the WCF-member has to forward an application to the board 6 months prior to the date of the exhibition. Such an exhibition may only be organized with the permission of the board.

WCF exhibitions at the same venue on the same day or weekend as another non-WCF organization’s cat show, but not sharing catalogues, posters and entry forms and NOT TAKING PLACE AT THE SAME TIME as the other exhibition/s are not considered as joint-exhibitions.

32 yes 9 abstain 8 no accepted
Proposal 14 – show rules

Change in article B.1.8

B.1.8 – Minimum 80 cats at an exhibition

In a national or international exhibition at least 80 cats must be entered in the catalogue.

On shows with less than 80 cats titles and title-certificates may not be awarded.

In case of difficult geographic situations … Change in article B.4.3-1

B.4.3-1 – Minimum two judges must judge on an exhibition

On a national or international exhibition minimum two judges must judge.

On shows with less than two judges titles and title-certificates may not be awarded.
Application withdrawn
TOP 10.3 Proposal Judges Rules and standards
TOP 10.3.1 All Breed training

Additional Rules for student judges

1. Student Judge Certificates

If a judge takes his/her All-Breed training only in a country that is divided into regions, he additionally has to get a judge´s pupil report in another continent.

46 yes 2 abstain 1 no accepted

TOP 10.3.2 Application for official recognition of the familiar breeds

  • American Curl, SH, SLH

  • Bengal

  • Singapura

  • Peterbald

  • Egyptian Mau

  • Selkirk Rex, SH, SLH

  • Highland Fold

  • Kurilian Bobtail

  • Karelian Bobtail

Unanimously in favour of voting en bloc

45 yes 4 abstain 0 no accepted

TOP 10.4 Further proposals of the Board

TOP 10.4.1 Club Board Member

Nobody can be a board member in two associations. This applies to full members, patronage clubs and Subclubs of the WCF and to associations of other organizations.

After discussion the application is a new formulated together. After no more questions are expressed in addition, Mrs. Hackmann proposed the new formulation for the vote before as follows:“ The members of the managing board of directors of a non WCF- organization are not accepted as members of the managing board of directors of a WCF member. “


Interest collision. The members who are sanctioned with the WCF because of control disregard may not have the possibility to handle the sanctions under the roof of the other federation.
40 yes 3 abstain 6 no accepted

TOP 10.4.2 Judges license fee

Increase of the fee for the renewal of the judge's licence on 36 €

17 yes 1abstain 31 no not accepted

TOP 11 Election of the Treasurer
TOP 11.1 Election of the First Treasurer

Excluded from the Agenda

TOP 11.2 Election of the Second Treasurer

Excluded from the Agenda

TOP 12. Election of the Second General Secretary

Excluded from the Agenda

TOP 13 Election of the Commissions

TOP 13.1 Judges Commission

(5 + 1 Board)

Mr. Antonello Bardella 28 yes 1 abs. 20 no elected accepts

Mrs.Tatjana Cernova 11 yes 1 abs. 37 no not elected

Mrs. Vittoria Duchi 9 yes 1 abs. 39 no not elected

Mr. Tino Eckhardt 27 yes 0 abs. 22 no elected accepts

Mr. Alan Edwards 30 yes 0 abs. 19 no elected

Mr. Cesare Ghisi 4 yes 0 abs. 45 no not elected accepts

Mrs. Cornelia Hungerecker 43 yes 0 abs. 6 no elected accepts

Mr. Dr.Johan Lamprecht 27 yes 0 abs. 22 no elected accepts

Mr. Andreas Mobius 18 yes 0 abs. 31 no not elected

Mrs. Genevieve Paquet-Franc 12 yes 0 abs. 37 no not elected
Mr. Sergej Shigulin 9 yes 0 abs. 40 no not elected

Mrs. Stefanie Sironi 27 yes 0 abs. 22 no elected accepts

Ballot "no" for elimination of the candidate same to voices:

Mr. Tino Eckhardt 17 no

Mr. Dr. Johan Lamprecht 8 no

Mrs. Stefanie Sironi 22 no retires, is planned as a spare member

Abstention: 2

From the Board : Mrs. Anneliese Hackmann

Chairperson: Mrs. Cornelia Hungerecker
Mr. F. Picinali come back.50 eligible votes present.

50 eligible votes

Majority: 26; ¾ Majority 38

TOP 13.2 Show Commission

(2 + 1 Board)

Mr. Yan Lavrentjev 13 yes 1 abs. 36 no not elected

Mrs.Nicoleta Locati 38 yes 1 abs. 11 no elected accepts

Mr. Andreas Mobius 22 yes 0 abs. 28 no not elected

Mrs.Nadezhda Pilatova 11 yes 2 abs. 37 no not elected

Mrs.Evelyn Preiss 16 yes 2 abs. 32 no not elected

Mrs.Franca Zuccotti 10 yes 1 abs. 39 no not elected

Mr. Dr.Johan Lamprecht Deleted from the list of candidates as

a candidate to the Judges Commission

Mr. Imran Okulov Deleted from the list of candidates as

a candidate to the Disciplinary Commission

From the Board : Mr.Paulo Ruschi

Chairman: Mrs. Nicoleta Locati

TOP 13.3 Disciplinary Commissions

(3 Persons)

Due to the mistake of secretariat two persons was not included to the list of candidates Mrs.O.Abramova and Mrs.S.Roriz

Mrs.Sylvia Roriz 21 yes 0 abs. 29 no not elected

Mrs.Olga Abramova 18 yes 1 abs. 31 no not elected

Mr. Walter Baraldi secluded, no confirmation from the club

Mrs.Laura Ghrimoldi 13 yes 0 abs. 37 no not elected

Mrs.Yanina Melnikova 15 yes 0 abs. 35 no not elected

Mr. Imran Okulov 19 yes 3 abs. 28 no not elected

Mr. Daniel Sanchez 18 yes 0 abs. 32 no not elected

Mr. Klaas van der Wijk 31 yes 0 abs. 19 no elected accepts

Mr. Richard Wye 9 yes 3 abs. 38 no not elected

Chairman: Mr. Klaas van der Wijk
Mrs. Mayrhofer departed, Mr. Möbius took over her voice

Mr. Meister left the meeting; Mrs. Meister token over his voice

TOP 13.4 Auditors

( 2 + 1 substitute)

Mrs.Maritha Schunkert 27 yes 5 abstain 18 no elected accepts

Mrs.Annette Frickel 25 yes + Voice of the president 26 yes 6 abstain

19 no elected accepts

According to the decision on the agenda early:
TOP 15 Applications to the WCF for Acceptance of New Full Members


DE-0239 Freesenkatten e.V. – Mr. Carl-Heinz Knelangen, Blumenstr. 31

DE-26121 Oldenburg, Tel. +49-441-7 56 53, email:

34 yes 0 abstain 16 no accepted


IL-0227 Cat Land Israel – Mr. Dr. Victor Zaalov, P.O. Box 646, IL-28106 Qiriat Atta Tel.

+972-52-61 66 55, email:

27 yes 1 abstain 22 no accepted


IT-0209 Association Confederate European Feline (I) – Mr. Francesco Picinali Vicolo Santa Croce 2, IT-24024 Gandino (BG) Tel. +39-035-077 40 72, email:

43 yes 2 abstain 5 no accepted

IT-0225 Associazione Gatti d'Italia – Mrs. Maria Grazia Beltrami, Via Torricelle, 62

IT-33040 Pradamano (UD), Tel. +39-339 7147 091, email:
27 yes 2 abstain 21 no accepted


KZ-0235 Belaja Lisa Mrs Tatjana Pokatilova, ul. Ishimskaya, dom 2, kv. 56

Petropavlovsk (3), Tel. +7-7152-32 78 62, email:
31 yes 3 abstain 16 no accepted


KZ-0233 Kazakhstan Union of Felinologists (Sojoz Felinologov Kazakhstana) - Mrs Saida Ordalieva, ul. Koktem-2, dom. 13-36, KZ-050040 Almaty, Tel. +7-727-394 58 76, email:

23 yes 2 abstain 25 no not accepted


RU-0181 Eilur - Mrs. Alla Baboshkina, 24, Bolshaja Monetnaja st. 14,

197101, St-Petersbur, Russia, Tel.:+7 (812) 232-92-46, e-mail:

22 yes 3 abstain 25 no not accepted


RU-0182 Feline Center Samaris – Mr. Mikhail Arianin, Lunacharskogo str., 40-9, RU-443056 Samara, Tel. +7-8462-334 67 80, email:

14 yes 1 abstain 35 no not accepted

RU-0184 WOFECE Astra World Felinological Center - Mrs. Lebedeva Natalia, Altufevskoe shosse, 89-43, RU-127576 Moscow, Tel.: +7-495-90 99 378, email:

27 yes 2 abstain 21 no accepted

SE-0237 Föreningen Hallandskatten - Mrs Ann Öberg, Järnvirke 11, SE-43277 Tvǻǻker, Tel. +46-(0) 340 43 006, email:

47 yes 1 abstain 2 no accepted


SE-0236 Sveriges Nya Raskattförening - Mrs Wiveca Fransson, Kallbo 214

SE-19592 Kallbo, Tel. +46-(0)18-25 02 65, email:

45 yes 1 abstain 4 no accepted

According to the earliar decision :

16.1-5 applications to the WCF on admission as a full member


MC-0229 Association de Monaco Fédération Féline de Monte-Carlo, Mrs. Martine

Woolf Le Schuylkill 19, Boulevard de Suisse MC-98000 Monaco (5)

phone:+377-97-98 31 48; fax: +377-97-98 31 48; mobile: +377-607-933 724;

43 yes 2 abstain 5 no accepted


DE-0234Stammbaum e.V DE-0234 Mrs. Hildegard Hufnagel, Hamburger Chaussee 23
DE-16559 Liebenwalde (1) phone: +49-30-832 276 91; fax: +49-30-832 276 92;


32 yes 1 abstain 17 no accepted

BE-0224 Belgische Raskatten Vereniging ,Mrs. Brigitte Pepermans, Eindhoutseweg 822

BE-2440 Geel (5), phone:+32-14-86 74 95; fax: +32-14-86 74 95 ;

mobile: +32-497 43 74 95; email:

47 yes 0 abstain 3 no accepted

UA-0244 FPC Suzirja (Felinological Pedigree Club), Mrs. Tatyana Nikolaevna Potapova, ul. Aralskaya, 70 UA-61045 Kharkov (3), phone: +380-57-775 68 08;

fax: +380-57-775 68 18; mobile: +380-50-323 42 24; email:,
27 yes 3 abstain 20 no accepted


CH- 0208 ACEF (Associazone Confiderata Europea Felina), Mrs. Samantha Battaglia,

Casa Al Portico CH-6678 Coglio; phone: +41-795 833 989;

43 yes 3 abstain 4 no accepted
Mr. Meister is back and takes over his right to vote by himself

TOP 14.

Applications submitted by the members
14.1 AE Mecats
14.1.1 Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)
14.1.2 Recognition of the Arabian Mau

15 yes 3 abstain 32 no not accepted
14.2 AU Waratah

Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)

14.3 BR CFB Brazil

Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)

14.4 BY BFC Felita

Application is invalid due to the late submission

14.4.2 Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)
14.4.3 Cattery registration

To change the procedure of registration of the names of catteries in WCF:

Application withdrawn

14.5 DE Deutsche Edelkatze
14.5.1 Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)
14.5.2 Recognition of the colour Turkish Van White with blue, orange, odd eyed eye color

32yes 5 abstain 13 no accepted

Breed standard can be seen in

14.5.3 Recognition of the breed Deutsch Langhaar

13 yes 9 abstain 28 no not accepted

14.6 DE Freesenkatten

Application for Full-membership (s. TOP 15)

14.7 DE Niederbergischer Katzenverein
14.7.1 Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)
14.7.2 Allowance one day – two certificates

Show Commission accepted this proposal.

18 yes 3 abstain 29 no not accepted
14.7.3 Acceptance of one day – two certificates

Related to the 14.7.2, not accepted

14.7.4 Recognition of the Burmese in the colors Silver, Smoke and Ticked Tabby
20 yes 5 abstain 25 no not accepted

14.8 DE Stammbaum e.V.

14.8.1 Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)

Mrs. Phalempin left the meeting. Therefore 49 eligible votes are present

Majority: 25; ¾ majorities: 37

14.9 ES ASFeC
14.9.1 Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)
14.9.2 World shows

The organization for a World show have to be rotative between the WCF members of the same Country. It´s not possible to organize more Worldshows from one Club without the confirmation of the other Clubs of the same Country or the retreat of the other Clubs to organize a World show.

10 yes 10 abstain 29 no not accepted

14.9.3 Tramitations of pedigrees

The WCF Clubs can not do tramitations of Pedigrees without the original Pedigree.
43 yes 6 abstain 0 no accepted

14.9.4 Documents to members which have a penalty of the government

The WCF Clubs cannot do tramitaions or give Documentations to members which have a penalty of the government for illegal animal trade, animal cruelty and so on, at least the government legalized the documentation of this person.
45 yes 4 abstain 0 no accepted

14.10 ES Club Felino 7 Islas Canarias

Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)

14.11 IL Cat Land Israel
14.11.1 Application for Full-membership (s. TOP 15)
14.11.2 Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)
14.12 IT ACEF
14.12.1 Application for Full- membership (s. TOP 15)
14.12.2 Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)
14.13 IT AFeF
14.13.1 Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)
14.13.2 Coordinator

In countries, where there are at least 3 WCF Clubs, will be introduced the coordinator.

10 yes 6 abstain 33 no not accepted
14.13.3 Licensing of World Shows, procedure
4 yes 5 abstain 40 no not accepted
4.14 IT FIAF
14.14.1 Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)
14.14.2 Cattery Registration

Proposal withdrawn

14.15 IT AGI

Application for Full-membership (s. TOP 15)

14.16 KZ Belaja Lisa

Application for Full-membership (s. TOP 15)

14.17 KZ KUF

Application for Full-membership (s. TOP 15)

14.18 LV Cats Meow

Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)

14.19 PL PZF

14.19.1 Merits in pedigrees

Proposal withdrawn
14.9.2 International titles

Change in show regulations with regards to certificates for titles awarded abroad

Proposal withdrawn.
Mrs. Wolkner-Sieczkarek left the meeting; Mrs. Meister took over her right to vote
14.19.3 Retention of original pedigree number for all cats registered with the association.

The original pedigree number given by the club that issued the pedigree will be used for every cat for all his life. The transfer of and giving a new pedigree number by one’s own club to a cat coming from another club is forbidden.

40yes 9 abstain 0 no accepted

14.20 RU Cat Land
14.20.1 Guest judge’s license

Proposal withdrawn

14.20.2 Subclub registration

An underclub can be registered only in the location of its president.

18 yes 5 abstain 26 no not accepted
14.20.3 Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)

14.21 RU Eilur

Application for Full-membership (s. TOP 15)

14.22 RU Kotofey

Feline regions should not coincide with the administrative divisions, depends on political reasons. Proposal for the regions division is given to the Board and to chair-woman show commission Eveline Preiss.

29 yes 11 abstain 9 no accepted
14.22.2 Pet Class SLH

To add SLH cats without breed into Pet class. Because there are cold in Russia, and so we have most of street pet cats with semilonghairs.

Was accepted on GA August 14, (s.10.2.3 Proposal 1)
14.22.3 Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)
14.23 RU Mokko

14.23.1 Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)

14.23.2 Subclubs of patronage clubs

Propose to cancel the prohibition regarding registration of the sub-clubs for patronage WCF members.

17 yes 18 abstain 14 no not accepted
Mrs. Duchi left the meeting.

Mrs. Meo Colombo left the meeting. Therefore 47 eligible to votes are present.

Majority: 24; ¾ majorities: 36
14.24 RU POF
14.24.1 Admission of WCC judges

16 yes 6 abstain 25 no not accepted

14.24.2 Location of shows.

Proposal withdrawn

14.24.3 Presence of club presidents at the GA.

Every four years the president of the full-member must represent his club in the GA personally. This rule will enable the delegates to get to know each other and help to create a friendly atmosphere.

26 yes 8 abstain 13 no accepted
14.25 RU Samaris

Application for Full-membership (s. TOP 15)

14.26 RU WOFECE Astra

Application for Full-membership (s. TOP 15)

14.27 UA ILCF

14.27.1 Cattery registration.

3 yes 12 abstain 32 no not accepted
14.27.2 Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)
14.28 ZA CASA
14.28.1 Cattery names

The office should verify the uniqueness of cattery names only within WCF. All WCF cattery names should be available on the website. A cattery name not published on the website should be automatically available to a breeder member of a WCF club. Breeders with an established cattery name in another organization who wish to join the WCF should be allowed to retain their cattery names, by adding the country code behind the name, should the name already be used elsewhere. The office has to respond to any cattery name applications within 10 working days of the request from a member club.

33 yes 8 abstain 6 no accepted
14.28.2 Status of regions

In large countries, Regions should have the same status as countries for awarding the title Continental – and Grand Continental Champion/Premier.

15 yes 12 abstain 20 no not accepted
14.28.3 Recognition of the breed Traditional Longhair Silver and Golden

36 yes 10 abstain 1 no accepted

Standard presented on
14.28.4 Proposed Candidates (s. TOP 12/13)
14.29 SE FHK

Application for Full-membership (s. TOP 15)

14.30 SE SNRF

Application for Full-membership (s. TOP 15)

TOP 15 . Applications to the WCF full membership: examinated early
TOP 16 Miscellanious
- Mrs. Hackmann draws the attention to the fact that the delegates and participants of the GA must announce themselves with the next time on time, because differently no preparation is possible.

- Other points are cancelled, due to the fact that many delegates are departing early. The intended reports of the standard committee and the web master are added to the attached protocol.

TOP 17 Farewell speech by the President

End of the meeting at 20:45 o'clock

All the decisions come into power from 01.01.2011

After the meeting closing Mr. Alexander Khokhlovkin handed over to Mrs. Hackmann application signed by 25 persons with regard to TOP 10.4.1 THE GA in 2010 could be taken into consideration no more.

Essen, 29th September, 2010

Ortrun Wagner, General Secretary, Protocol writer (German)
Tatjana Cernova, Assistant to General Secretary, Protocol writer (English)
Marion Meister, Int. WCF Judge, Cross reading of the Protocol
Anneliese Hackmann, President WCF, Acceptance of the Protocol

2 Attachments:

I Report of the webmaster for the period from the 08-2008 to the 07-2010

1. Translations
As you have noticed for sure, the Spanish and French websites are now completely translated.

Please allow me here some open words:

None of these pages is machine-translated or translated via a translation program.
Which qualifications do I have, and which sources and dictionaries do I use:


I had learned French long time ago, but did not practice it for a long time, thus it needed some practice again to reactivate my knowledge here.

I use the Oxford dictionary and dictionary of Merriam-Webster (about 3000 pages with French explanations of the terms) for translating general wording and phrases.

Concerning the standards, colour descriptions and genetics I use the medical dictionary of Pons.

Also some of my former French FIFe-colleagues have helped me here with the standards.

I also used the very detailed website of the LOOF as source for the phrasing.


I had to learn Spanish, because I worked as quality manager at the Telecom in Caracas, where I had to make the contracting and technical specifications in Spanish.

I use the Oxford dictionary and dictionary of Merriam-Webster.

Concerning the specific and anatomic terms in the standards I use the medical-anatomic dictionary of Pons.

Furthermore I also have the Spanish translation done by some Spanish breeder colleagues of my own website, which are more than 1000 pages
In total 2x200 webpages have been made.

Concerning the Russian translation, which is also not machine-made, the following judges colleagues have helped me:

Mrs. Litvina, Mrs. Lomakina, Mrs. Lyudvigova, who translated the colour descriptions and the show rules.

Concerning the articles and breed presentations Mrs. Shichkina and Mrs. Galaburda, both are native Russians, have helped me here.

All these ladies are still available, they work very accurately and fast.

It is a pleasure to have such a good co-operation with them.

Concerning the statutes, cattery rules, all the standards Mrs Klucniece helps me here. She is very accurate, and I enjoy to have such a co-operation with her.
Please allow me also here some open words:

Persons, who state that the Russian translations are machine-made, critisize here their own colleagues, which is not fair to them.

I want to thank all these persons very warmly, who help me with the Russian translations.
In total about 350 webpages have been made.
2. Forms, databases, automizing several working procedures
The application form for the show licenses has been programmed by me now in that way:

  • You can click now on a calendar to select the show dates,

  • You are offered now a judges-list of all judges, where you can copy the judge including country and qualification,

  • You only have to enter your club’s number, the rest is filled out automatically

  • You have now a list of cities in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine including the region available.

Generation of the show licenses is done now automatically.

There are now insert- and update-forms available including the same features as the application-form. Thus one can use an already published license, adapt and modify it for another show.
I also maintain the clubs-lists, judges-list and pupils-list.

Changes and new entries are only done, when I have the OK from the general secretary resp. from the chair of the judges commission.

I want to thank here in particular to Mrs Hungerecker for the very good co-operation.
I have implemented also now an online database of the cattery names registered with the WCF.

I kindly ask for your patience, if not yet all 3600 cattery names, which a got from the office in Essen in 03-2010, are registered in the database, because every single cattery name has to be checked first, if a „green slip“ exists. On advice of the Board only cattery names are permitted to be displayed, when a green slip existis.

Since 05-2010 I also receive now periodically a list of registered cattery names from the office in Essen.

At the moment there are about 4000 entries in the database, but I think another 2000 cattery names more will show up.

Statistics see annex 2.
3. Standards
The standqrd have been corrected by Mr Lamprecht, in the English version.

In total these were 5 x 72 standards, which I had to correct on the webpages, where I also made a Word-document in PDF-format, that each standard can be printed also.

I have also put all pages concerning the colour descriptions and standards, into a Word-document (2 parts) in the languages German, English, French and Spanish and have made the appropriate layout and formatting.

The webpages cannot be copied 1:1 into Word, even Microsoft promises that, because the table-formats are not transformed correctly.

All these documents are available at the judges commission in Word and PDF.
You will also find now the appropriate gene combinations at each colour description, and some explanations to this genetic model.
4. Best Cat of WCF
As you have seen for sure, I have implemented a test-contest in German, English and French on our website, that you can see how this contest will work.

The database and the necessary programming work, especially concerning the calculations of points, are already made by me.

I do hope that many of you will accept that proposal of the SC.

I wish you all a very successful general assembly

Eveline Preiss

chair of the show commission


II Report on the activities of the Standards Information Service to the GA 2010

by Johan Lamprecht, on request from the Chairman, Mr Klaas van der Wijk and WCF General Secretary, Mrs Ortrun Wagner

During the General Assembly meeting of the WCF in August 2008, a new commission was proposed and elected, in order to assist the WCF Judges Commission and - Office in obtaining and maintaining the Standards of World Cat Congress and other major cat organization, including LOOF. This was necessary as WCF has, apart from the recognized breeds included in the Standard of Points, also accepted breeds, which include the breeds recognized by other major organizations.

The commission consists of Mr Klaas van der Wijk – Chairman (Netherlands), Maria Grazia Beltrami (Italy) and Johan Lamprecht (South Africa).

The standards of most organizations are available on their websites and were collected by myself mostly from these sources. A few others were augmented by the hard copies obtained from various sources. This included the scanning of the GCCF standards. All the standards were sent to the WCF Office and Judges commission during 2009 and are now available in electronic format. This also includes an interesting list of rare and sometimes non-existing breeds on the website “Messy beast”.

WCC Standards of Points updating for WCF purposes.

It was agreed during the informal meeting of the commission on 10 September 2008, attended by Mr Klaas van der Wijk and Johan Lamprecht, that the responsibility for updating the Standards of Points of WCC organizations should be divided as follow:

WCF Klaas van der Wijk Fife Klaas van der Wijk GCCF Klaas van der Wijk (NOK – non WCC, but included to be comprehensive – Klaas van der Wijk)

CFA Maria Grazia Beltrami TICA Maria Grazia Beltrami (Loof – non WCC, but included as there is a formal agreement with WCF)

ACF Johan Lamprecht CCCofA Johan Lamprecht SACC Johan Lamprecht NZCF Johan Lamprecht Waratah – (WCF)

Comments of further activities.

The WCF Standard was revised by the Judges Commission and the English translation adjusted by myself. The standards were then edited and formatted by Mrs Eveline Press, webmaster and made available in the various WCF languages in PDF format. It is now quite easy to print from the website.

The SACC standard was updated during 2010 and advised to the office and Judges Commission. The NZCF advised via WCC the General Secretary of the acceptance for registration of Polidactyl Maine Coons.

I am unsure of the activities of the other organizations, as I have not received any updates from the other committee members responsible for these.

The unfortunate cancellation of the agreement between LOOF and WCF has implications for the formal recognition of judges (and perhaps titles), but should not have an impact on the LOOF breeds as “accepted breeds” by WCF and these should remain as is.

I have been unable to obtain the name and contact details of any representative of any WCC organization in order to formalize the updating of Standards. The only option to obtain information is therefore the regular checking of websites and comparison with what was published before. This is a time-consuming and ineffective task and should not be necessary if there was formal co-operation. It is possible for any individual to gain this information from the internet. This leaves the question if the WCF needs a Standards Information Service in future, if the only practical source of information for this commission is the internet, which is freely available to any interested person.

Protocol – WCF General Assambly 2010

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