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Ommission européenne Bruxelles, le 18 octobre 2013 calendrier du 21 au 27 octobre 2013

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Commission européenne

Bruxelles, le 18 octobre 2013

CALENDRIER du 21 au 27 octobre 2013

(Susceptible de modifications en cours de semaine)

Activités des Institutions

Déplacements et visites

Lundi 21 octobre

21-24/10 European Parliament Plenary Session (Strasbourg)

21/10 Foreign Affairs Council (Luxembourg)

Mr José Manuel Durão BARROSO in Berlin: meets Mr Manfred WEBER, MEP, Konrad Adenauer Foundation; meets Mr Joachim GAUCK, Bundespräsident of Germany; meets Mr Klaus WOWEREIT, Governing Mayor of Berlin; attends dinner with Ms Angela MERKEL, Chancellor of Germany.

Ms Catherine ASHTON attends a working lunch with Ms Aung San SUU KYI (Luxembourg)

Ms Catherine ASHTON co-chairs the first Stabilisation and Association Council with Serbia (Luxembourg)

Mr Siim KALLAS delivers a welcome speech at the Clean Power for Transport Conference

Ms Neelie KROES in Rome: meets Mr Antonio CATRICALÀ, Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Economic Development with responsibility for telecommunications; gives a speech at the Confindustria event; meets Mr Enrico LETTA, Prime Minister of Italy.

Mr Antonio TAJANI visits Israel (21-22/10): Mission for Growth

Mr Janez POTOČNIK participates in the Financial Times Global Shale Energy Summit, at the Millennium Hotel (London)

M. Michel BARNIER participe à l’ouverture de la Conférence conjointe de la BCE et de la Banque de France «Les paiements de détail à la croisée des chemins: économie, stratégies et politiques futures » (Paris)

Ms Androulla VASSILIOU in Amsterdam: takes part at the CINEKID Conference on "Children, Media literacy and creativity"; delivers a speech on children and media education; takes part at panel discussions; visits the CINEKIDS Media Lab in Westergasfabriek.

Mr Algirdas ŠEMETA in Ukraine: meets with Finance Minister Mr Yuriy KOLOBOV, Minister of Revenue and Duties Mr Oleksandr KLYMENKO, Deputy Minister of Incomes and Fees Mr Victor LEVITSKIY and First Vice Prime Minister Mr Serhiy ARBUZOV

Ms Maria DAMANAKI opens the photo exhibition Fishlove (Berlaymont)

Ms Maria DAMANAKI receives Mr Gerard J. VAN BALSFOORT, President of the Pelagic Freeze-trawler Association (PFA) and the Dutch Pelagic Ship-owners Association

Mr Štefan FÜLE participates in the pledging conference, at the European Investment Bank (Luxembourg)

Mr László ANDOR opens and chairs morning session of the high-level conference on Labour Law, at Centre Borschette (Brussels)

Ms Cecilia MALMSTRÖM receives Mr Rasko KONJEVIC, Minister for the Interior of Montenegro

Mardi 22 octobre

22/10 General Affairs Council (Luxembourg)

Ms Catherine ASHTON attends the Sakharov Prize Ceremony for Ms Aung San SUU KYI (Strasbourg)

Mr Maroš ŠEFČOVIČ meets Ms Birgitta OHLSSON, Swedish Minister for European Union Affairs (Luxembourg)

Mr Günther H. OETTINGER delivers speech at Publishers' Summit of German Magazine Publishers Association (VDZ) (Berlin)

Ms Connie HEDEGAARD participates in the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF), at Eigtveds Pakhus (Copenhagen)

Mr Tonio BORG participates at the EP event on Cross Border Healthcare Directive (Strasbourg)

Mercredi 23 octobre

Mr Siim KALLAS meets Mr Mark RUTTE, Dutch Prime Minister and delivers a keynote speech at a European Port Event at the Netherlands Permanent Representation to the European Union

Ms Neelie KROES participates at presentation of Startup Manifesto by the Leaders Club to Mr Herman VAN ROMPUY, President of the European Council and Mr Mark RUTTE, Prime Minister of the Netherlands

Mr Antonio TAJANI attends the First Ministerial Conference of the Friends of Industry (Paris)

Mr Günther H. OETTINGER meets Mr Urban RUSNÁK, Secretary General of the Energy Charter Secretariat (Brussels)

Mr Johannes HAHN in Innsbruck: meets Mr Günther PLATTER, Governor of the Austrian Province of Tirolia; attends and delivers speech at the "Tiroler Zukunftstag"

Ms Connie HEDEGAARD participates in two Climate Finance Ministerial meetings (23-24/10), at FN byen, Marmormolen (Copenhagen)

Ms Cecilia MALMSTRÖM receives Ms Claire IVERS, EU Associate Advocate at Human Rights Watch

Jeudi 24 octobre

24-25/10 European Council (Brussels)

Mr José Manuel Durão BARROSO and Mr László ANDOR attend the Tripartite Social Summit (Brussels)

Ms Catherine ASHTON receives Mr David JOHNSTON, Australian Minister of Defence

Ms Catherine ASHTON receives Ms Fatou BENSOUDA, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

Ms Catherine ASHTON receives Mr Iurie LEANCA, Moldovan Prime Minister

Ms Catherine ASHTON receives Mr Mahmoud ABBAS, Palestinian President

Mr Olli REHN and Mr Karel DE GUCHT participate in the EU-China High Level Economic and Trade Dialogue (Brussels)

Mr Andris PIEBALGS receives Mr Josef PÜHRINGER, Minister-President of Upper Austria

Ms Androulla VASSILIOU delivers opening speech on "Scientific support to culture and creative industries", in Salle R. Schuman

Ms Androulla VASSILIOU receives Μr Xavier MICHEL, Ambassador of the International Organization of Francophonie (OIF)

19:00 Ms Androulla VASSILIOU in the Netherlands: will receive the Jürgen Palm Award by the Association For International Sport for All (TAFISA) on the occasion of their World Congress, at Rijksmuseum Twenthe (Enschede)

Mr Algirdas ŠEMETA receives a group of Lithuanian Lawyers' Association's branch in Brussels

Mr Günther H. OETTINGER attends and delivers speech at the Energy Community Ministerial Meeting (Belgrade)

Mr Johannes HAHN receives Mr Valdis DOMBROVSKIS, Prime Minister of Latvia

Mr Johannes HAHN receives Mr Wilhelm MOLTERER, Vice-President and member of the Management Committee of the European Investment Bank

Ms Connie HEDEGAARD participates in the ceremony of the 20th Anniversary of the Öresund Committee, at DGI byen (Copenhagen)

Mr László ANDOR speaks at the conference on the classification of European skills/competences, qualifications and occupations, at Marriott Hotel (Brussels)

Ms Cecilia MALMSTRÖM in Copenhagen, Denmark: attends the Öresundstinget's 20th Anniversary

Ms Cecilia MALMSTRÖM meets with Mr Morten BODSKOW, Minister for Justice of Denmark (Copenhagen)

Vendredi 25 octobre

Mr José Manuel Durão BARROSO meets Mr Ma Kai, Vice-Premier of China

Ms Viviane REDING in Luxembourg: delivers a speech for the European Day of Civil Justice, organised by the Chamber of Notaries of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Mr Siim KALLAS receives Members of Presiding Board of UNIFE (The European Rail Industry Association), CEOs of the main companies of the European rail industry

Ms Neelie KROES receives Mr Robert FICO, Slovak Prime Minister and Mr Peter PELLEGRINI, Digital Champion of Slovakia

Mr Janez POTOČNIK participates in the International Economic Forum Baden-Baden 2013 (Baden-Baden)

Mr Andris PIEBALGS speaks at EU-Africa Civil Society Forum, Renaissance Hotel (Brussels)

Mr Andris PIEBALGS receives Ms Eloise TODD, Director of ONE, to hand in a petition calling for the European Commission to increase its funding for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Mr Günther H. OETTINGER delivers key note speech at the 2013 Eberhard-Paech-Award ceremony (Berlin)

Ms Connie HEDEGAARD participates in the Danish Heating conference (Dansk Fjernvarme konference) (Aalborg)

Mr Štefan FÜLE receives Mr Nikola GRUEVSKI, Prime Minister of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Samedi 26 octobre

Ms Máire GEOGHEGAN-QUINN participates in the 41st Carnegie Meeting (26-27/10) (Maryland)

Dimanche 27 octobre

Ms Catherine ASHTON travels to Japan

Prévisions du mois de novembre:

6-7/11 European Parliament Plenary Session (Brussels)

11/11 Economic and Financial Affairs Council (Budget) (Brussels)
14/11 Eurogroup meeting (Brussels)
15/11 Economic and Financial Affairs Council (Brussels)
18-21/11 European Parliament Plenary Session (Strasbourg)
18-19/11 Agriculture and Fisheries Council (Brussels)
18/11 Foreign Affairs Council (Brussels)
19/11 Foreign Affairs Council (Defence) (Brussels)
19/11 General Affairs Council (Brussels)
25/11 Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council (Education and Youth) (Brussels)
26/11 Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council (Culture and Sport) (Brussels)
28-29/11 Eastern Partnership Summit (Vilnius)

Permanence DG COMM le WE du 19 au 20 octobre:

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Permanence RAPID - GSM: +32 (0) 498 982 748

Service Audiovisuel, planning studio: +32 (0) 2 295 21 23


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