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Incumbent of the Dr. Morton And Anne Kleiman Professorial Chair

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Idit Shachar 25/5/15


Idit Shachar, Ph.D.

Incumbent of the Dr. Morton And Anne Kleiman

Professorial Chair

Head, Department of Immunology

Weizmann Institute

Rehovot, Israel 76100


Place and date of birth: Israel, September 4th 1964

Marital status: Married with two children (16, 8)

Military service: 1982-1984, second lieutenant

Contacts: Phone: 08-9344257


Home page:


1993-1997 Post doctoral fellow with Dr. R.A. Flavell, Yale School of Medicine.

1989-1993 Ph.D., Biochemistry

Tel-Aviv University, The George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences.

Thesis title:

"The Molecular Basis for Sorting, Transport and Secretion of IgM" under the supervision of Dr. Shoshana Bar-Nun.

1987-1989 M.Sc., with honor, Biochemistry

Tel-Aviv University, The George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences, under the supervision of Dr. Shoshana Bar-Nun.

1984-1987 B.Sc., with honor, Biology

Tel-Aviv University, The George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences.

2013-present Full Professor in the Department of Immunology, The Weizmann Institute of Science.

2004- 2013 Associate Professor in the Department of Immunology, The Weizmann institute of Science.

1998-2004 Senior Scientist in the Department of Immunology, The Weizmann institute of Science.

1989 Guest scientist with Dr. R. Fine, Boston University

Medical Center (four months)


2014- Chair, 2015 EMBO-ESF on B cells

2014- President of the Israel Immunological Society

2014- Head, department of Immunology

2012-2013 Vice-chair, 2013 EMBO-ESF on B cells

2012-2014 Vice president of the Israel Immunological Society

2009-2014 Head of the theses committee

2006-2014 Treasurer of the Israel Immunological Society

Membership in National and International Academic Committees and Societies

2007-2014 Member in the Katzir Fellowship committee.

2006-2014 Member in the Theses committee.

2007-2010 Member in the FEBS fellowship committee.

2007-2010 Member in the Research and Administration Service Committee.

1998-present American association of Immunologists, Board Member.

1998-present Israel Immunological Society, Board Member
Membership in scientific advisory boards and consulting activities

2008-2010 Consulting to CytoD, Meytav technology incubator


1998- present Faculty courses in Immunology, teaching the B cell part.

1999-2002 Annual advanced Laboratory Course, The Weizmann Institute of Science.
Prizes and Awards

2005 Incumbent of the Dr. Morton and Anne Kleiman Professorial Chair.

2003 Teva prize for excellent research

2001 ISF prize for advancing education and science.

2000 Incumbent of The Alvin and Gertrude Levine Career Development Chair of Cancer Research

1997 Alon foundation, young scientist fellowship.

1995-1998 Irvington Institute for Medical Research. USA. Post-Doctoral Fellowship

1993-1994 Rothschild foundation, Israel. Post-Doctoral Fellowship

1993 Wolf Foundation award.

1991 ASCB meeting, Travel award.

1989-1993 Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel-Aviv University, Dean's Graduate award.

1983-1988 Dean’s honor.

International Conferences organizing committees

2015 EMBO-ESF conference: ”Be There Or Die? The Role Of The Microenvironment In B Cell Behaviour In Health And Disease” Spain

2015 FEBS workshop: “ Inflammation, the bonfire from within”, Israel

2015 MIF international meeting

2015 Annual meeting of the Israel Immunological Society

2013 EMBO-ESF conference: ” B cells from bedside to bench and back” , Poland

2012 FEBS workshop: “Decisions in the life of immune cells”, Israel

2010 The 32nd Annual Katzir-Katchalsky conference: “Immunity in context”, Israel.

2007 Annual meeting of the Israel Immunological Society

Invited Lectures and Chairmanship in International Scientific Meetings and seminars (five years)
2015 1. FEBS workshop: “ Inflammation, the bonfire from within”, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel. Organizer and speaker.

2. International MIF meeting, Rehovot, Israel, organizer and speaker.

3. “B cells: Immunity and Autoimmunity“, Erlangen, Germany- Invited speaker.

4. Richard Flavell 70’s birthday. Invited speaker.

5. Eurpean congress of Immunology 2015. Workshop’s chair.

6. EMBO-ESF conference: ”Be There Or Die? The Role Of The Microenvironment In B Cell Behaviour In Health And Disease” Spain. Chair and speaker.

7. Annual meeting of the Israel Immunological Society- Organizer.

8. ISF workshop- “Prospects of Immunity for Precision Cancer Medicine, Jerusalem, Israel. Invited speaker.

9. The 2nd Joint Symposium of the Trinity Biomedical Sciences institute and the Weizmann institute of Science- Organizer and speaker.
2014 1. Ilanit 2014- session chair and speaker.

2. International MIF meeting, Lausanne, Switzerland-invited speaker.

3. 3rd excellence in Midkine research conference, Kyoto, Japan-invited speaker.

4. "Inflammation and cancer- fast moving fields inbiomedicine yielding new therapies", Dublin, Ireland- Invited speaker.

2013 1. ESF-EMBO:” B cells from bedside to bench and back”, Poland, Co-chair and a speaker.

2. National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH, Bethesda, MD.

3. Weizmann-Karolinska Institute Symposium: Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, invited speaker.
2012 1. IUBMB and FEBS 2012 Congress, Seville, Spain. Invited symposium speaker.

2. FEBS meeting:” Decisions in the life of immune cells” Israel, Organizer and speaker.

3. 2nd excellence in Midkine research conference, Istanbul, Turkey. Invited Speaker.

4. “International MIF symposium” Louisville, KT, USA. Invited speaker.

5. “MIF in Health and Disease” Mumbai, India, Invited speaker.

6. Annual meeting of the Israel Immunological Society. Chair

2011 1. ESF-EMBO: B cells and Protection: Back to Basics, Spain. Invited speaker.

2. Manchester-Weizmann meeting, Manchester, England. Invited speaker.

3. Department of experimental Immunology and Hematology, the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

4. “International MIF symposium” New-Haven, CT, U.S.A. Invited speaker.

5. First French-Israeli International Meeting on B cells and Therapeutic

Antibodies, Jerusalem, Israel. Invited Speaker.

6. Second meeting on B cells and Autoimmunity, Haifa, Israel. Invited Speaker.
2010 1. Strasburg-Weizmann symposium. Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel.

2. Department of Lymphoma/Myeloma, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston Texas, U.S.A.

3. “Immunity in context” Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel. Organizer and speaker.

4. 6th International Symposium on “Cytokine Signaling” Aachen, Germany. Invited speaker.

2009 1. Keystone meeting: “B cells in context”. Workshop speaker.

2. Marie Curie conference: ”Immunology of HIV and TB infection” Stockholm, Sweden, invited speaker.

3. DFG sponsored Collaborative Research Center on Immunodeficiency (SFB 620): “New Developments in Immunodeficiency Research” Freiburg, Germany, invited speaker.

4. Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York, U.S.A.

5. “International MIF symposium” Schloß Hochhausen, Germany, invited speaker.

6. “The essential role of B cells in autoimmune diseases”, Technion, Haifa Israel. Invited speaker.

2008 1. McGill Weizmann symposium: “Cancer-a cellular and molecular view”, Rehovot, Israel, Invited speaker.

2. New York University School of Medicine, Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine, NY, U.S.A.

3. Laboratory for Immunological and Molecular Cancer Research, LIMCR

Federal Hospital Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria

Competitive National and International Grants (last 5 years)

Years Agency Sum

2015-2018 DKFZ-IMOS 130,000 Euro

2014-2017 BSF 90,000$

2014-2015 Merck 300,000 Euro

2012-2014 ICRF 60,000$

2011-2013 Kamin 200,000$

2011-2015 Israel Science Foundation 200,000$

2011-2012 Israel Cancer Association 50,000$

2009-2011 Israel Science Foundation 100,000$

2008-2011 Israel Science Foundation-Morasha 150,000$

2007-2010 Minerva 150,000$

2005-2008 EU 50,000 Euro

2005-2006 Israel Cancer Association 10,000$

2005-2008 Israel Science Foundation 120,000$

2004-2008 EU 90,000 Euro

Present and former graduate students and staff
Name Years Position

Lital Server 2014-2016 postdoc

Hadas Lewinsky 2014-2015 M.Sc.

Avital Barak 2014-2018 Ph.D.

Lihi Radomir 2013-2017 Ph.D.

Mattias Kramer 2013-2015 postdoc

Naama Gil 2012-2016 Ph.D.

Maya Yaskovich-Gordin 2012 postoc

Nimrod Hazan 2011-2012 M.Sc.

Inbal Binsky 2010-2011 postdoc

Ezster Bakos 2010-2015 Ph.D.

Ayelet Marom 2009-2014 Ph.D.

Yoni Lati 2008-2009 M.Sc.

Sivan Cohen 2008-2012 Ph.D.

Einat Zelman 2006-2011 Direct Ph.D.

Maya Yaskovich 2006-2011 Direct Ph.D.

Inbal Binsky 2005-2010 Direct Ph.D.

Anita Sapoznikov 2005-2009 Ph.D.

Tamar Avin 2005-2006 M.Sc.

Shirly Becker-Herman 2004-2005 postdoc

Yael Gore 2004-2009 Ph.D.

Galit Arie 2002-2003 M.Sc.

Helena Medvedovsky 2002-2003 M.Sc.

Gili Hart 2002-2007 Ph.D.

Gili Hart 2001-2002 M.Sc.

Liat Flaishon 2000-2004 Ph.D.

Anat Kerem-Angel 1999-2002 postdoc

Shirly Becker-Herman 1999-2004 Ph.D.

Didi Matza 1998-2002 Ph.D.

Referee for research grants and journals


Swiss Science Foundation; French National Research Agency; Germany-Israel Foundation (GIF); Israel Cancer Association; Israel Ministry of Health; Israel Science Foundation (ISF); United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF)


Immunity, Blood, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci U.S.A., Journal of Immunology, European Journal of Immunology, Journal of Biochemical Chemistry, Journal of Leukocyte Biology, Hepatology, Journal of Internal Medicine, Haematologica, Clinical Cancer Research, International Immunology,, FEBS Letters, Immunology letters, Steroids, Mediators of Inflammation.


1. “Method and Pharmaceutical composition for treating inflammation” United States patent No. 6,911,198, granted June 28th, 2005.

2. “CCL2, as an anti-inflammatory compound for the treatment of inflammation”. In registration process in the USA patent office.

3. “CD84 as a survival receptor in tumor cells”. In registration process in the USA patent office.

4. “Methods for treating inflammation; CD151 as a regulator of T cell homing and inflammation”. In registration process in the USA patent office.

5. “CD151 extracellular domain as a blocker of CD151 activity and inflammation”. In registration process in the USA patent office.
I. Languages

Hebrew 3

English 3

List of Publications:
1. Amitay R., Bar-Nun S., Haimovitch J., Rabinovitch E. and Shachar I. (1991) “Post-Translational Regulation of IgM Expression in B lymphocytes”. J. Biol. Chem. 266: 12568-12572.
2. Morin P.J., Johnson R.J., Shachar I., Fine R.E. and Leeman S.E. (1991) “Characteristics of Tachykinin Transport Vesicles in the Optic Nerve”. Ann. NY. Acad. Sci. 632: 442-443.
3. Shachar I., Amitay R., Rabinovitch E., Haimovitch J. and Bar-Nun S. (1992) “Polymerization of Secretory IgM in B Lymphocytes is Prevented by a Preceding Targeting to a Degradation Pathway” .J. Biol. Chem. 267: 24241- 24247.
4. Amitay R., Shachar I., Rabinovitch E., Haimovitch J. and Bar-Nun S. (1992) “Degradation of Secretory IgM in B Lymphocytes Occurs in a post-Endoplasmic Reticulum Compartment and is Mediated by a Cysteine Protease”. J. Biol. Chem. 267: 20697-20700.
5. Rabinovitch E., Bar-Nun S., Amitay R., Shachar I., Gur B., Taya M. and Haimovitch J. (1993) “Different Assembly Species of IgM are Directed to Distinct Degradation Sites Along the Secretory Pathway”. J. Biol. Chem. 268: 24145-24148.
6. Shachar I., Rabinovitch E., Kerem A. and Bar-Nun S. (1993) “Thiol Reducing Agents and Calcium Perturbants Alter the Intracellular Sorting of IgM”. J. Biol. Chem. 269: 27344- 27350.
7. Shachar I., Elliott E.A., Chasnoff B., Grewal I.S. and Flavell R.A. (1995) “Reconstitution of Invariant Chain Function in transgenic Mice in vivo by Individual p31 and p41 Isoforms”. Immunity 3: 373-383.

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  1. Shachar I. and Flavell R.A. (1996) “Invariant Chain is Required for B Cells Maturation and Function”. Science 274: 106-108.

  1. Pierre P*., Shachar I.*, Matza D., Gatti E., Flavell R.A. and Mellman I. (2000) “Invariant Chain Controls H2-M Proteolysis in Mouse Splenocytes and Dendritic Cells”. J. Exp. Med 191: 1057-1062.

*Pierre and Shachar contributed equally to this work.

  1. Flaishon L., Hershkovitz R., Lantner F., Lider O., Alon R., Levo Y., Flavell R.A. and Shachar I. (2000) ”Autocrine Secretion of Interferon g Negatively Regulates Homing of Immature B Cells”. J. Exp. Med. 192: 1381-1387.

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*Equal contribution

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*Equal contribution

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Invited reviews:
1. Matza D., Kerem A. and Shachar I. (2003) “Invariant chain, a chain of command” Trends in Immunol. 24: 246-248.

2. Shachar I. and Haran M. (2011) “ The secret second life of an innocent chaperone: The story of CD74 and B-cell/chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) cell survival”. Leukemia and lymphoma 52: 1446-14454.

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7. Bucala R. and Shachar I. (2015) “The integral role of CD74 in antigen presentation, MIF signal transduction and B cell survival and homeostasis” Mini reviews in Medicinal Chemistry. 14: 1132-1138.
Chapter in a book:

The MIF handbook: chapter “CD74, the natural receptor for MIF, regulates cell survival in health and disease”. Word scientific press (2012).

Submitted papers:

Marom A, Barak A.F., Kramer M.P., Binsky-Ehrenreich I., Cohen S., Lewinsky H., Tsitsou-Kampeli A., Kalchenko V., Kuznetsov Y., Mirkin V., Dezorella N., Shapiro M., Schwartzberg P.L., Cohen Y., Shvidel L., Haran M, Becker-Herman S., Herishanu Y. and Shachar I. (2015) “CD84 mediates CLL-microenvironment interactions”.

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