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Mike Martin et le Grand Jeu

Learner’s Questions and Activities


This advice and guidance has been produced to support the profession with the delivery of courses which are either new or which have aspects of significant change within the new national qualifications (NQ) framework.

The advice and guidance provides suggestions on approaches to learning and teaching. Practitioners are encouraged to draw on the materials for their own part of their continuing professional development in introducing new national qualifications in ways that match the needs of learners.

Practitioners should also refer to the course and unit specifications and support notes which have been issued by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.
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1. When you click on these web links you are moving away from the Education Scotland website. Education Scotland is not responsible for content on external websites.

2. As YouTube provides an open forum for users to post comments it is recommended that practitioners check the clips, and any appended comments, in advance so as to assess suitability before directing learners to them.


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Introduction 4
Episode 1: La femme mystérieuse 5
Episode 2: L’arrivée à Paris 17
Episode 3: L’appel à la prière 29
Episode 4: La marche sur le feu 38
Episode 5: Le poète 49

You are going to listen to an audio book about a Scottish private detective called Mike Martin.
The story begins in English; however, Mike’s latest client is French and he soon realises that he will have to use the French he learned at school. The client’s name is Désirée and she has a mysterious assignment for him.
Mike Martin then learns that he will have to travel to some French-speaking countries, so he will continue to use French in many situations.
Mike Martin will speak in English at times throughout the book. All the conversations in the story are in French.
Learner activities
After listening to each episode you will complete activities to show your understanding of the script you have heard and to practise and increase your own language skills.
At the end of each episode there is a learning log for you to keep.
Detective’s assignments
The detective’s assignments are activities which offer more challenge and need more time. Your teacher/lecturer will offer guidance on when to begin these activities.

Mike Martin et le Grand Jeu
Episode 1: La femme mystérieuse

  • To listen to and understand an episode of a French audio book.

  • To write a description in French of a character in the story.

  • To read and understand a French ‘odd man out’ puzzle.

  • To read and understand a French quiz.

  • To talk in French about someone’s appearance.

  • To conduct a survey in French about types of transport and analyse the results.

Detective’s assignment

  • To give a presentation in French about smoking and health.

Listening exercises
Mots clés
Trempé – soaking

Avoir du mal à – to have difficulty with

Omettre de – fail to do

Il a omis de – he omitted to

A été volé – has been stolen

Récupérer – to get back

Un reçu d’hôtel – a hotel receipt
Mike Martin, a Scottish detective, is waiting in his Edinburgh office for the arrival of a new client. Her name is Désirée.

Listen to Episode 1 and answer these questions in English.

  1. What happened before Désirée arrived at Mike’s office to affect her appearance?

  1. Désirée says that Mike is handsome. What comment shows that she really means this?

  1. What has been stolen from Désirée?

  1. Why is it so important?

  1. Mike tries to guess Désirée’s profession. What professions does he suggest?

  1. Why does Mike choose Orangina among the drinks he offers her?

  1. What evidence makes Désirée believe that the thief is from Paris?

  1. What is in the envelope Désirée gives to Mike?

  1. Where will Mike stay tomorrow night?

  1. Désirée tells Mike not to take too much with him. Name five things he has to pack.

Sum up the story so far by filling in the blanks in English:
Mike Martin is a private __________ living and working in Edinburgh. One day a beautiful and mysterious __________ woman arrives at his office. Her name is Désirée and she wants his help to find a ___________ which has gone missing from her mansion in Edinburgh.
She believes that the thief has some connection with a __________ in Paris. She hands Mike an envelope full of __________ and instructs him to fly to __________ immediately. When Mike turns around to look out the __________, the woman disappears. He hurries after her, but she has gone!
Language skills: Exercise 1 (Writing)
Mike Martin meets a beautiful French woman in the story. Here is a description of her. Complete it by filling in the gaps in French. Choose from the words below the description.

La femme mystérieuse
La __________ femme est __________ et mince. Elle a les cheveux __________, longs et bouclés. Ses yeux sont __________ saphir. Son __________ est bien maquillé.
Elle est très élégante. Elle porte une jupe noire et un chemisier de soie__________ comme la neige. Son __________ est noir et a l’air très cher. Ses chaussures à talons aiguilles sont _________ comme ses lèvres.

blanc manteau jeune blonds visage grande rouges bleus

Language skills: Exercise 2 (Reading)
You are going to visit your French friend in Limoges. You travel on a French aeroplane. During the journey you read the inflight magazine. You see this puzzle. You have to find the ‘odd man out’.
Fill in the table below in English, giving your answer and the reason why you think it is the odd man out. The first one has been done for you.
Trouvez l’intrus!
1. Paris, Milan, Copenhagen, Londres, Amsterdam
2. Chien, cheval, souris, hamster, perroquet
3. Étudiant, professeur, médecin, détective, pompier
4. Train, camion, avion, vélo, autobus
5. La France, le Maroc, le Portugal, la Réunion, le Canada


The others are capital cities

Language skills: Exercise 3 (Reading)
You are reading the inflight magazine in a French aeroplane. In the magazine there is a numbers and letters quiz. Read the quiz and answer the questions below in English.
Des chiffres et des lettres
Complétez la série suivante:
onze vingt-deux quarante-quatre ____________

Qu’est-ce que ça veut dire? Choisissez la bonne réponse!
Francophonie (a) un instrument musical

(b) un moyen de transport

(c) tous les pays où on parle français
Combien de mots pouvez-vous trouver en utilisant les lettres de francophonie?
Exemples: hier, phare, francophone

  1. What is the answer to the numbers quiz?

  1. Which is the correct meaning of Francophonie? Choose a, b or c.

  1. Finally, you are asked to make French words using the letters of Francophonie. What do the three examples mean?

Language skills: Exercise 4 (Talking)
Work with a partner
Partner A
1. You are staying with your French friend in Limoges.

One day he/she asks you to go and meet his/her cousin from Paris who is going to arrive at the station in Limoges. Your friend cannot go with you because he/she has a class and you have to find out what his/her cousin looks like.

Your partner will play the part of your French friend and will choose which photo is of the cousin. Ask questions in French to find out what the cousin looks like.
Which one of the people below would you meet at the station?

2. Now take the part of Partner B.

Partner B
1. You play the part of a young French person who lives in Limoges. Your Scottish friend is staying with you.

One day your cousin from Paris is going to arrive at the station in Limoges. You cannot meet him/her because you have a class.

You ask your Scottish friend to meet your cousin. Your Scottish friend asks what your cousin looks like.
Choose one of the people below to describe in French to your Scottish friend. Your partner has to work out which of the people below he/she would meet at the station.

2. Now take the part of Partner A.

Language skills: Exercise 5 (Talking)
Class survey
Your friend in Limoges has a school assignment about types of transport. You offer to help by conducting a survey in your French class when you get home.
1. Ask as many members of your class as possible, in French, about his/her favourite type of transport and the reason for his/her choice.
Exemple 1: Q: Quel est ton mode de transport préféré?

A: Je préfère l’avion.

Q: Pourquoi?

A: Parce que c’est vite et confortable.
Exemple 2: Q: Quel est ton mode de transport préféré?

A: Je préfère le vélo.

Q: Pourquoi?

A: Parce que c’est bon pour l’environnement.
2. Complete the grid below in English:

Name of pupil

Type of transport preferred


3. Analyse the results of the survey.
Are there any patterns in the information you have received?
Are there favourite types of transport among your group?
Make a pie chart or a graph, in French, to analyse your findings and send to your friend in Limoges.

Detective’s assignment
Défense de fumer
Mike Martin has given up smoking. He has regretted starting this habit when he was younger.
Give a presentation in French about the problems of smoking among young people.
In order to prepare and research your presentation, you could read or listen to a number of sources in French.
You could mention:

  • why you think some young people take up smoking

  • the effects on health

  • what governments can do to discourage smoking

  • your opinion on this subject.

Include any other ideas of your own.

Your presentation should last at least 2 minutes.
Be prepared to answer questions about the topic.
Suggested websites

Episode 1: Learning log
Name__________________________________________ Class__________


Assez bien


Très bien

I can listen to and understand a story in French

I can write a description in French of a character in the story

I can read and understand a French puzzle

I can read and understand a French quiz

I can talk in French about what someone looks like

I can conduct a survey in French about types of transport and analyse the results

Detective’s assignment

Assez bien


Très bien

I can give a presentation in French about smoking and health

What went well:

Would be even better if:

Mike Martin et le Grand Jeu
Episode 2: L’arrivée à Paris

  • To listen to and understand an episode of a French audio book.

  • To write a description in French of a character in the story.

  • To read and understand a description in French of a hotel.

  • To write an email in French to organise accommodation in a hotel.

  • To talk in French about the sights in Paris.

  • To talk in French about a town in my own country.

  • To design a web page in French about a famous tourist attraction in Paris.

Detective’s assignment

  • To give a presentation in French about pollution in large cities.

Listening exercises
Mots clés
L’hippodrome – racecourse

Pas comme prévu(e) – not as expected

Se terminer – to come to an end

Chaque coin du monde – every corner of the world

À la dernière minute – at the last minute

Sans charge – free of charge

Désolé(e) pour le retard – sorry for the delay
Listen to Episode 2 and choose a, b or c from the answers below:
1. What is the number of Mike Martin’s flight?

(a) 3294

(b) 9234

(c) 4923
2 Mike describes himself to the man at the desk. How tall is he?

(a) 1 metre 68

(b) 1 metre 78

(c) 1 metre 75
3. What colour are Mike’s hair and eyes?

(a) Brown hair and blue eyes

(b) Red hair and grey eyes

(c) Black hair and green eyes

4. Mike’s bag is missing. How does he describe the missing bag?

(a) Brown with white stripes

(b) Black with red stripes

(c) Pink with black stripes

5. What is the man’s opinion of the Maurice Hotel?

(a) One of the most expensive in town

(b) One of the oldest in town

(c) One of the best in town

6. Mike tells the taxi driver about his last visit to Paris. When was it?

(a) Last year

(b) A long time ago

(c) On his birthday

7. The taxi driver talks about the entertainment in Paris. What does he think is especially good?

(a) Eating in restaurants

(b) Visiting the museums

(c) Going to the theatre

8. Which of these places do they see behind them as they are crossing the Bois de Boulogne?

(a) The Longchamp Racecourse

(b) The Arc de Triomphe

(c) The Eiffel Tower

9. Where were the aristocrats executed during the French Revolution?

(a) À la Place Charles de Gaulle

(b) À la Place de la Concorde

(c) Aux Jardins des Tuileries

10. Mike complains about his room. Which one of these problems does he mention?

(a) The telephone does not work

(b) The shower does not work

(c) The television does not work

11. The receptionist explains that the hotel is busy. What sporting event is taking place in Paris?

(a) The Tour de France

(b) A horse-racing event

(c) A marathon

12. Which group of athletes does the receptionist think is important?

(a) The German group

(b) The Spanish group

(c) The group from the Ukraine

13. The receptionist offers Mike a discount of

(a) 10%

(b) 15%

(c) 20%
14. Mike’s room number is

(a) 228

(b) 822

(c) 282
15. What does Mike order for the first course of his meal?

(a) Tomato soup

(b) Onion soup

(c) Potato soup

16. What does he order to drink?

(a) A bottle of wine

(b) A bottle of sparkling water

(c) A bottle of beer

17. Instead of the meal, a package is delivered. Which of these items does it contain?

(a) Money

(b) A laptop

(c) A memory stick

18. Someone knocks at the door. What does Mike think is being delivered?

(a) His missing bag from the airport

(b) A bottle of Champagne

(c) A ticket for the theatre

Sum up the story so far by completing the sentences below in English.

At the airport in Paris Mike discovers that………………………….........…….

On his way to the hotel by taxi, he sees………………………….....……………

The hotel lobby is………………………………………………………………….

Mike’s room is disappointing because…………………………………………...

He decides to have his meal in……………………………………………..……..

The meal is delivered by……………………………………………….....…..…..

Under the silver dome, he finds…………………………………………….……..

Someone knocks at his door saying they have brought………………………….

When Mike opens the door, he sees ……………………………..………………

His head hits the…………………………………………………………………...

Language skills: Exercise 1 (Writing)
In this episode we learn what Mike Martin looks like. This is the information we have:
1 metre 78 tall

Black hair

Green eyes

Wearing a crumpled, shabby suit.

Write a description of him in French.

Le détective écossais

Language skills: Exercise 2 (Reading)
Here is the description given in the brochure for Mike Martin’s hotel.

Read the description and take notes in English about the features mentioned under the headings provided:

Le Maurice avec sa vue sur le Jardin des Tuileries, est connu pour son ambiance humour et glamour.

160 chambres décorées dans un style luxueux.

Chacune des chambres est une oasis de calme et d’espace.

Toutes les chambres sont parfaitement équipées et disposent de la climatisation, d’un système de télévision interactive, d’un accès Internet haut débit et de plusieurs lignes téléphoniques.

The Maurice Hotel
Where it is:

Atmosphere in hotel:

Décor and atmosphere in the rooms:

Equipment in the rooms:

Language skills: Exercise 3 (Writing)
Work with a group
1. You are organising a trip to Paris with some of your friends in your youth club. You have to choose a hotel.

Look at some hotels on the internet and choose the one you would like to go to. Give reasons for your choice in English.

Name of hotel:

Reasons for choice:

2. Write an email in French to the hotel manager to book your accommodation.

You should mention:

Monsieur (Madame),

Suggested website

Language skills: Exercise 4 (Talking)
Work with a group

You and your friends have been invited to visit a French youth club during your stay in Paris. The French youth club has excellent computer facilities. Your French friends suggest that you use the internet to create virtual tours of each other’s home towns.

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