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Monaghan General Information

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General Information

Monaghan Town is situated near the border with Northern Ireland in the Northeast part of Ireland. It is on the National Primary Route between Dublin and Derry. The town is located 1 ½ hours from the two major airports in Belfast and Dublin. It is also conveniently located to the ports in Dundalk, Dublin and Larne.

Monaghan town, which acts as the administrative centre for the county, is a popular commercial location and is a vibrant shopping centre with a wide surrounding catchment area. Recent research undertaken for the proposed new Monaghan Town Leisure centre indicates that the proposed facility will have a catchment area in excess of 39,032 people. The town boasts an intact urban centre and is a fine example of a prosperous 19th century trading and administrative centre.

The town has benefited from the improvement in the National Economy, with increased private investment and commercial activity. There has also been an influx of private investment capital to the town as a result of the urban renewal schemes of the mid-nineties.

The national roads development programme provides for the by-passing of the town to the north by a new route, currently proposed to leave the existing National Primary route at the location of the Ford Motor garage on the Dublin side re-connecting with the existing route on the Derry side at the Four Seasons Hotel.
Dublin 83.8 miles

Belfast 58.0

Dundalk 31.7

Drogheda 53.1

Sligo 78.0

Galway 134.0

Cork 216.9

Carrick-on-Shannon 59.4

Government Agencies

There are County Council and Town Council offices in Monaghan.


There is a good bus service to and from the town. Bus Eireann runs a regular service to Dublin, Galway, Belfast, Derry, Letterkenny and Enniskillen. Mc Connons, a private bus company, run a regular service to and from Dublin.

There is no bus service around the town.

There is no direct train service to County Monaghan, the nearest mainline service is in Dundalk.

Taxi Operators

Monaghan Town Council has issued 25 hackney licences and all operate in the area, both day and night. The average cost is €3 per mile.


There is a good supply of new and second-hand houses and apartments. On average a new 3 bedroom house costs €190,000 and an apartment €140,000.

Business Facilities

There are four hotels in Monaghan:

Four Seasons 047 81888

Westenra 047 81517

Hillgrove 047 81288

Lakeside 047 83599

The hotels all have conference facilities.
There are many excellent guesthouses both in the town and environs.

Monaghan Town has a large number of family run industries which have provided constant employment notably in the furniture and mushroom industries. The major employers are:

Century Homes

IJM Timber Engineering Ltd.

Mc Nally and Finlay

John E. Coyle

Monaghan Mushrooms
The Industrial Development Authority has a serviced estate at Knockaconny, including small cluster units, which are occupied by a mix of tenants. They have plans to build an advance factory in Monaghan and a planning application is presently under consideration by Monaghan County Council.


Primary Schools

St Mary’s N S

St Louis Girls N S

Model School

Nai Scoil St Louis N S

Secondary Schools

Beech Hill College

St Louis College (girls)

St Macartan’s College (boys)

Collegiate School

Third Level

MIFET – Monaghan Institute of further Education & Training.

Childcare and Children’s Facilities

There are5 crèches and 1 Montessori school in the town

There are playgrounds at Killygoan and Mullaghmatt.

The scouts hall is at Latlurcan catering for boy scouts, girl guides, cubs etc.
The County Council Library is located at North Road and the County Museum on the Hill.


Monaghan General Hospital

St Davnet’s Hospital (Psychiatric)

Drumbear Nursing Home

Mullinahinch Nursing Home


Dr Kieran Bourke The Surgery, 52 Glaslough St 047 72115

Dr M Caraher Swan Park, Monaghan 047 81986

Dr E.E.A. Duffy Swan Park, Monaghan 047 81321

Dr Illona Duffy Swan Park, Monaghan 047 81321

Dr Michael McGinnity Swan Park, Monaghan 047 81321

Dr Dermot P O’Gorman 84 Glaslough St, Monaghan 047 81466

Dr Muireann O’Sullivan 19 Mill St, Monahgan 047 81168

Dr M Smyth 5 Glen Road, Monaghan 047 83449

Ciaran Allen 12a The Diamond, Monaghan 047 71400

James Malone 12a The Diamond, Monaghan 047 71400

Carol Horgan 14 Market St, Monaghan 047 72744

Michael Gilmore 21 North Rd, Monaghan 047 81032

Shirley Wright 21 North Rd, Monaghan 047 81032

Mel Currie 21 North Rd, Monaghan 047 81032

Nigel Redmond 9 Mill St, Monaghan 047 81792

Ronaghan Optical ServicesDawson St, Monaghan 047 81533

Marie McQuaid Opticians 39-40 Dublin St, Monaghan 047 38921

Shops and Shopping Centres

Monaghan Town has some very attractive shopping such as Monaghan Shopping Centre, Flemings, Dunnes Stores and Lidl. There is a wide diversity of other shops in the town.


Diamond Screen Cineplex 4The Diamond, Monaghan 047 84755

The Garage Theatre 047 81597

Jurells Restaurant 12/13 Glaslough Street 047 77866

Louie’s Steakhouse 84 Glaslough Street 047 84255

Mediterraneo Bistro 58 Dublin Street 047 82335

Paramount Restaurant 30 Market Street 047 77333

Andy’s Restaurant Market Street 047 82277

China Inn 77 Glaslough St 047 82812

Tummies Restaurant 7 Glaslough Street 047 81772

Vesuvio Ristorante 31-32 Market Street 047 30900

Roberto Geleteria Coffee unit 9 Monaghan SC 047 71688


McDonalds Restaurant 31/32 Monaghan SC 047 71909

There are midweek and weekend discos at the Four Seasons Hotel and at Master Deerys. Pub events take place regularly.

Natural Environment

Rossmore Park (320 hectares in size) is a beautiful natural resource situated at the edge of the town. The park was purchased by the Forest and Wildlife Service form Baron Rossmore in 1950.

The park is a sanctuary for a large number of birds, animals and plant life.

Community and Sporting Facilities

There is a Community Centre at Mullaghmatt which is due to open shortly. There is one private leisure centre attached to the Four Seasons Hotel.
Monaghan Town Council have plans for a new swimming pool and leisure facility on the site of the old pool at Clones Road.
There are tennis courts on the old swimming pool site at Clones road.
Snooker & Billiards are available at the Thomas Hughes snooker hall, Dublin Street.
Irish Country Quads Inniskeen 042 9378997

Lough Muckno Waterski club Castleblayney 087 6660077

Lough Muckno adventure centre Castleblayney 086 3131612

Monaghan Valley Pitch & Putt 047 84928

Rowan Springs Pitch & Putt Castleblayney 042 9740096

Malone’s Pitch & Putt Castleblayney 042 9740613

Sports Clubs

Monaghan Harps GAA Club Monaghan 047 71155

Monaghan Rugby Club Monaghan 047 82886

Monaghan United Soccer Club Monaghan 047 84798

Rossmore Golf Club Monaghan 047 81316

Cultural landmarks and visitor centres

Monaghan County Museum 047 82928

St. Louis Heritage Centre 047 83529

Festivals, Fireworks, Christmas events Parades

St Patrick’s Day Parade

Fireworks Display on Halloween

Turning on Christmas Lights

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