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Newsletter iowa District, Zone 3, Club Number 40-109 Governor Jim Boyd Cell 515-707-3956 Optimist International President Michel Listenberger, 269-683-2020

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The Optimist Club of Treynor, IA NEWSLETTER

Iowa District, Zone 3, Club Number 40-109

Governor Jim Boyd Cell 515-707-3956

Optimist International President Michel Listenberger, 269-683-2020

Club Officers for 2005-2006

President Gary Funkhouser 487-3343 Board Member

V. Pres., Pres. Elect Gary Guttau 487-3248 2004-2006 2005-2007

V. Pres. Jon Jacobsen 487-3193 Steve Irvin John Klein

Secretary Teresa Fahrenkrug 487-3675 Arlyn Norris Bob Hibbard

Treasurer Richard Vorthmann 487-3342 Denny White Larry Kramer

Past President Jeff Jorgensen 487-3355



July 31, 2006 Vol. 22 No. 42


The next meeting of the Optimist Club of Treynor is planned at 7:20 a.m. Saturday morning August 5, 2006 at the Treynor Community Center. GARY GUTTAU has arranged for Treynor High School student Megan Godfrey to tell us about her recent trip to London, England. She will be speaking first on the meeting agenda. All members are encouraged to bring a guest.


At the Club meeting on 7/29 there were 23 members and two guests present. President GARY FUNKHOUSER opened the meeting by leading the pledge. CHAD GUTTAU led the devotional prayer.

The 50/50 was awarded to CATHY SCHMITT. The attendance pot was awarded to RICHARD VORTHMANN.

JIM CLAUSEN put a dollar in the Youth Fund in recognition of his birthday, and JEFF JORGENSEN contributed in recognition of his anniversary. GEORGE SCHNEIDER was elected to the WestFair Hall of Fame for 2006. For this he added a dollar. As he put a dollar in the fund, GERALD FORRISTALL highly recommended the current performance at the McCready Theater in Macedonia, IA. LINNEA WHITE added a dollar to the fund and announced she had ripe peaches available on her place at 16720 275th Street (487-3062). They are ripening quickly during the current heat wave. She brought some samples to share.

Thanks to Pres. FUNKHOUSER, LES HARVEY, RICHARD and BILL VORTHMANN, JOHN KLEIN, CHAD and GARY GUTTAU, BOB HIBBARD, and JERYL, KEVIN and MARSHA UNDERWOOD for helping the girl scouts with can and bottle sorting. Pres. GARY announced that the Treynor High School Cheerleaders would be using the Can Kennel in August. Their first can and bottle sorting will be on the 9th at 6 p.m.

Thanks to JOHN SCHMITT, DALE WILLENBORG, LES and MILLE HARVEY, VIRGIL HOLST, Brandon Fahrenkrug, JERYL and KEVIN UNDERWOOD, LARRY KRAMER and Pres. FUNKHOUSER for working the gates at WestFair last Thursday afternoon. It might have been the best time during the fair as it was relatively cool after the morning thunderstorms. Pres. FUNKHOUSER recognized LARRY KRAMER and JERYL UNDERWOOD for working double time periods at the gate.

Pres. FUNKHOUSER presented to BOB HIBBARD the Optimist International pin for sponsoring our newest club member Carl Garaffa. Pres. FUNKHOUSER asked all members to consider friends and neighbors who might be interested in joining our Club to serve youth and community.

DICK BABER announced the first meeting of the organized Lamoni Optimist club is scheduled August 8.

JEFF JORGENSEN announced that the Treynor Cub Scout Pack is looking for a person to take over for Cub Master Jill Orr in the near future. He noted there are more than fifty boys participating in the Cub Pack.

Pres. FUNKHOUSER announced there would be a Board meeting after the next Club meeting.


Tom Jensen, the Director of The Center for senior citizens in Council Bluffs, spoke to Club members about the many services offered to Pott. County residents over age 50. Jensen stated that Iowa has a higher proportion of seniors over age 65 than the rest of the U.S. and Iowa has the greatest proportion of seniors over 85 compared to all other states. Jensen explained there are 20,000 potential members of The Center in Pott. County and 1500 have become members. In the new $4.5 million facility on South Main in Council Bluffs there are many resources to promote healthy and happy lives for seniors. Jensen explained the facility is multipurpose and has a heated indoor pool, a fitness studio, a massage studio, exercise equipment, indoor recreational equipment, class rooms, a kitchen, and an auditorium. A professional staff and volunteers supervise participants of the many activities. Jensen said The Center is unique in the blend of activities and services provided. He is looking for similar facilities in the U.S. to study their programs, but hasn’t found one like it. The Center is approaching its designed membership capacity, Jensen stated. He is considering ideas to expand some services to other communities. One idea is The Center staff could supervise activities in local community centers where more participation is expected. Transporting seniors to The Center is a very expensive service that is not offered at present, Jensen noted.


August Can Collections for Cheer Leaders

Aug. 5 Club meeting, program by Megan Godfrey.

Board meeting after Club meeting.

Aug. 8 Lamoni Club Meeting, Methodist Church, 7 p.m.

Aug. 9 Can and bottle sorting, 6 p.m.

Aug. 10-20 IA State Fair Optimist Booth.

Aug. 12. Iowa District Convention, Marshalltown, IA

Aug. 12 Club meeting, program by retired SR 71 Black Bird pilot Harlen Hain.

Aug. 19 Treynor Days Bingo, 1 – 4 p.m.

Aug. 26 Club meeting, program TBA.

Aug. 30 Can and bottle sorting, 6 p.m.

September Can Collections for Cub Scouts





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P.S. Two men at the local grain elevator were talking. “My wife thinks she should have a dish-washing machine,” said one. “You’re lucky,” the other answered. “My wife thinks she married one.”

L. A. Kramer, Editor, 30214 Beechnut Rd., Treynor, IA 51575 712-487-3669


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