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Leap in Time – short movie by Andreas Reisenbauer

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Leap in Time – short movie by Andreas Reisenbauer

Remembrance is the only paradise

from which we cannot be expelled.

(Jean Paul, „The Invisible Lodge“)
(Vienna, 10/2010)

Andreas Reisenbauer

A-1200 Wien, Wallensteinstrasse 57/10
Europe – Austria - Vienna

Tel./Fax (+0043-1)-212 09 73


Leap in Time - Zeitsprung - foreword:

Andreas Reisenbauer

director – writer - producer

The 7 minutes long short film Leap in Time is dedicated to the great french essay filmmaker Chris Marker. Central topics of some of his films are like in Leap in Time (Zeitsprung) time, forgetting and memory.

A film can be an initial point for a better future, when past is esteemed. Therefore I want to remind that the successful completion of the shooting even of a short movie owes the commitment of many people and is never result of the achievement of a single person.
So I want to thank hereby the crew, cast and supporters as well as sponsors, who obliged that short movie with gentleness and patience. Special thanks to:

Viktor Schaider, Harald Schwarz, Doris Fleck, Wilhelm Urbanek

Ursula Lechner, Inge Reisenbauer, Erich – Fried – Realgymnasium

Leap in Time - Zeitsprung – technical details:
Essay Short Movie: „Leap in Time“ (Austria 2009)

Production company

Reisenbauer Filmproduktion

Country of production


Duration of production


Duration of shooting

3 days

Shooting Locations

Vienna, Lower Austria

Original title


Title (engl.)

Leap in Time (engl.)


Melodram / short essay film


7:20 minutes

Director / Screenplay

Andreas Reisenbauer


Alexandra Wedenig


Michael Riegler

Screening format

Digibeta PAL 16:9, DVCam 16:9 HD1980x1080 (QT, H264), DVD

Shooting format

HDV 1080i [with 35mm-adapter] (1920[1440]x1080@25B/s HDV2)

Sound format





English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, German, Latin

Festival start

Geneva (CH), November 2009

Costs of production

8500 Euro


Screenings / festivals

Festival of Nations (A, 2010

“Silver Bear”

“Award for Best Austrian short”

Vienna (A, 2010), Mohammedia (MOR, 2010), Schidam (NL, 2010), Tokyo (JAP, 2010), Maribor (SLO, 2010), Patras (GRE, 2011)

official Homepage:

contact: Reisenbauer Film- und Multimediaproduktion
Andreas Reisenbauer

A-1200 Wien, Wallensteinstrasse 57/10

Tel./Fax (+0043-1)-212 09 73 Andreas Reisenbauer


Alexandra Wedenig Filmproduktion
A-1050 Wien, Obere Amtshausgasse 36/5
Tel. (+0043 1)-548 19 69

Zeitsprung – synopsis
Leap in Time (orig. title: Zeitsprung) is a meditation about time, history and memory started by the encounter of a young girl and an elder man on a park bench.

“Un banc, un homme, une femme. Le décor est posé, mais le temps semble se dérégler”

[Cinema Tous Ecrans Festival Geneve, November 2009]

Zeitsprung – director - filmography
Andreas Reisenbauer studied physics and chemistry at the Universität of Vienna. Later he began to study astronomy, film and theatre science, music and journalism. He works as a teacher of media studies and since 2002 as a scriptwriter and producer. Since 2009, he also directs his script himself. He is cofounder of Two Moods Short Filmfestival (since 2011 in Vienna, Austria)
2010 Katharsis feature 89 min (script, production, editor) dir: Kawo Reland

2010 Elk High 2015 short 5 min (script, production, editor) dir: Oliver Gross

2010 Glück short 14 min (coproduction, music) dir: Renate Woltron, Michael Thomas

2009 Zeitsprung short 7 min (director, script, music)

2009 Business as Usual short 22 min (script) dir: Kawo Reland

2007 Bunnylove short 16 min (script) dir: Kawo Reland

in post production:

2011 Randgänger fetur 100 min (production) dir: Renate Woltron

2011 Across the Mile feature 85 min (coproduction) dir: Michael Thomas, Renate Woltron

2011 Don Rudolfo short 10 min (editor) dir: Chris Dohr

2011 Zwergenhirn short 5 min (director/, cript)
in production:

2011 Fuga Mortis short 20 min (producer, script) dir: Viktor Schaider

2011 La Terrorista short 20 min (director, script)
more films and with links to the films:
Zeitsprung – Besetzung - CAST:
Barbara Kaudelka young woman
[from „Zeitsprung“]
Graduate of the Acting-conservatorium of Elfriede Ott, Barbara Kaudelka starred in movie productions like Auf Wolke 7, in Erik Seethaler´s movie short Erdgeschoss, as main cast of Mitten im Achten (ORF-sitcom) and film-noir puzzlethriller Katharsis (2010) (directed by Kawo Reland, written and produced by A.Reisenbauer).


Arthur Denberg elder man
[from „Zeitsprung“]
Arthur Denberg began his career in France in films of Claude Chabrol. He played in many big international film productions.


Katharsis (2010), Princesse Marie (2004), Bride of the Wind (2001), Red Violin (1998), Coeur Cambriolé(1986), Wagner (1983)


Valentin Schreyer young man
[from „La Terrorista“ (A.Reisenbauer)]

La Terrorista (2011; in production), P(r)eise (2010), Warten auf den Mond (2007), Mademoiselle Else (2002), Bockerer III (2000)


more: (CAST)

Zeitsprung – Besetzung - CREW:
Michael Riegler cinematography, gaffer

Alexandra Wedenig film editing, sound editing

Oliver Gross assistant director

Daniela Schibalsky makeup

Richard Mahr SOUND

Andreas Gatterbauer, Jörg Pfaffenzeller SOUNDMIX/DESIGN


Ari Raidel (Art Casting) CASTING

more at crew section of:

Zeitsprung – interpretation – auteur’s conzept
(a text about the background of „Zeitsprung“, about the connection to Chris Marker, time, film, history and memory)

Bilingual (engl./german) homepage of Zeitsprung (Leap in Time):

links to the feature movies and other films by Reisenbauer Film

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