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Opening and tribute to A. N. Jeffares plenary lecture: Prof. Thomas Docherty "The Place's Fault"

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Opening and tribute to A.N. Jeffares

PLENARY LECTURE: Prof. Thomas Docherty “The Place's Fault”

CHAIR: Ondřej Pilný (Charles University Prague)

ROOM: 131 (AULA)


Coffee Break

Room: 131

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Room: 215


From Partitioned to Postmodern Ireland (3)

CHAIR: Anna McMullan (Trinity College Dublin)

Mannion, Elizabeth (Trinity College Dublin), “Different C/Kathleens”.

Devlin, Paul (University of Ulster), “‘A Lesson in Ordinary Life’: The Intentional Ethics and Ethical Reception of Thomas Carnduff’s Workers”.

Phelan, Mark (Queen’s University Belfast), “Performing ‘Authentic’ Ireland: (Dis)connecting the Cultural Politics of the Irish Revival and the Celtic Tiger on the Irish Stage”.

Cultural Studies: Comparative Views (3)

CHAIR: Patricia Lynch (University of Limerick)

Burleigh, David (Ferris University), “Two Japanese Fans: Helen and Sam Waddell and the Land of Their Birth”.

Monteith, Ken (Fordham University NY), “Passionate Words/Global Desires: The Travels of Dean Mahomet”.

Neville, Grace (University College Cork), “‘Cet horrible jargon’: French Travellers and Language in Ireland”.

Contemporary Theatre: Ghosts and Monologues (3)

CHAIR: Heather Clark (Marlboro College in Vermont)

Kurdi, Maria (University of Pécs), “Words Alone Can Be Certain Good: Overcoming Trauma and Loss in Jennifer Johnston’s Monological Plays”.

Yagi, Naoko (Waseda University), “Multiple Monologues as a Narrative: From Beckett to McPherson”.

Salis, Loredana (University of Ulster), “Feasting in the House of Ghosts: Frank McGuinness’s Versions of Sophocles’ Electra and Euripides’ Hecuba”.

The Poetry of Seamus Heaney (3)

CHAIR: Jacqueline Hurtley (University of Barcelona)

Hong, Sungsook (Chongju University), “Beyond A Global Village Toward Uisneach: Seamus Heaney’s Poetry”.

Tyler, Meg (Boston University), “Consonance, Dissonance, and the Management of Rhyme in Seamus Heaney’s Sonnets”.

Hildebidle, John (MIT), “Seamus Heaney: The Shame of Global Fame”.

Parker, Michael (University of Central Lancashire), “From Winter Seeds to Wintering Out: The Evolution of Seamus Heaney’s Third Published Collection”

Moving into Modernity: Irish Women Modernists (3)

CHAIR: Mary Burgess (University of Notre Dame)

Edwards, Heather (University of Notre Dame), “Modernity Through Movement: Irish Women’s Experiences of Modernity in the Works of Rosa Mulholland and Elizabeth Bowen”.

Molidor, Jennifer (University of Notre Dame), “Dying for Ireland: ‘Mother Ireland,’ Modernity and Mediation in the Stories of Dorothy Macardle – 1914-1937”.

White, Sian (University of Notre Dame), “‘I simply feel I’m more than simply me’: Modernist Innovation and the Innovation of Modernism in Elizabeth Bowen’s A World of Love”.

Topographies of Folklore’: Tradition and Influence (3)

CHAIR: Riana O’Dwyer (NUI Galway)

Holdridge, Jeff (Wake Forest University), “Topographies of Folklore, Family and Myth in Irish Literature”.

Ikeda, Hiroko (Hiroshima City University), “The Transformations of The Tragedy of the Children of Lir in Contemporary Irish Poetry”.

Hennessey, Kate (University of Notre Dame), “Mad Kings, Mobsters, and Mai-hem: Ancient Irish Legends in Contemporary Irish Theatre”.

Irish Language and Literature A (2)

CHAIR: Patrick Lyons (Trinity College Dublin)

Blake, James J. (Fordham University NY), “Life Writing in Irish Gaelic Today”.

Nic Dhiarmada, Bríona (University of Limerick), “Re-writing the Gaeltacht – Challenges from the Periphery”.



Room: 131

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The Nineteenth Century and After (3)

CHAIR: Robert Mahony (Catholic University of America Washington)

Kilfeather, Siobhan (Queen’s University Belfast), “Translating the Gothic”.

McCormack, W.J. (Professor Emeritus, Goldsmiths College, London), “Yeats and Victorian Ulster”.

Donoghue, Denis (New York University), “Yeats’s “The Nineteenth Century and After”, and After”.

Perspectives on the Work of Maeve Brennan (2)

CHAIR and Respondent: Angela Bourke (University College Dublin)

Balzano, Wanda (Wake Forest University), “Maeve Brennan’s Transnational Identity and ‘The Barrel of Rumours’”.

Menaghan, John M. (Loyola Marymount University), “Moments of Kindness, Moments of Recognition: The Achievement of Maeve Brennan”.

Poetry: Mahon and Muldoon (3)

CHAIR: Dillon Johnston (Washington University, St. Louis)

Delattre, Elisabeth (Université d’Artois), “Tradition and the (Re)writing of Poetry in Roman Script by Derek Mahon”.

Gillis, Alan (University of Ulster at Coleraine), “Repetition and Reification in the Recent Verse of Paul Muldoon”.

Karhio, Anne (University of Helsinki), “‘Cargoes’: America and the Early Poetry of Paul Muldoon”.

Irish Women’s Fiction: Home, Houses, Bodies (3)

CHAIR: Bríona Nic Dhiarmada (University of Limerick)

Cahill, Susan (University College Dublin), “Corporeal Configurations in the Fiction of Anne Enright”.

Coughlan, Patricia (University College Cork), “‘Home is a place in the mind’: Maeve Brennan and The Failure of Domesticity”.

Sullivan, Moynagh (NUI, Maynooth), “Chicklit: The “I Want a Big House” Novel”.

Cultural Identities in Contemporary Fiction (3)

CHAIR: Stanley van der Ziel (University College Dublin)

Andreu, Cristina (Universitat Rovira i Virgili Tarragona), “Shifting Cultural Identities in Maeve Binchy's Dublin Novels”.

Jacquette, Kathleen (Farmingdale State University of New York), “European Connections in the Stories of Edna O’Brien and Desmond Hogan”.

Seve, Dominique (University of Le Havre), “Peter Sheridan: A Traditional Versus a Globalised Ireland”.

The Theatre of Brian Friel A (3)

CHAIR: Csilla Bertha (University of Debrecen)

Arrington, Lauren (University College Dublin), “Brian Friel’s Pietas: Integrating Revisionism and Post-colonialism in Translations”.

Dixon, Ros (NUI, Galway), “‘Oh Chekhov! Thou art translated! : A Study of Brian Friel’s Irish Versions of Chekhov’s Dramas”.

Pelletier, Martine (Université François-Rabelais Tours), "Darwin in Ballybeg : Brian Friel's
The Home Place".


Coffee Break

Room: 131

Room: 111

Room: 18

Room: 300

Room: 301

Room: 317

Room: 215

16.30-18.00 /


Corporeal Translations: Embodying Local/Global Histories in Contemporary Irish Performance (4)

CHAIR: Anna McMullan (Trinity College Dublin)

Cerquoni, Enrica (University College Dublin), “Neither 'Local' nor 'Global': A Phenomenological Approach to Conall Morrison's Production of Synge's Riders to the Sea”.

Cronin, Finola (University College Dublin), “Pleasure and Pain: Lyrical violence in Fabulous Beast’s Giselle”.

Leeney, Cathy (University College Dublin), ““That Within Which Passes Show”: Reason, Unreason and Performances of the Body in Loose Canon’s H”.

Sweeney, Bernadette (University College Cork), “Out of Touch - Remembrance and Embodiment”.

Irish Women Poets in Postmodernity (3)

CHAIR: Anne Fogarty (University College Dublin)

Bracken, Claire (University College Dublin), “‘Becoming-Irish-Woman’: The Fiction of Anne Enright and the Poetry of Catherine Walsh”.

Faragó, Borbála (University College Dublin), “Brushed Out Words: The Ethics of Linguistic Care in the Poetry of Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin”.

O’Connor, Sarah (University College Dublin), “Negotiating the Public and Private Spheres; Mapping the Feminine Psyche in Máire Mhac an tSaoi’s Ceathrúintí Máire Ní Ógáin”.

WB Yeats A (4)

CHAIR: Deborah Fleming (Ashland University)

Allen, Nicholas (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), “Yeats and A Vision after Empire”.

Kim, Youngmin (Dongguk University Seoul), “Yeats’s A Vision as A Rhizomatic Book and Contemporary Irish Poetry”.

Nakamura, Hisami (University College Dublin), “Burning Green Tree: Yeats, Oe and the Issue of Transcendental Other”.

Hurtley, Jacqueline (University of Barcelona) “Desire under Dictatorship: W.B. Yeats, playwright, in Primo de Rivera's Spain”.

Literature of the Irish Diaspora (3)

CHAIR: Laura Izarra (University of São Paulo)

Murphy, Maureen (Hofstra University), “The Maids in their Midsts:  Domestic Discourse in the Literature of the Irish Diaspora”.

Murray, Tony (London Metropolitan University), “‘Strange, Thwarted, Sacrificial Women’: Edna O’Brien’s Migrant Heroines”. OHP

Izarra, Laura (University of São Paulo), “Retelling Stories of the Irish in South America”.
Respondent: Michael Kenneally (Concordia University)

Location and Space in Contemporary Irish Fiction (5)

CHAIR: Bruce Stewart (University of Ulster, Coleraine)

Barnes, Christopher (Trinity College Dublin), “From Derry to the Congo: Political Position and Geographic Location in Ronan Bennett’s The Catastrophist”.

Kennedy, John (Trinity College Dublin), “John McGahern and Death’s Place”.

McCourt, Ian (Trinity College Dublin), “The Results of the Dismantling of the Ideology behind Place on the Protagonists of The Butcher Boy and Vernon God Little”.

Mullen, Raymond (Trinity College Dublin), “From Stony Grey Soil to Plymouth Rock: History, Memory and Location in Carlo Gébler’s How to Murder a Man and Ernest Gébler’s The Plymouth Adventure—The Voyage of the Mayflower”.

Walker, Tom (Trinity College Dublin), “The Mapping of Ireland’s Past in the Contemporary Novel”.

Poetry and Reference: Dante and Ovid (3)

CHAIR: Maurice Elliott (York University, Canada)

Joseph, Susan (Howard University Washington), ““Tuta tamen Sappho:” Ovid in the Trans-National Poetry of Eavan Boland and Derek Mahon”.

de Petris, Carla (Università di Verona), “‘Translation as a Form of Reading’: The Use of Dante in Contemporary Irish Poetry, Yeats, Heaney, Carson et alii”.

Benini, Davide (Università di Verona), “The deeper I got into the inferno, the more I walked”: An Analysis of Carson’s Translation of Dante’s The Inferno”.

Africa in Recent Irish Writing (3)

CHAIR: Mark Schreiber (International University Bremen)

Bebiano, Adriana (University of Coimbra), “An Irishman in Africa: Ronan Bennett’s Catastrophist”.

Heininge, Kathleen (George Fox University), “Transculturation and Geraldine Aron: The Irish Diaspora in Africa”.

King, Jason (NUI, Maynooth), “Black Saint Patrick: Interculturalism, Immigration, and the Politics of Recognition on the Irish Stage”.


Reading: Glenn Patterson

LAW FACULTY, Nám. Curieových 7


Glenn Patterson’s visit is supported by the British Council in Prague


Room: 131

Room: 111

Room: 18

Room: 300

Room: 301

Room: 317

Room: 215


Race and Ethnicity and Ireland (3)

CHAIR: Jim Smyth (University of Notre Dame)

Dougherty McMichael, Jessica (University of Notre Dame), “Wild Irish and Noble Savages: Interrogations of Race and History in Contemporary Irish and Native American Literatures”.

Gibbons, Luke (University of Notre Dame), “Gael Skulls: Race and Celticism in Brian Friel’s The Home Place”.

Wilson, Ivy (University of Notre Dame), “Ireland and the Spectre of Emancipation: Daniel O’Connell and Frederick Douglass Interpellated.”

Poetry: Intertexts and Influences (3)

CHAIR: Alan Gillis (University of Ulster at Coleraine)

Frawley, Oona (Queen’s University Belfast), “Spenser’s Trace: Cultural Memory and Cognition”.

Matsumura, Ken’ichi (Chuo University, Tokyo), “Flight and Exposure: Poetic Tradition from Sweeney to Heaney”.

Carvalho Homem, Rui (University of Oporto), “‘Old fathers’, Old Masters: Canon, Self, and Dutch Painting in Contemporary Irish Poetry”.

Samuel Beckett: Identity and the ‘Dilemmas of Cultural Production’ (3)

CHAIR: Werner Huber (University of Chemnitz)

Murray, Christopher (University College Dublin), “Beckett, the Local and the Global”.

D’Arcy, Michael (University of Western Ontario), ““The frog-spawn of a blind-man’s ditch”: Beckett, Yeats, and the Corruption of Culture”.

Saunders, Graham (Lancaster University), “'‘Reclaiming Beckett for Ireland’: The Beckett on Film Project”.

Performing Nationality, Gender and Sexuality (3)

CHAIR: Melissa Sihra (Queen’s University Belfast)

Murphy, Paul (Queen’s University Belfast), “‘Woman Gives to the State’: The Role of Female Ontology in National Ideology”.

Singleton, Brian (Trinity College Dublin), “Queer Eye for the Irish Guy: Transgressive Sexualities in Performance”.

Trench, Rhona (Queen’s University Belfast), “‘Breathing the Same Air’: Cultural Difference in Marina Carr’s By The Bog Of Cats…”.

20th Century Irish Autobiography (3)

CHAIR: Denis Sampson (Vanier College, Montreal)

Burgess, Mary (University of Notre Dame), “The Orange Confessional: Northern Protestant Identity and Autobiography”.

Olinder, Britta (Gothenburg University), “‘I Remember’ Childhood Events, Professional Experience and Political Developments in John Hewitt's Autobiographical Works".

Sampson, Denis (Vanier College, Montreal), “Eire Abu! and Vive Moi! Autobiographers of the Thirties”.

Contemporary Theatre: Local, Global and Alternative Spaces (3)

CHAIR: Donald Morse (University of Debrecen)

Berchild, Christopher (Indiana State University), “Mapping Alternative Irish Space: Dermot Bolger and the Irish (Sub)Urban Utopian Wasteland”.

Lojek, Helen (Boise State University), “Meeting the World in a Local Space: Conor McPherson’s The Weir”.

Nally, Kenneth (NUI, Galway), “At Home Only When Abroad: The Significance of Setting in the Plays of Frank McGuinness”.

Irish Language and Literature B (3)

CHAIR: Mícháel Mac Craith (Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh)

Lyons, Patrick (Trinity College Dublin), “In Search of Donnchadh Ruadh Mac Conmara”.

Nic Eoin, Máirín (St Patrick’s College), “‘Kafkachas’: The Influence of Kafka on Irish-Language Literature”.

Ní Ghairbhí, Róisín (University College Dublin), "Reimagining a Gaelic Tradition - Intertextuality in Michael Hartnett’s Fís Dheireanach Eoghain Rua Uí Shúilleabháin/ The Last Vision of Eoghan Rua Ó Súilleabháin".


Coffee Break

Room: 131

Room: 111

Room: 18

Room: 300

Room: 301

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Global Issues in Irish Drama (3)

CHAIR: Dawn Duncan (Corcordia College)

Lanters, José (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), ““Cobwebs on Your Walls”: Resistance to the Global in Irish Drama”.

Duncan, Dawn (Concordia College), “From Beirut to Belfast: Conal Morrison Stages Issues of Justice”.

Murphy, John (DeVry University), “Antoine Ó Flatharta’s Elviad: from Grásta i Meiriceá to Grace in America”.

Respondent: Nicholas Grene (Trinity College Dublin)

Cultural Memory, Cultural Construction (4)

CHAIR: Moynagh Sullivan (NUI, Maynooth)

Arrowsmith, Aidan (Staffordshire University), “Fantasy Ireland: Cultural Memory and the Irish Diaspora”.

Kenneally, Michael (Concordia University) “Negotiating Otherness in Nineteenth-Century Irish-Canadian Life Writing”.

Meaney, Gerardine (University College Dublin), “Dark Imaginings and White Anxieties: the Gothic Republic”.
Mulhall, Anne (Independent Scholar),”Kitsch / Camp / Queer: ‘Irishness’, Authenticity and Subcultural Parody”.

Revival A (3)

CHAIR: Joan Fitzpatrick Dean (University of Missouri-Kansas City)

Kirkpatrick, Kathryn, (Appalachian State University), “Representing Maud Gonne”.

Curtis, Keiron (University of Wales, Swansea), “P.S. O’Hegarty and the Anglo-Irish Literary Tradition”.

Harrington, John P. (Rensselaer Troy, NY), “Lord Dunsany, “The Abbey Style,” and Lower Manhattan”.

Beckett and Sexuality (3)

CHAIR: Claire Bracken (University College Dublin)

Garcia, Antonio (University of Houston), “Beckett's Shit-Starter: The Narrator and Coprophilic Drive in First Love”.

Kennedy, Sean (St Mary’s University Halifax), “Explore other channels": Beckett, Homosexuality and the Politics of Fertility”.

Parrott, Jeremy (Szged) “From Samsa to Sam: The Metamorphoses of Beckett’s Ms.”.

Out of Ireland - Ireland, the Empire and Beyond in the Plays of Sebastian Barry (3)

CHAIR: Christina Mahony (Catholic University of America Washington)

Cregan, David (Villanova University), “Incarnating the Mystical: Liminality and the Performance of the Spiritual in the Work of Sebastian Barry”.

Gleitman, Claire (Ithaca College), ““In the dank margins of things”: Whistling Psyche and the Illness of Empire”.

Stewart, Bruce (University of Ulster), “Sebastian Barry’s Early Prose and the Joyce-Beckett Continuum”.

Perspectives on the Work of John McGahern (3)

CHAIR: Denis Sampson (Vanier College, Montreal)

Malcolm, David (University of Gdansk), ““Make What You Can of That”: John McGahern’s Fiction and the World”.

van der Ziel, Stanley (University College Dublin), “Pornography and the Decay of Lying: Art and Reality in John McGahern’s The Pornographer”.

Rowley, Rosemary (Independent) “‘Gone for Good’ - The Theme of the Emigrant in the Novel That They May Face the Rising Sun by John McGahern”.

Politics, Writing and Cultural Identity (4)

CHAIR: Maureen Murphy (Hofstra University, NY)

Szmigiero, Katarzyna (Akademia Swietokrzyska Poland), “Cultural Diversity and Censorship in Ireland”.

Taaffe, Carol (Trinity College Dublin), “A ‘streptococcus-ridden gang of natural gobdaws’: The Irish Writer and the Plain People of Ireland”.

O’Brien, Paul (Dublin), “Sean O’Casey and Hugh MacDiarmid: Politicians Who Couldn’t Help Being Writers”.

Nolan, Jerry (London), “Eimar O’Duffy: Irish Global Villager”.


Half Day

Boat Cruise on the Vltava (lunch provided on board)


IASIL EXECUTIVE MEETING 2: Guest Speaker Jo Campling

ROOM: 111


LAUNCH +Reception:

Field Day Review

ROOM: 201


Room: 131

Room: 111

Room: 18

Room: 300

Room: 301

Room: 317

Room: 215

Room: 225



Revolutionary, Modern and Post Modern Identities (3)

CHAIR: Christopher Fox (University of Notre Dame)

McKibben, Sarah (University of Notre Dame), “West Coast/West Bank: Global Postmodernity in Irish”.

Doody, Margaret (University of Notre Dame) “Ireland and the Image of the Woman in Swift and Sheridan”.

Foster, Gavin (University of Notre Dame) “The Politics of Respectability in the Irish Civil War”.

Civic Joyce (2)

CHAIR: Anne Fogarty (University College Dublin)

Fuchs, Dieter (University of Vienna), “‘A Portrait of the Artist as an Old Dog’: Joyce, Lucian and Menippus”.

Pioro, Tadeusz (University of Warsaw), “The Irish Pervert and the British Subject: Leopold Bloom’s Civic Imagination”.

Ireland, Translation and the Trans-local (3)

CHAIR: Rita McCann (Dublin City University)

McCann, Rita (Dublin City University), “See abstract”.

Caffrey, Colm (Dublin City University), “See abstract”.

Ó Croidheáin, Caoimhghin (Dublin City University), “See abstract”.

Contemporary Theatre: ‘Creation and Destruction’ (3)

CHAIR: Marie Arndt (Thames Valley University)

Kopschitz Bastos, Beatriz (University of São Paulo),“War and Globalisation in Denis Johnston’s A Fourth for Bridge”.

Bertha, Csilla (University of Debrecen), “Creation and Destruction - The Artist as Parent: Thomas Kilroy’s The Shape of Metal”.

Satake, Akiko (Rikkyo University, Tokyo) “World War II in Irish Drama”.

Samuel Beckett: Exploring Narrative (3)

CHAIR: Michael D’Arcy (University of Western Ontario)

Okamuro, Minako (Waseda University), “Joycean Narrative in Beckett's Ohio Impromptu”.

Atkinson, William (Appalachian State University), “Samuel Beckett: The Last Gothicist”.

Morin, Emilie (Queen’s University Belfast), “Translation and Ireland in Samuel Beckett’s Molloy and Malone Dies”.

Perspectives on the Work of Martin McDonagh (3)

CHAIR: Michal Lachman (University of Łodz)

Moi, Ruben (University of Bergen), “I am not trying to say anything at all! That’s my whole thing’: Nothingness and Play in the Double Sessions of Martin McDonagh’s The Pillow Man”.

Alemdaroglu, Nuvid (Celal Bayar University), “Martin McDonagh’s Critically Humanist Insight into Terrorism: The Lieutenant of Inishmore”.

Mikami, Hiroko (Waseda University, Tokyo), “Not ‘Lost in Translation’: Martin McDonagh in Japan”.

Poetry, Poetics (2)

CHAIR: Justin Quinn (Charles University Prague)

Patke, Rajeev (National University of Singapore), “Contemporary Irish Poetry: the ‘Post-’ in ‘Postcolonial’, and the ‘Post-’ in ‘Postmodern’”.

Batten, Guinn (Washington University, St. Louis), “Contemporary Irish Poetry: Poetic Form and the Psychic Life of Power”.

Irish Society for Theatre Research Meeting 1


Coffee Break


PLENARY LECTURE: Prof. R.F. Foster (University of Oxford) “‘Living in the Future’: Globalisation and the Uses of History”

Chair: Prof. Shaun Richards (Staffordshire University)

ROOM: 131 (AULA)



Room: 131

Room: 111

Room: 18

Room: 300

Room: 301

Room: 317

Room: 215

Room: 225


James Joyce Notebooks (2)

CHAIR: Louis Armand (Charles University Prague)

Dumitrescu, Alexandra (Babes-Bolyai University), “Bootstrapping Finnegans Wake in Search for Truth”.

Groden, Michael (University of Western Ontario), “Ulysses: A Biography”.

Perspectives on the Work of Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill (3)

CHAIR: Lucy Collins (University of Lancaster)

Ní Fhrighil, Ríóna (Coláiste Phádraig, Dublin City University), “In the Lap of Pharaoh’s Daughter: Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill in translation”.

Shay, Cary A. (University of Kent), “Theorizing Translation: Feminist Discourse, Post-structuralism and Postcoloniality in the Poetry of Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill”.

Burke, Margaret G. (Hofstra University), “Framing Masculinity in the Poetry of Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill ”.

Fiction, Fantasy and Illusion (3)

CHAIR: Elizabeth Grove-White (University of Western Ontario)

Busch, Trilby (Normandale Community College MN), “Leprechauns Jack into the Matrix: Contemporary Science Fiction in Ireland and America”.

Tallone, Giovanna (Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan), “The Dynamic of Space and Global Issues in Éilís Ní Dhuibhne’s The Bray House”.

Ito, Noriko (Tezukayama University Japan), “Illusion as Depicted by Brian Moore”.

Cultural Studies: 18th Century (2)

CHAIR: Louise Fuller (NUI Maynooth)

Mac Craith, Mícháel (Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh), “Charles Henry Wilson (c1756-1808): An Early Anglo-Irish Novelist”.

Zach, Wolfgang (University of Innsbruck), “European and Global Thinking in the 18th Century: Oliver Goldsmith”.

Tynan, Bowen, O’Brien (3)

CHAIR: Heather Edwards (University of Notre Dame)

Fischerová, Jana (University College Dublin), “Ante-Room as an Alternative in Kate O’Brien’s The Ante-Room and Mary Lavelle”.

Keown, Edwina (Trinity College Dublin), “The Flâneuse of Empire, Portia Quayne in Elizabeth Bowen’s The Death of the Heart (1938)”.

Wydenbach, Joanna (Queen's University Belfast), “A Complete Picture?: Katharine Tynan's Novel Writing as Presented in her Autobiographies”.

Contemporary Fiction: Narrative Modalities (3)

CHAIR: Jana Fischerová (University College Dublin)

D’hoker, Elke (K.U.Leuven), “‘I did it’: Female Narrators and Unreliability in Three Irish Novels”.

Facchinello, Monica (University of York), “Reinventing Ireland through a Dialogic Perspective of Local and Global in Banville’s Novella The Newton Letter”.

Morse, Donald (University of Debrecen), “Anton Chekhov Meets the Celtic Tiger in Paul Murray’s An Evening of Long Goodbyes (2003)”.

Cultural Studies: Comparative Approaches (3)

CHAIR: Carol Taaffe (Trinity College Dublin)

Olszewska, Kinga (NUI, Galway), “Preliminary Notes to the Issue of Exile: Poland and Ireland”.

Furomoto, Taketoshi (Aichi-gakuin University Japan), “Enlargement of the Context of Irish Literature—Some Scottish Interest in the Things Irish”.

Shanks, Paul F. (University of Aberdeen), “James Joyce and Recent Glasgow Fiction”.

Irish Society for Theatre Research Meeting 2


Coffee Break

Room: 131

Room: 111

Room: 18

Room: 300

Room: 301

Room: 317

Room: 215



Esse est Percipi: Beckett and Voyeurism (3)

CHAIR: Séan Kennedy (National Uuniversity of Ireland Galway)

Barry, Elizabeth (Warwick University), “Voyeurism and the Ethics of Narrative Realism in Beckett's Prose Fiction”.

Gontarski, S.E. (Florida State University), “Samuel Beckett’s ‘Keyhole Drama’: Voyeurism and the Scopic Drive”.

Stewart, Paul (Intercollege Nicosia), “‘Then everything went kaputt.’ Belacqua's Sexuality in Dream of Fair to Middling Women”.

James Joyce: Dubliners (3)

CHAIR: Tadeusz Pioro (University of Warsaw)

Jordan, Carmel (Baruch College, City University of New York), “Italian Opera and Egyptian Geometry: Intertextual Richness in Joyce’s Dubliners”.

Chircop, Karl (University of Malta), “Eveline and Mommina by the Window at Twilight: On the Window Motif in Eveline by James Joyce and Leonora Addio! by Luigi Pirandello”.

Pushkarevskaya, Yulia (University College Dublin), “The Return to the Revival: the Mythification of Irishness in John Huston's adaptation of James Joyce’s “The Dead””.

Filming Ireland / Ireland on Film (3)

CHAIR: Keith Hopper (University of Oxford)

Merivirta, Raita (University of Turku), “Neil Jordan’s Michael Collins: Between Irish National Cinema and Hollywood”.

O’Brien, Harvey (O’Kane Centre for Film Studies UCD), “Local Man, Global Man: The Horror/Fantasy Films and Writings of Neil Jordan”.

Schreiber, Mark (International University Bremen), "Screening the Underbelly of the Celtic Tiger. Contemporary Dublin in Film”.

WB Yeats B (4)

CHAIR: Youngmin Kim (Dongguk University Seoul)

Yamasaki, Hiroyuki (Osaka City University, Japan), “The Structure of Yeats’s Attitude and Reference to the Country and the City”.

Fleming, Deborah (Ashland University Ashland, OH), “Freedom of the Will and Dionysian Regeneration in W. B. Yeats’s Plays on the Crucifixion and Resurrection”.

Ingelbien, Raphael (K.U. Leuven), “Symbolism at the Periphery: Yeats and Maeterlinck’s (Trans)national Poetics”.

O’Brien, Denise (Trinity College Dublin), “Louis MacNeice: An Intertextual Dialogue with W.B. Yeats”.

Contemporary Theatre: Dislocations and Relocations (4)

CHAIR: Maria Kurdi (University of Pécs)

Lachman, Michal (University of Lodz), “Global or local? Society and the Individual in Marina Carr’s Portia Coughlan and Christina Reid’s The Belle of the Belfast City”.

Moon, Hyeweon (University of Warwick), “Ourselves Alone, or Maybe Themselves Alone: The Questions of Home and Nation in Anne Devlin’s Ourselves Alone”.

Sihra, Melissa (Queen’s University Belfast), “‘For She’s a Jolly Good Fella’: Birthdays, Deathdays and Rituals of Transformation in the Theatre of Marina Carr and Samuel Beckett”.

Rollo, Natalie (DePaul University), “Humanness Undefined: The Realm of Nothingness in Marina Carr’s By the Bog of Cats…”.

Wilde and Shaw (4)

CHAIR: Neil Sammells (Bath Spa University College)

Markey, Anne (Trinity College Dublin), “Confluent Influences in Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales”.

Weintraub, Stanley, (Professor Emeritus P.A State University) “Bernard Shaw's Irish Goddess: Lady Colin Campbell”.

White, Eric (University of Colorado at Boulder), ““ modern in our life we owe to the Greeks”: Oscar Wilde and Sophistic Thought”.

Haddad, Rosalie Rahal (University of São Paulo), “Bernard Shaw and the Demystification of Stereotypes”.

Poetry: Irish Women Poets in Focus (4)

CHAIR: Borbála Faragó (University College Dublin)

Toraiwa, Naoko (Meiji University), “Homesickness in Contemporary Women Poets”.

Sullivan, Sara (Boston University), “Writing from Home: The Transnational Poetry of Eavan Boland”.

Poloczek, Katarzyna (University of Łodz), “Desire in Irish Women’s Contemporary Poetry and Female Incarnate Consciousness”.

Wolkoff, Gisele G. (Universidade de São Paulo./Universidade de Santo Amaro), “Art and Identity: Nationalism and Femininity: A Reading of Eavan Boland”.


Theatre Roundtable

with Karen Fricker (Irish Theatre Magazine), Lynne Parker (Rough Magic), Billy Roche (Playwright), Jason Byrne (Loose Canon)

ROOM: 131 (AULA)

Reception: hosted by Modern Drama

+ Promotion for 2006 IASIL in Sydney supported by the Australian Consulate in Prague and Austrade


Room: 131

Room: 111

Room: 18

Room: 300

Room: 300

Room: 317

Room: 215



Globalised Joyce (3)

CHAIR: Louis Armand (Charles University Prague)

Milesi, Laurent (Cardiff University), “Choreographies of Joycean Writing”.
Wollaeger, Mark (Vanderbilt University), “His Master’s Voice: Portrait of the Artist as Propagandist”.
Bénéjam, Valérie (Université de Nantes), “Parallax Opoponax”.

Poetry: Kinsella and MacGreevy (3)

CHAIR: Jeff Holdridge (Wake Forest University)

Johnston, Dillon (Washington University, St. Louis), “Kinsella’s Dublin”.

McCabe, James (Freelance Author), “The Double Impulse: Thomas Kinsella and World War II”.

Schreibman, Susan (University of Maryland), “The Thomas MacGreevy Archive”.

The Theatre of Brian Friel B (4)

CHAIR: Ros Dixon (NUI, Galway)

Burke, Patrick (St Patrick’s College, Dublin City University), “Consistency and Variation in the Apparent Politics of Friel’s Plays”.

Mutran, Munira (University of São Paulo), “Ireland – A Global Village”.

Nunes, Domingos (Universidade de São Paulo), “Staging Brian Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa in Brazil”.

Fish, Harold (University of Mainz) “Music in Dancing at Lugnasa: The Play and the Film”

Revival B (3)

CHAIR: José Lanters (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Levitas, Ben (Goldsmiths College London), “Synge, Sex and Censorship”.

Dean, Joan FitzPatrick (University of Missouri-Kansas City), “Britain’s Lord Chamberlain and the Irish Literary Revival”.

Clark, Heather (Marlboro College in Vermont), ““A brief new dawn”: The Ulster Renaissance”.

Fiction: 19th Century (3)

CHAIR: Rodelle Weintraub (Independent)

Gibson, Matthew (University of Surrey), “Jane Anne Cranstoun, Countess Purgstall: A Possible Source for Le Fanu’s

Lynch, Patricia (University of Limerick), “Medicine as Motif and Recurrent Narrative Element in Irish Fiction of the Early Nineteenth Century”.

Murphy, James H. (DePaul University), “Social Radicalism and Homoeroticism in Charles J. Kickham's Knocknagow (1873)”.

Translation (3)

CHAIR: Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin (Dublin City University)

Filipova, Filipina (University of Sofia), “How Does Gulliver Travel in Bulgaria?”

Sweney, Matthew (Palacký University, Olomouc), “Rhapsody in Stephen’s Green/The Insect Play/Ze života hmyzu”.

Kovachev, Ognyan (St. Kliment Okhridski University of Sofia), “Submission or Appropriation: Translating Irish Literature in Bulgaria”.

Retracing Tradition (3)

CHAIR: Marie-Claire Considère-Charon (Université de Franche-Comté)

Jivanyan, Alvard (Yerevan State University), “The Rhetoric of the Irish Fairy Tale”.

Trainor de la Cruz, Patricia (Universidad de Málaga), “The Land of Saints and Scholars ”.

Murray, Ciaran (Chuo University, Tokyo), “Light and Enlightenment: Eriugena to Zen”.


Coffee Break


PLENARY LECTURE: Prof. Richard Kearney (Boston College) “Epiphanies of the Everyday in Modern Irish Literature”

CHAIR: Dr Louis Armand (Charles University Prague)

ROOM: 131 (AULA)



Room: 131

Room: 111

Room: 18

Room: 300

Room: 301

Room: 317

Room: 215


Joyce and Beckett: Forging Irelands (3)

CHAIR: Michael Groden (University of Western Ontario)

Anderson, Dustin (Florida State University), “Forging and Forgetting: Fraudulence, Postnationalism, and Finnegans Wake”.

Hanson, Zachary (Florida State University), “R.I.P.: Beckett’s Investigations of Nationalist Forgery in ‘Recent Irish Poetry’”.

McFeaters, Andrew V. (Florida State University), “Repeating Joyce: Poetics and Pathologies of Nostalgia and Exile”.

Femininities, Utopias, and the Public Sphere (3)

CHAIR: Anne Mulhall (Independent)

Ó Gallchoir, Clíona (University College Cork), “’Sell-Out?’ Commercialism, Femininity and the Commodification of Irish Identity after 1800”.

Collins, Lucy (University of Lancaster), “Reading History: National Cultures in the Poetry of Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin”.

O’Toole, Tina (University of Limerick), “Exploring the “terra incognita of herself”: The Utopian Impulse in Irish Women’s Writing”.

Looking to the West—Literary Perspectives on the Aran and Blasket Islands (3)

CHAIR: Róisín Ní Ghairbhí (University College Dublin)

Lucchitti, Irene (University of Wollongong, Australia), “The Islandman at Home and Abroad”.

Conneely, Mairéad (University of Limerick), “Synge, Lawless and Inis Meáin: Their Global Village”.

Housková, Mariana (Charles University, Prague), “Synge’s Vision of the Aran Islands: The Universal in the Local”.

Irish Theatre and Globalisation (2)

CHAIR: Karen Fricker (Trinity College Dublin)

Lonergan, Patrick (NUI, Galway), ““More Strangers in the House”: Globalisation, Multiculturalism, and the Theatrical Construction of Irish Identity”.

Richards, Shaun (Staffordshire University), “‘To me, here is more like there’: Towards a New Paradigm for Irish Theatre Criticism”.

Cultural Studies: History of Publications (3)

CHAIR: Micheal Kenneally (Concordia University)

Ballin, Malcolm (Cardiff University), “Media and Genre: The Review in Dublin and London: 1668-1968”.

Kelleher, Margaret (NUI, Maynooth) “The Spirit of the Nation: Young Ireland’s ‘home-grown production’?”

Burke, Martin J. (City University of New York), “Daidra from Georgia: Thomas Holley Chivers’ The Sons of Usna”.

Poetry: Murphy and O’Driscoll (3)

CHAIR: Gerold Sedlmayer (Universität Passau)

Meihuizen, Elsa (University of Zululand), “Richard Murphy: A Life in Writing”.
Meihuizen, Nicholas (University of Zululand), “The Poet, the Philosopher, and the Birds”.
O’Connor, Honor (University College Dublin), ““While Stocks Last”: The Poetry of Dennis O'Driscoll and Contemporary Ireland”.

Ireland and Italy (3)

CHAIR: Meg Tyler (Boston University)

Abbate Badin, Donatella (University of Turin), “From a Nation of Villains to a Land of Patriots: Irish Views of Italy”.

Bendelli, Giuliana (Università Cattolica di Milano), “From Brendan Kennelly's The Florentines to I Fiorentini: Trans-Navigatio (Sancti) Brendani”.

Fitzgerald-Hoyt, Mary (Siena College), “Inventing Italy: William Trevor’s My House in Umbria and The Story of Lucy Gault”.



Coffee Break 15 MINUTES ONLY!!

Room: 111

Room: 18

Room: 300

Room: 301

Room: 317



Joyce & Credence (2)


Ito, Eishiro (Iwate Prefectural University Japan), “Anti-Semitism/Anti-feminism in Giacomo Joyce”.

Shimokusu, Masaya (Shizuoka University of Art and Culture), “What are you seeing?—Fairy Belief and James Joyce’s Ulysses”.

Poetry: Global Perspectives (2)


Sedlmayr, Gerold (Universität Passau), “Between Copacabana and Annaghmakerrig: Paul Durcan’s Global Perspective”.

De Angelis, Irene (University of Turin), ““For Saké? Irish Whiskey.” Andrew Fitzsimons and His Representation of Japan”.

Border Zones: Aspects and Issues of Performance in Contemporary Irish Theatrical Art (2)

CHAIR: Enrica Cerquoni (University College Dublin)

Fitzpatrick, Lisa (Institute of Technology, Waterford), “Stage Irishry: Performing Irishness on the Contemporary Canadian Stage”.

Szábo, Carmen (University College Dublin), “Artscapes of Meaning: Performance and Multimedia Installation in Northern Irish Art”.

Respondent: Cathy Leeney (University College Dublin)

Poetry: 17th Century (2)


Carpenter, Andrew (University College Dublin), “Tri-lingualism in Late Seventeenth-Century Ireland: The Evidence of Verse Satires”.

Lynch, Angelina (University College Dublin), “Faithful Teate and Irish Puritan Poetry”.

Contemporary Theatre: Irish Theatre Deterritorialised? (2)

CHAIR: Ruben Moi (University of Bergen)

Kuch, Peter (University of New South Wales), “The Gigli Concert in Brisbane and Sydney”.

Abbass, Sahar A. (Helwan University, Cairo), “Looking for Ireland Elsewhere: A Study of Perspective and Form of Tom Murphy's Bailegangaire and Conor McPherson's The Weir in the Light of a ‘Globalised Ireland’”.





Closing Banquet

OBECNI DUM, Nám. Republiky 5

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