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Before presenting message from me to students, make sure this checklist is complete

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Message From Me – Quick Start Guide


Website Checklist

⁃ Each student's profile page has:

⁃ The student's name

⁃ The student's picture

⁃ Names, titles, and pictures for adults the student will send messages to

⁃ An RFID number under "Profile Info"

⁃ Each group's profile page has:

⁃ The group's name

⁃ The group's picture

⁃ Names for all the teachers and students whose family and friends are in the group

⁃ An RFID number under "Profile Info"

⁃ All participating adults are verified (i.e. the word "Messages" appears under their name in the list of adults).

⁃ Each adult's profile page shows them connected to the correct student(s).

⁃ After you make changes on the website, perform a “System Update” on the kiosk (hold down the blue and green buttons for a few seconds).

Kiosk Checklist

⁃ The kiosk is plugged into a power outlet.

⁃ The camera is in the kiosk's camera tray and its batteries are charged.

⁃ The Verizon MiFi is turned on.

⁃ The MiFi is on when the screen shows a cell tower with reception bars next to it and a battery with power bars inside it. The MiFi takes about 30 seconds to start up completely.

⁃ The Verizon MiFi shows 3 or 4 reception bars.

⁃ The kiosk is turned on. The kiosk is on and ready to function when the screen is blue with the words "Message From Me" showing.

⁃ The kiosk takes at least 2 minutes to start up completely, but may take up to 10 minutes. It goes through the following stages:

⁃ A small grey box appears on the screen with the words "No Input Signal."

⁃ The screen turns black.

⁃ The screen turns white and the word "Overo" appears along with a progress bar.

The screen turns black

⁃ A grey patterned screen appears with several boxes along the top corners and the bottom of the screen.

⁃ The blue "Message From Me" screen comes up with a "Network Down" stop sign. The kiosk is trying to connect to the MiFi network, which can take several minutes. A dot appears in the lower left corner of the MiFi screen when the kiosk has connected.

The stop sign disappears, and the kiosk is ready to use.



…the stop sign says "Network Down"?

  • Make sure the Verizon MiFi is on with 3 or 4 reception bars showing. Once it is on, wait one minute for the kiosk to connect to the MiFi.

  • If the MiFi is on with 3 or 4 reception bars and the kiosk still says "Network Down" after several minutes, restart the MiFi.

  • If the kiosk still says "Network Down" after the MiFi has restarted, restart the kiosk.

…nothing happens when I put down a child's card?

  • The network may be down, even though the "Network Down" stop sign is not showing. Remove the child's card and hold down the blue and green buttons for a few seconds. The kiosk will say, "Goodbye." If the "Network Down" stop sign shows up, follow the directions under "…the stop sign says 'Network Down.'"

…the stop sign says "System Update"?

  • Wait for the sign to go away while the kiosk sends data to the server. This usually takes one minute, but may take several minutes.

…the stop sign says "Unknown Card"?

  • This card has not been assigned to a child yet. Hold down the green button to bring up the list of unassigned children. Use the yellow buttons to select a child to assign the card to. (See manual page 28.)

…the camera keeps turning off?

  • The camera's batteries need to be recharged. Take the batteries out of the camera and put them in the charger. Place the charged batteries in the camera and continue taking pictures.

...the pictures I took won't load?

  • Make sure the camera is on before you put it back on the kiosk.

  • The space between the kiosk shell and the pressure sensor that recognizes when the camera is put back may be dirty. Turn the kiosk on its side and use a can of compressed air to blow any dust or debris away from the sensor.

  • Check that the MiFi is on with 3 or 4 reception bars and two dots in the lower left corner of the screen – one for the kiosk and one for the EyeFi. (The EyeFi transfers pictures from the camera to the kiosk over the MiFi network.) If the network has gone down, it may take the EyeFi up to five minutes to reconnect to the MiFi. Once the EyeFi has reconnected, your pictures should start to show up.

…no adults show up for a child to send a message to?

  • This child is not connected to any adults on the website, so they can not send messages yet. See manual page 24 for instructions on connecting children with adults. Remove the child's card and hold down both the blue and green buttons for a few seconds to send the kiosk back to the home screen. The kiosk will say, "Goodbye," do a "System Update," and return to the home screen.

…I can't hear the instructions from the kiosk?

  • Turn up the speaker volume on the kiosk. The volume control is a black knob on the underside of the green board inside the kiosk. (See the manual appendix for an image.)

  • If you still can't hear the instructions, there may be a problem with the speakers. Contact your PAEYC liaison.

…I can't hear my message play back or the playback sounds garbled (but the kiosk's instructions sound ok)?

  • Make sure you hold down the blue square button firmly the entire time you are recording your message. Wait until the button's light is solid (not blinking) before starting to talk.

  • If you still can't hear the message or it still sounds garbled, there may be a problem with the microphone. Contact your PAEYC liaison.

…I accidentally started to send a message or I don't want to send a message anymore?

  • Remove your card and hold down both the blue and green buttons for a few seconds. The kiosk will say, "Goodbye," do a "System Update," then return to the home screen.

Kiosk Software Version 2 | Feb 11, 2013

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