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Largo area community comunity council minutes of the meeting held at the stables, upper largo on the 17th of november 2008 at 00 pm

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Those present were; Chairman Mr Aitken, Mrs Fyfe, Ms Marshall, Mr Guthrie, Mrs Green, Mrs Menzies, Mr Ganson, Mr Russell, Mr Milne, Mrs Kay, Mr Stacey and Councillor Whitehead.

Apologies from Mr Low.

Correction to last month’s minutes – Mrs Fyfe seconded the adoption of last months minutes not Mrs Menzies.

With this correction this months minutes were proposed for adoption by Mr Russell and seconded by Mrs Kay.

Proposed closure of Lundin Links Surgery

Following letters sent out to residents in the Largo area informing them of the proposed closure of the surgery in Lundin Links there was a strong public reaction and a local action group was set up to fight the closure.

Mr Aitken wrote to the Practice Manager asking for a copy of the questionnaire and a copy of the results as it was felt that, as the Community Council’s role is to speak for the community, we need to know what the feeling of the community is. It was felt that the letter was not asking if people wanted the surgery kept open but how they would manage to get to the Leven surgery. It appears that the decision has already been made.

During discussion the following points were raised: -

- There is not a good bus service to Leven.

- Some times the bus is late or doesn’t turn up and people would miss appointments.

- If someone is ill enough to go to the doctor, especially an elderly person or someone

with young children, they would not be able to stand at a bus stop, take a 20 minute

bus journey then do it all again on the way home, possibly having to wait 1 hour for

the bus.

- There would be a huge increase in the number of patients requesting a home visit.

already stretched service.

  • There is already insufficient parking for patients at Leven, this would make the problem worse and people who are ill would have to walk a distance to get to the surgery.

  • Although the pharmacy in Lundin Links has no plans to close, taking away a large part of their business would increase the possibility of it having to close in the future. removing yet another vital service in the community.

  • A lot of the time the doctor is only the first point of contact before people are referred to a specialist. This can be done at Lundin Links, also minor ailments requiring medication can be diagnosed and prescriptions handed out.

  • At Lundin Links you can chose the GP you wish to see.

  • It was inferred that the Lundin Links surgery was delivering a substandard level of health care and that this was the opinion of the patients, however there is no indication of this from local people.

  • General opinion is that this removal of a community service is going against National Strategy.

All these points will be passed to the Community Health Partnership who are holding a meeting in Upper Largo in the near future, the Primary Care Manager, the Leven practice and also The Health Board with an article being submitted to the press.

Petitions are already in the local shops and a local pressure group is holding a meeting in the Lundin Links Hotel on the 26th of November. A representative from the Community Council will attend.

We have been informed that not all the members of the community have received a copy of the letter about the closure. This information should be passed to the Practice Manager and perhaps the time scale should be extended to allow everyone a chance to respond.


Lundin Links Golf Club – Replacement Professional’s shop and starter’s hut, single storey. – No objection.
Tigh-Ban, Woodside – Erection of 2-storey dwelling – Mrs Fyfe will order plans

Temple Car Park Proposals

There is a possibility that funding made be available to upgrade the car park and a proposal has been put forward that a action group be set up, comprising members of the Community Council, a representative from the Sailing Club, and disabled members of the community, a schools representative and someone from the Fife Environment Trust for funding advice. Others could be invited for expert advice. The proposal suggests that the working group carry out a survey to find out what the community and other users wish to see happen to the car park and then commission a physical survey. The action group would report back any findings to the Community Council. The Community Council agreed to this proposal. The action group will comprise initially of Mrs Irene Kay (Chairman)

Ms Jill Marshall

Mrs Gail Green

Possible Jan McDonald representing the disabled ramblers

Councillor Marilyn Whitehead
Assurances have been given that the toilets will not be closed in the interim and Mr Lothian, our street cleaner, is willing to open and shut the toilets for the time being. At the moment the toilets are badly vandalised. Councillor Whitehead will report this.

Fife Council Report

- The hedge on the road between Lower Largo and Upper Largo is still overgrown. Ms Marshall and Councillor Whitehead will contact Mrs McGill Crichton to ask for the work to be carried out.

- The ditch digging work will be carried out soon. The delay was due to problems arising.

- The loose grass will be removed from the pump green in Lundin Links.

- The lane between North Feus and Church Place (Broomfield Gardens) needs to be sprayed for weeds.

- The Woodlands Trust will remove the shelter in Keil’s Den.

- There was a disappointing turn out at the Police meeting at the Montrave Hall.

Points covered were; Speeding



Quad bikes

- The enforcement officer will investigate the planning permission situation for the sculpture opposite 57 Main Street, Lower Largo.

- Mrs Kay’s report on the road problems at Drumeldrie has been forwarded to the Transportation Service however there has also been a request for the ‘pedestrians in road’ signs to have two support posts to minimise damage.

Village Reports

Upper Largo – the problem of the overgrown hedges has been dealt with.

Lundin Links – The problem of parked cars at the top of Harbour Wynd has not yet been addressed and is still a problem for the busses.

There have been objection to the size of the sign which has been put up by The Old Manor Hotel to advertise their events. Councillor Whitehead will find out if Planning is required.

A resident on Leven Road is very concerned about the speed of the traffic and has suggested that 30 mph stickers should be put on the wheelie bins. It was suggested that Fife Council would be unlikely to participate in this scheme.


Lundin Links resident – regarding the closure of the doctor’s surgery.

Lundin Bowling Club – Response to proposed meeting with Community Council rep. There was a refusal to meet one to one. Mr Aitken has suggested that he will meet with as many of their members as they wish.

The Largo Trust meeting has been postponed until January 8th.

Small properties acquired by the Trust, of which 32 Main Street, Lower Largo, is one, will only be rented out to local people and not used for holiday rental.

Fife Council Development Services – Draft Kirkcaldy and Mid Fife Local Plan and Associated Environmental Assessment.
Ian Smith MSP – Copy of letter sent from SEPA explaining the legislative process needed to have the categorisation of the beach at Largo changed. We have to write to the Bathing Waters Review Panel which is organised by ‘Clean Coast Scotland’.
Fife Council Development Services – Fife Minerals Subject Local Plan – Finalised Draft Alterations. Draft Strategic Environmental Assessment.
The objectors to the Mid Fife Review Plan should have received notification that the draft plan was available for consultation. All objections have been transferred to the St Andrews and East Fife Local Plan.
East Fife Allotments Ass. – Allotments were refused permission at Buckthorns. They are looking for alternative sites.
Data Protection – The Largo Area Community Council is now registered.
Fife Council, Environmental Services – The street cleaning in the Lundin Links, Upper Largo and Lower Largo is to change. There will be a team of five people who will be moved around the area and Mr Lothian will start and finish in Lower Largo.
Ms Marshall attended the Planning committee meeting in October. In the future consultation for the re-designation of Areas of Great Landscape Value will only be through the Local Plans. Also these areas appeared to be reduced.

Treasurer’s Report

The application for this year’s floral grant has been submitted. A decision will be made on the 11th of December to say whether we receive it or not.


Mr Milne has agreed to take on the production of this years Community Events Diary.
Ms Marshall will make enquiries about the possibility of getting help to set up our own community web site.
Next meeting will be held in the Village Hall, New Gilston at 7.00 pm on the 19th Jan 2009

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