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The Internet has spread rapidly in recent years and has had good influence all over the world. It enables users to get information easily and to communicate with people living in far countries

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The Internet has spread rapidly in recent years and has had good influence all over the world. It enables users to get information easily and to communicate with people living in far countries. While the Internet has important roles today, however, it is not totally good for users. For example, it has made literary properties in danger; on the Internet everyone can easily copy and redistribute others’ data of texts, music, movies and so on. Also, a leakage of individual information is a serious problem. By the administrator’s mistakes, some information about individuals can be uploaded on the Internet and others can access that. And what is more, X-rated information is available for children. It is not good for them to access adult sites easily.


These days, the number of fat children is increasing. And some of them get life-style related disease though they are young. There are some reasons children become fat. First, Japanese eating habit is changing and children start to eat Western foods and snack which contain more fat than Japanese foods. So, they take surplus calorie. Second, the ways children play are turning. In past days, they played outside and did much exercise. In contrast, children today always play video games, card games and watch TV in their home. In addition, more and more children go cram schools, so they are very busy. Therefore, they get into shortage of exercise. What is effective in order to stop children being fat is to eat Japanese foods instead of Western foods and to stop eating snacks between meals. To take children out and play with them are also effective ways. In short, in order to stop children being fat, we need to get back former lifestyle.


People often think that mathematic is man’s science, but in fact woman also can become good at mathematic. It is demonstrated by the female mathematicians in the periods of history. So what is difficulty when a woman learns more about math? Why almost of the girl students are often afraid of studying mathematic? It seems be caused of influence of social conception that might carry different attitude towards math in man and woman. When coping with a difficult math problem, the student’s determination and concentrating are very important to solve it. But while a man tries his best, a woman tends to think that it is so difficult for her, as people often say about her weaker sex. Consequently, most of the woman cannot make the best of their mathematic ability, at all. Otherwise, if a woman were conscious of this handicap and determine on studying mathematic, she can promote her ability in math, certainly. It is true that there is no difference between mathematical aptitude of man and woman, so it is no doubt that woman can become good at mathematic.


Japan has a deeply embedded coffee culture. In 1960, Japanese government deregulated the importation of raw coffee beans, and in 1961, deregulated the importation of instant coffee from foreign countries. After that, since 1970 to 1990 the importation of coffee had increased rapidly on account of big economic growth, and now, keeps increasing. Japan imports coffee from Brazil, Columbia, Indonesia, and other tropical countries, and Japanese importation of coffee is ranked third of the world. According to the research by “all Japan coffee association” in 2004, Japanese adults drink about ten cups of coffee a week. Today, canned-coffee vending machines are everywhere, and people gather and chatter at cafes like Starbucks or Doutor coffee and so on. Coffee is loved by Japanese people so much.


China’s economic development causes some problems. China once was a socialism country, but these days its market is becoming free, and China exports more and more crops and materials. But they are traded only along the coast. Therefore, few people who live along the coast become rich, and many people who live inland are still poor.


It seems rather difficult that the volleyball national team of Japan wins because Japanese are inferior to Westerners in the height, muscle and ability to jump. From another point of view, however, Japan does not necessarily have absolute disadvantages. In fact, Japan has some advantages. Just because of these disadvantages in the potential ability, Japan has invented a variety of great skills and strategies: the rotary receiving in 1964, the quick spike in 1972, and the `3D volley` by Yanagimoto in 2006. Moreover, there are some advantages over other countries. The volleyball in Japan has a long history and is familiar to many people. Because of this, the population of the players is comparatively large, it is easier for talented players to be discovered, and the training systems for talented players in schools are rich. The prosperity of the volleyball in Japan after the war and the recent revival of the national team is exactly the result of these victories over the disadvantages.


The education of mathematics and science

The education of mathematics and science is important. For one thing, all of the people have to have a good scientific education in order not to be deceived by TV programs, which sometimes disregard scientific consideration. For another thing, Japan is an industrial nation and should train many children as engineers and researchers. However, the number of students interested in mathematics and science has been decreasing lately. This is probably because teachers cannot tell students the pleasure of science, such as the excitement of discoveries, the enjoyment of experiments and the beauty of formulas, on account of shortages of experimental equipment and the ability of teachers. Teachers should tell students the pleasure of science by performing many experiments and taking practical lessons in order to get students to be interested in mathematics and science.

Water is an essential substance for the human, but simply drinking a large amount of water is actually bad for the human body. When a human takes water into his blood more than the amount of water which goes out of his body, low sodium blood symptom will be caused, and it is called water intoxication. Main symptoms of water intoxication are fatigue, headache, coma and death in the end. Actually it is quite difficult for ordinary people to drink water till they die, and most of the patients are people who have the mental illness, for they always feel thirsty or feel uneasy without water, or otherwise for side effects of pills they take. But, though a possibility of dying from drinking water is little, it is still true that taking too much water is not good way to stay healthy, so the most important thing is to drink an appropriate amount of water everyday.

Segawa No. 1

E-mail is convenient because it doesn’t require particular places or times to contact with someone, but it has also many bad points. For example, these days most mobile phones have an e-mail device so a lot of young people use phones near the priority seats in trains, but its microwaves have bad effect on patients’ medical devices using digital mechanisms. E-mail prompts such bad manners, and also promotes communication problems. Using e-mail, people do not need to meet or talk with the others, however, this may induce the decrease of the faculty of face to face communication. In e-mail communication, the user can pretend someone whose personality is completely different from himself. Certainly e-mail is convenient, but it can be harmful tools for communication, so people must use it appropriately.

Segawa No.2

In proportion to development of information technology, a growing number of people use the e-mail and the number of the letter users is decreasing. Comparing letters with e-mail, there are some great differences and these may be one of the reasons why these days people use e-mail instead of letters. Letters require some days to arrive, but people can send messages immediately by using e-mail, this merit is important in today’s society. But e-mail also has severe problems. When people write letters, their handwritings may represent writers’ true emotions, but e-mail cannot take them because of its digital systems. In light of tradition or convention, letters have much value. For example, in Japan, nengajo, which is greeting cards Japanese people send when a New Year begins, has a long history and is important as Japanese manner. E-mail is very useful, but letters also have many virtues, so these two communication tools will not disappear easily.


Rice had played an essential role in Japanese culture. The region of origin of rice is the southwest part of China. Rice farming spread from there to the south part of China, Southeast Asia, and then to rest parts of China, South Asia, and Japan. Today almost all people in Asia live on rice. Rice farming was introduced to Japan from China about ten thousand years ago, and it had been the central part of Japanese’ lives since Yayoi period. For a long time in Japanese history, not only it had been valuable diet for Japanese, rice had been used as tax, and had been thought as the symbol of wealth. Recently the consumption of rice in Japan is gradually decreasing, while that of wheat (bread, noodles, etc) is increasing. Rice is, however, the only food which Japan is self-sustaining, and is still the staple diet of Japanese.


For a long time, science and religion have been antagonistic. When Galileo propounded The Heliocentric Theory, he was brought to the Inquisition. The Theory of Evolution did not accepted, too. Now, does the state change? In the 1969, all over the world rang with the news that Armstrong and Aldrin Jr. landed on the Moon’s surface. But there are many people who do not believe the news. Many of them are fundamentalists and believe the facts which is based on not science but religion. There is still a wide gap between science and religion.


People are now facing many environmental problems. For example, air pollution and acid rain caused by nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulfur oxide (SO2) in exhausted gas from cars, power plants, and factories, global warming caused by CO2, destruction of ozone layer caused by using chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), and so forth. These problems make people feel uncomfortable or feel sick, and it is difficult to maintain the quality of life if appropriate solutions are not made. Many people have struggled to improve the situation, and many scientific methods and banning treaty are made to solve the problem. Systems which absorb NOx or SO2 are developed and used in cars, power plants and factories. Wind power plants, natural power plants, and photovoltaic power plants which emit less CO2 than thermal power plants do start working. Bio ethanol which is made from sugar cane or corn, and which is said to be good for the environment is added to gasoline. An international treatment of banning using CFCs took effect. These are some of the solutions now taken into action. There are, however, many other problems coming up by practicing these solutions. People in some areas where wind power plants have been made are complaining that huge and strange looking propellers of wind power plants spoil the view. Demand for bio ethanol makes farmers change what they plant, and crops for people decrease and the price of many foods are rising. Alternative gas for CFCs can be a cause of global warming. As is mentioned above, when people improve in some part, new other problems arise and people have to cope with them. It is difficult to solve environmental problems perfectly, and further technological developments are required.


It is meaningful to register Mt. Fuji on World Heritage. The shape of its composite volcano is really symmetrical. Many lakes made by torrent of lava, sea of trees on lava bed, and other specific nature around Mt. Fuji are geologically valuable as well as look beautiful. They should be conserved and introduced to many people. However, Japanese government cannot recommend Mt. Fuji to UNESCO. One of the reasons is because Mt. Fuji is terribly polluted with rubbish thrown away by tourists. People should know and respect this precious mountain well to protect it.

Tazaki No. 1

Silk is special fabric in terms of the history. It is said that the silk was originally produced in China about 3000 years ago. In those days, the silk is important thing of trading. It was transported to Europe or to Japan through Korea. Merchants passed the long road to Europe or Korea, and the road is called “the Silk Road.” But the silk is not only used as the trade. The ancient book says that the silkworms are presented to ancient China when the Japanese queen exists. The silk is also used as the gift in order to go forward with diplomacy smoothly. Therefore, Silk has been valuable since those days.

Tazaki No. 2

Today, silk is used for many products as expensive material. Since the silk consists of the thread which the silkworms produce, the silk is natural fabric. On the other hand, the fabric which is compounded from some chemicals is chemical fabric. Generally speaking, natural fabric is more expensive than chemical fabric. There are many kinds of natural fabric like cotton, wool and hemp, but silk is the lightest, strongest and softest fabric. Therefore, silk used for clothes or strings of musical instrument. It is prohibited breeding silkworms without permission. By adjusting the production, the price is kept high.


In the history of the French Revolution, the guillotine is infamous for taking the lives of a lot of people, but Dr. Joseph-Ignace Guillotine, a famous doctor in France during 1790s, who is the proposer of using guillotine as a tool of carrying out the death sentence, intended to eliminate brutal pain from executions and carry out them in a humane way, expecting that someday the system of capital punishments would be abolished. Mr. Charles Henri Sanson, the public executioner in Paris during the French Revolution, was for Dr. Guillotine’s suggestion, because he also wanted to eliminate brutal punishments and doubted the system of death penalties. However, a great number of people were executed by guillotine in an inhumane way, and it is considered that if it had not been for the guillotine, the number of people who were executed might have been decreased. Since the means which had been used for execution before were very cruelty and took much trouble, so that people might have been hesitate to do. It can be called an irony that the outcome of introduction of the guillotine is different from proposers’ intentions.


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Today, environmental issues such as global warming and ozone layer depletion are getting more and more serious. One of the causative substances of them is chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). CFC was developed in the United States in 1928. CFC was used all over the world as a refrigerant gas because of its chemically stability. Later, however, it came to light that CFC is environmentally harmful substance. Therefore, CFC’s substitute, which doesn’t destroy the ozone layer so much, was developed. However, it became clear that it is one of the greenhouse gases. For those reasons, today, the use of CFC is basically forbidden and the use of CFC’s substitute is basically controlled. However, developing countries are still allowed to use them. Though the use of CFC is now prohibited, the situation is still unpredictable.

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