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Microsoft Office Accessibility Checklist

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Microsoft Office Accessibility Checklist

This checklist quickly identifies all items that are beneficial to creating accessible Office documents and aids in the creation of 508 compliant PDFs. The answers to the statements below should be “Yes” or “NA”. If you answer “NO” then that particular item should be corrected.

Test Condition


1. The latest version of the Microsoft Office application was used.

2. Styles and Formatting elements were used (i.e. Headers, Bullets, or Numbers) to create the document’s structure.

3. The Table tool was used to create tables properly.

4. The Column tool was used to create columns and not the Tab key.

5. Used the Headers and Footers tool to insert Headers and Footers.

6. Meaningful alternative text was added to all non-text elements such as images or objects that convey information.

7. Text descriptions have been provided within the content to describe complex tables or embedded elements.

8. Complex graphics were grouped.

9. Color was not the only method used to convey information.

10. A strong foreground and background color contrast was used.

11. If Animations have been used they can be disabled.

12. Accurate and effective navigational features, such as hyperlinks, tables of content, and bookmarks have been included as appropriate, using Microsoft Office’s built-in features.

13. Hyperlinks are active and validated for accuracy.

14. The document’s language is easy to understand and the Spell Check tool was used.

15. Standard fonts were used and the use of shadow or reversed text was avoided.

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