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Newsletter iowa District, Zone 3, Club Number 40-109 Governor Jim Boyd Cell 515-707-3956 Optimist International President Michel Listenberger, 269-683-2020

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The Optimist Club of Treynor, IA NEWSLETTER

Iowa District, Zone 3, Club Number 40-109

Governor Jim Boyd Cell 515-707-3956

Optimist International President Michel Listenberger, 269-683-2020

Club Officers for 2005-2006

President Gary Funkhouser 487-3343 Board Member

V. Pres., Pres. Elect Gary Guttau 487-3248 2004-2006 2005-2007

V. Pres. Jon Jacobsen 487-3193 Steve Irvin John Klein

Secretary Teresa Fahrenkrug 487-3675 Arlyn Norris Bob Hibbard

Treasurer Richard Vorthmann 487-3342 Denny White Larry Kramer

Past President Jeff Jorgensen 487-3355



August 8, 2006 Vol. 22 No. 43


The next meeting of the Optimist Club of Treynor is planned at 7:20 a.m. Saturday morning August 12, 2006 at the Treynor Community Center. DICK BABER has arranged for Harlen Hain to speak about his experience flying the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane. All members are encouraged to bring a guest.


At the Club meeting on 8/5 there were 25 members and one guest present. President GARY FUNKHOUSER opened the meeting by leading the pledge. BILL VORTHMANN led the devotional prayer.

The 50/50 was awarded to JUDY GUTTAU. The attendance pot was awarded to JOHN KLEIN.

KEITH DENTON added a dollar to the Youth Fund for the good time in the Ozarks vacationing with his daughter from Nashville, TN. JEFF NELSON also added a dollar as his photo was in the paper for purchase of a 4-H pig at WestFair on behalf of Nelson Outdoor Power.

Pres. FUNKHOUSER explained the need to amend the Articles of Incorporation of our Club to reflect the impending change of non-profit status.

JEFF JORGENSEN reiterated the need for new leadership for the Treynor Cub Scout Pack. The current Cub Master is willing to train the new leader.

Pres. FUNKHOUSER noted several volunteer opportunities coming up the next few months. Close at hand is Treynor Days and workers at the Bingo activity are needed. A sign-up roster will be circulated at the next Club meeting. Also during Treynor Days, 50/50 sales teams are needed throughout the day. GARY GUTTAU is the leader of this activity so let him know how you can help.

Treynor H. S. home football games begin on August 25, so a sign-up roster will be started for helpers at the gate and with parking at the five home games this season.

The next can and bottle sorting will be with the cheer leaders this Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Members are reminded that 3rd quarter dues are due if you haven’t already paid them to the treasurer.

Nine Board members met after the Club meeting. Treasurer RICHARD VORTHMANN reported a Club asset balance of $12,000 less planned expenditures of $3200. The amendments of the Articles of Incorporation filed with the state of Iowa were approved by unanimous vote. These amendments relat to articles describing the purpose and dissolution of the corporation with regard to IRS Code Section 501(c) 3 status.


Megan Godfrey spoke of her study-abroad experience in England where the famous author and playwright William Shakespeare lived and worked. Godfrey, a junior at Treynor High School, said she found the opportunity through the International Studies program of Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan. She joined a dozen other students in the study of Shakespeare starting in the lecture halls and library of Hillsdale. As part of the study course, the students, a couple of professors and a guide traveled to England for 12 days to look first hand at the legacy of Shakespeare. Godfrey noted that Shakespeare lived 1564 to 1616, during the Jacobean and Elizabethan periods of England. His writings are still widely read and studied today and his plays are continually presented in many settings. Godfrey stated the study group attended three plays; two plays in The Globe Theater, once owned by Shakespeare, and one play in an outdoor setting. The students also had to team up and present a performance of a scene from one of Shakespeare’s plays. Godfrey’s team won the competition. Godfrey explained the study group did some typical castle and cathedral tours and visited Oxford University. Oxford University was especially grand and her favorite place she visited was St. Paul Cathedral where she climbed the 532 steps to the top of the dome to look out over London. Godfrey said the experience in England was very gratifying and she would return at the first opportunity, even to pursue additional Shakespeare studies.


August Can Collections for Cheer Leaders

Aug. 8 Lamoni Club Meeting, Methodist Church, 7 p.m.

Aug. 9 Can and bottle sorting, 6 p.m.

Aug. 10-20 IA State Fair Optimist Booth.

Aug. 12. Iowa District Convention, Marshalltown, IA

Aug. 12 Club meeting, program by Harlen Hain, retired pilot.

Aug. 19 Club meeting, program by IA State Auditor David Vaudt

Aug. 19 Treynor Days Bingo, 1 – 4 p.m., 50/50 all day.

Aug. 26 Club meeting, program by Roy Schultz, retired D.V.M.

Aug. 30 Can and bottle sorting, 6 p.m.

September Can Collections for Cub Scouts





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P.S. “We are going to have a swell time tonight,” the boy friend suggested to his sweetheart. “I’ve got three tickets to the theatre.”

“Why do we need three seats?” she asked.

“They are for your father, your mother, and your kid brother,” he said.

L. A. Kramer, Editor, 30214 Beechnut Rd., Treynor, IA 51575 712-487-3669


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