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Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee, Shahdara

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Manual 1

Particulars of organization, functions and duties

[Section 4(1)(b)(i)]

Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee, Shahdara

(An Undertaking of Govt. of NCT of Delhi)

Office Complex: - Fruit & Vegetable Market, Gazipur, Delhi-96

The Yamuna Par Krishi Upaj Mandi Samiti was initially constituted in the year 1979 under the provisions of the Delhi Agricultural Produce Marketing (Regulation) Act, 1976. Anaj Mandi Shahdara was its principal yard and near about half of the trans-yamuna area was the Market Area of this Committee. The main aim of regulation was to ensure orderly Marketing to Safeguard the interests of both producer, seller and consumers by eliminating malpractice's like under weighments, short payments, delayed payments, unauthorised deductions, indulgence of the many middlemen etc. This regulated market ensures economic, legal and infrastructural conditions conducive to competitive Marketing so as to improve economic returns for the farmer's produce.

As the financial conditions of the committee was not sound, the committee was revamped in December, 1992 by notifying the whole of trans-yamuna area as market area of A.P.M.C, Shahdara and also bring Fruit, Vegetable and fodder in the list of notified items of this committee. The entire area of N.C.T of Delhi across the Eastern Bank of Yamuna is the Market area of this committee as many as 137 commodities including Fruit and Vegetable, grains and fodder have been notified for regulation in this Market area. The principal yard of this committee is located at Food Grain Market, Shahdara and the sub-yards are located at Fruit and Vegetable Market, Shahdara, Jheel Kurenji, Shakarpur Pusta, Loni/Kondli. The sub yard Shahdara has been shifted to temporary a piece of land measuring 7.00 acres (approx.) at Gazipur adjoining National Highway no. 24 opposite Fish Market. However, 37.5 acres of land has been allotted for the new fruit & vegetable market, Gazipur, Delhi.
The first Market Committee was constituted by nomination in the year 1979 but after one year it was superseded. Thereafter, An Administrator has been functioning in place of Market Committee up to 1/4/2002 and a new Marketing Committee was constituted vide notification No. F 8/18/99/DAM/MR/1196-1230 dated 1.4.02 under the provisions of DAPM(R) Act, 1998 which replaced the old Act, 1976. Office of the committee has also been shifted from 4/1378, South Bhola Nath Nagar to Office Complex at Fruit and Vegetable Market, Gazipur, Delhi-96. Presently no new market committee has been setup by the Govt. the affairs of the Market Committee is being look-after by the Director, DAM, Govt. Of Delhi.
The fodder items has been excluded from the list of the notified items of this Committee and included in notified item of Fodder Market Committee Tickri Kalan, Delhi.

Brief information is as under:-

  1. Market Fee received in the year 2012-13 ------ Rs. 283.00 Lacs

  2. Total arrivals in Fruit & Vegetables in the year 2012-13 ------ 3.34 (Lacs Tons)

  3. No. of 'A' Class Licencee (Traders) ------- 122

  4. No. of 'B' Class Licencee (Commission Agent) -------- 354

1. Powers and duties of committee

    1. To implement of provision of act and rules, regulation and by laws made their further market area.

    2. Regulate the entry of the persons and of the vehicles in the market.

    3. Grant revenue suspends or conceal licence.

    1. Settling of dispute arising out of any kind of transaction Committee with the market of notify produce.\

    2. Prosecute person for violating the provision of act, rule and regulation and Byelaws.

    3. Regulate the marketing of the market area.

    4. Fixing the time for holding auction.

    5. Canceling an auction is it is not hold in the presence of the employee.

Organizational Chart


Dy. Secretary

Asstt. Secretary-I A.A.O

Assistant/ A.S-II UDC Accounts

U.D.C / M.S S.I./M.S

S.I/ L.D.C / Driver


Manual 2

Powers and duties of officers and employees

[Section 4(1)(b)(ii)]


Designation of Post

Powers & Duties



To Preside over the meeting of the committee. To fixed date & time of the meeting. To Pass the Agendas and minutes of meetings.

To sign the Cheque. To pass the expenditure.



Executive officer of the committee. Custodian of all records & property of the committee. To convene meeting of the market committee/ Sub Committee & maintain minutes of the proceedings of the committee. To prepare statement of estimated receipts and Expenditure of the committee for such financial year. To exercise, Supervision & Control over the act of all officers & servants of the Committee. To collect fee and other moneys leviable by or due to the committee. To make disbursement of all moneys Law fully payable by the committee. To prefer complaints in respect of prosecutions to be launched on behalf of the marketing committee and to process proceedings, civil or criminal on behalf of the marketing committee


Dy. Secretary

Enforcement Branch, Gates, Legal & Prosecution, Licence, Security Branch, Caretaking Branch, RTI Branch, Cross Checking of Accounts, Encroachment removal drive with the help of Security and Enforcement Staff and other works related to mandi (Gazipur).
He will be overall In-charge of Fruit & Vegetable, Gazipur Mandi. He will ensure the proper functioning of the market as well as gates and no extra amount is charge by the officials of gates issuing the gate passes to the driver and also ensure all column will be proper filled up and proper arrival recorded in gate passes according to builty/ Kanta receipts and also ensure no any vehicle entered in the market without gate pass. In case of any irregularity the same should be report by him to the undersigned in writing.
Any other Works/ duties assigned by the Secretary time to time.



Incharge of the Account Branch, to prepare, Check and sign the cash book. To examine all the entries made in the pass book by the bank officials if any discrepancy is discovered he shall bring in the Notice of the Secretary /Chairman. He will also check K form books & all other ledgers of market fees/ revenue and other record pertain to finance/ revenue and ensure proper maintenance of record


Assistant Secretary-1st

Vigilance, Sanitation, Enforcement Head Quater, ADC, Anaj Mandi , Nodal Branch, RTI Branch, Realisation of Market Fee from Commission Agent/ Traders, Establishment/ Administration Branch, Co-ordination & Estate Management Branch including recovery of rent & other charges like Electricity bills etc.

He will ensure proper sanitary work in the (mandi) market area as well as in office.

Any other Works/ duties assigned by the Secretary time to time.



Enforcement, Security, Gates, Sanitation,

Caretaking Branch, Licence and other works related to mandi (Gazipur). Encroachment removal drive with Sh. K.L.Bhatia, Dy. Secretary. Sh. Inderjit, Assistant will submit daily report through Dy. Secretary.

He will perform his duty 6:00 A.M. To 2:00 P.M and also surprisely checked the rates collected by the gate staff.

Any other Works/ duties assigned by the Secretary time to time.


Mandi Supervisor/UDC

Incharge of principal yard and Sub yards and recording of arrival and collection of market fees. To maintain record of arrival, rates, market fees, license relating to his yard/Sub yard. To issue gate passes.



To put up letters and maintain record relating to Admin Branch, Vigilance Branch. Typing work.



To Maintain market fee register. To Maintain market fee ledgers of Principal yard and Sub Yard. To issue of Notices to the market fee defaulters and Incharge of store & C.T. Branch


Gate man/Peon

Distribution of officials Dak. Gate man posted at Gate.



Watch and ward duty.



Sanitation work. To Maintain office campus neat & clean.

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