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The Complete Skywald Checklist

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The Complete Skywald Checklist
This index is as complete as possible given Skywald’s custom of often dropping credits off stories, hiding credits in the art of the story {mostly under Hewetson’s reign—in windowsills, gables, panel borders, etc.}, the heavy use of pseudonyms & single names and the miscrediting of stories to the wrong artist.
Many of the mysteries regarding credits have been solved by access to Al Hewetson’s notes & checklists as well as the extensive aid of Christos N. Gage. Check out the end of the bibliography for interviews with Al Hewetson, Ed Fedory, Augustine Funnell & Maelo Cintron. You’ll be glad you did!

1. cover: Brendan Lynch? (Dec. 1970)

1) The Pollution Monsters [Mike Friedrich/Don Heck & Mike Esposito] 10p

2) Master Of The Dead! [?/Martin Nodell &Vince Alascia] 6p [reprint from Eerie #14, Avon, 1954]

3) Dance Macabre [?/Syd Shores? & Bill Everett?] 6p [reprint from the 1950s]

4) Orgy Of Blood [Ross Andru & Mike Esposito/Ross Andru & Mike Esposito] 8p

5) A Nightmare Pin-Up [Bill Everett] 1p

6) The Skeletons Of Doom! [Art Stampler/Bill Everett] 3p [text story]

7) Help Us To Die! [?/?] 6p [reprint from the 1950s]

8) The Thing From The Sea! [?/Wally Wood & Mike Esposito?] 7p [reprint from Eerie #2, Avon, 1951]

9) The Creature Within! [?/?] 3p [reprint from the 1950s]

10) The Deadly Mark Of The Beast! [Len Wein/Syd Shores & Tom Palmer] 8p

11) Nightmares’s Nightmail [letters’ page] 1p

Notes: Publisher: Sol Brodsky & Israel Waldman. Editor: Sol Brodsky with Herschel Waldman listed as associate editor. $.50 for 64 pages. Much of the first two issues featured 1950s era reprints. There are no direct credits for individual stories but authors listed on the titlepage include Wayne Benedict, Marv Wolfman, Mike Friedrich, Noel Haven, Ross Andru & Mike Esposito while artists listed include Don Heck, Mike Esposito, Syd Shores, David Hadley, Bill Everett, Tom Palmer & Dick Richards. While there are only three new stories and a new text story in this issue, some of the 1950s era art appears to have been re-inked by Bill Everett, especially ‘Dance Macabre’ which also may have 1950s era pencils by Syd Shores. Best story here is Len Wein’s ‘The Deadly Mark Of The Beast!’ while Bill Everett’s pin-up has the best art. Wally Wood is credited in both The Wally Wood Treasury from the 1970s and The Wallace Wood Checklist from 2002 for ‘The Thing From The Sea!’ but the artwork looks nothing like his style from that period. It’s possible a very young and inexperienced Wood penciled the work but he certainly did not ink it. Mystery solved!! Thanks to Bill Black reprinting the original Wood version of ‘The Thing From The Sea’ in his excellent Crypt Of Terror magazine, it’s clear that the version of that story presented here in Nightmare #1 had been heavily redrawn and completely re-inked, possibly by Mike Esposito. There’s also been some slight rewriting of the original script. Only Wood’s layouts remain of the original artwork. The presence of a letters’ page is also suspect, since it featured letters written before the first issue appeared! Al Hewetson’s personal checklist had Mike Esposito as the cover artist but it doesn’t really appear to be his work.
2. cover: Boris Vallejo (Feb. 1971)

1) Children Of The Cold Gods! [Ross Andru & Mike Esposito/Ross Andru & Mike Esposito] 10p

2) The Phantom Of Philip Hawks [?/?] 6p [reprint from the 1950s]

3) The Mirror Of Death [?/?] 6p [reprint from the 1950s]

4) The Circle Of Circe! [Gardner Fox/Syd Shores & Mike Esposito] 8p

5) Nightmare Pin-Up #2 [Bill Everett] 1p

6) Time Stop [Art Stampler] 3p [text story]

7) Blood For The Vampire [?/?] 8p [reprint from Eerie #7, Avon, 1952]

8) The Massacre Of Mankind! [?/?] 8p [reprint from the 1950s]

9) Pressed For Time [Marv Wolfman/Dan Adkins] 8p

Notes: Again there are no individual story credits but the authors’ list includes Wayne Benedict, Marv Wolfman, Mike Friedrich, Noel Haven, Ross Andru & Mike Esposito, Gardner Fox & Phil Seuling. There are no artists’ credits. Again, there are three new stories and a new pin-up. Best art & story go to the intriguing little witchcraft tale ‘Pressed For Time’. ‘Children Of The Cold Gods!’ is a very odd story. A letter to readers promises all new stories beginning in the next issue. Gardner Fox also wrote a story dealing with Circe for Warren around this time period.
3. cover: Boris Vallejo (Apr. 1971)

1) The Inner Man [Tom Sutton/Tom Sutton & Dan Adkins] 10p [Sutton’s story credited to Sinclair Rich;

Sean Todd for art]

2) The Victims [Gerry Conway/Rich Buckler] 6p

3) Vault Of A Vampire [Al Hewetson/Serg Moren] 8p

4) When The Dawn Gods War! [Gardner Fox/Paul Reinman & Mike Esposito] 8p

5) A Rottin’ Deal [Bruce Jones] 9p [story & art credited to Philip Roland]

6) Horror Man [Art Stampler] 2p [text story]

7) Nightmare Pin-Up #2 [Chic Stone] 1p

8) Soul Of The Warlock [Chic Stone] 8p

9) Beware Small Evils! [Jack Katz & Frank Giacoia/Jack Katz & Frank Giacoia] 10p [story credited to

Frank Voltaire]

10) Ad for Psycho #2 & The Crime Machine #1 [on inside back cover]
Notes: All new stories begin. Many of the Warren artists appearing here, mindful of Jim Warren’s edict that you couldn’t work for Warren & his competitors at the same time, used pseudonyms to hide their identities. That might have worked for writers but artists such as Sutton or Ernie Colon’s styles were so distinctive that it’s hard to see how Warren could have not known it was them. This was a fairly decent issue with the best story & art going to Bruce Jones {hiding behind the name Philip Roland} for his delightfully disturbed ‘A Rottin’ Deal’ while good work also appeared from Tom Sutton, Al Hewetson, Serg Moren, Jack Katz & Frank Giacoia and Chic Stone. The pin-up by Chic Stone is listed as Nightmare Pin-Up #2 but it is actually #3 and one of the corpses bursting out of their graves in the pin-up is clearly Warren’s Uncle Creepy! ‘Vault Of A Vampire’ is future editor Al Hewetson’s first story for Skywald.
4. cover: Harry Rosenbaum (June 1971) [cover is miscredited to Boris Vallejo]

1) Phantom Of The Rock Era [Chuck McNaughton/Ralph Reese] 8p

2) Shoot-Out At Satan’s Coffin [Mike Jennings/Jack Abel] 10p

3) The Mad Mind Doctor! [Chuck McNaughton/Dick Ayers & Mike Esposito] 6p

4) A Nightmare Pin-Up [Bill Everett] 1p

5) Hag Of The Blood Basket! [Al Hewetson/Tom Sutton] 16p [Sutton’s art credited to Sean Todd]

6) A Living Death! [Gary Friedrich/Tom Palmer] 10p

7) The Horror On The Chapel Wall [Gardner Fox/Serg Moren] 9p

8) Nightmare’s Nightmail [letter’s page] 1p
Notes: $.60 for 64 pages with the issues now squarebound. Ads for the never published Science Fiction Odyssey appear. The delirious ‘Hag Of The Blood Basket’, a clear forerunner of the Skywald ‘Horror-Mood’, featured the best story & art. The lead character in that story greatly resembles EC’s Old Witch! There’s also good work from Chuck McNaughton, Ralph Reese, Bill Everett & Tom Palmer. A pretty good issue.
5. cover: Boris Vallejo (Aug. 1971)

1) The Man Who Became…Frankenstein! [Allan Asherman/Harold Shull] 1p [frontis]

2) Slime World [Chuck McNaughton/Ralph Reese] 10p

3) Whence Stalks The Werewolf [Len Brown/Carlos Garzon] 6p

4) Nightmare’s Nightmail [letter’s page; short bio & photo of Boris Vallejo] 2p

5) The Doom Star! [Chuck McNaughton/Tom Sutton, Dan Adkins & Ralph Reese] 10p [Sutton’s pencils

credited to Sean Todd]

6) Great Men Of The Horror Films: Boris Karloff [Allan Asherman] 4p [text article w/photos]

7) Creature Of The Deep [Chuck McNaughton/Jack Katz & Jack Abel] 12p

8) Nazi Death Rattle [Al Hewetson/Serg Moren] 9p

9) Within The Torture Chamber [Kevin Pagan/Doug Wildey] 8p

10) back cover ads for Hell-Rider #1; The Crime Machine #2 and the never published Science Fiction

Odyssey #1] 1p
Notes: More ads appear for the aborted Science Fiction Odyssey. Best story & art go to the excellent Parisian sewer tale, ‘Slime World’, by Chuck McNaughton & Ralph Reese. Other good work was done by Tom Sutton, Al Hewetson, Kevin Pagan, Doug Wildey & Serg Moren. The Pagan/Wildey story ‘Within The Torture Chamber’ is a bondage/torture tale of exactly the sort that the Comics Code was established to suppress.
6. cover: Jeff Jones (Dec. 1971)

1) Medea [Michael Kaluta] 1p [frontis]

2) Nightmare’s Nightmail [letter’s page; interview with Jeff Jones] 2p

3) Love Witch And The Battle Of The Living Dead [Marv Wolfman/Ernie Colon & Jack Abel] 15p

4) The Living Gargoyle [Jerry Siegal/Carlos Garzon] 6p

5) Broken Sparrow [Larry Todd] 6p

6) Great Men Of The Horror Films: Boris Karloff, part 2 [Allan Asherman] 4p [text article w/photos]

7) Corpse By Computer! [Robert Kanigher/Doug Wildey] 11p

8) The Cosmos Strain [Michael Kaluta] 6p [story credited to Steve Stern]

9) The Geek! [Pat Boyette] 6p

Notes: ‘The Love Witch’ is continued from Psycho #3 and has several pages of its story printed out of sequence. ‘The Living Gargoyle’, written by Superman creator Jerry Siegal, has nothing to do with the later Human Gargoyles’ series. The Steve Stern name is believed to be a house name. It appears nowhere else, nor for any other company and it was used at Skywald only twice, with artists closely related through their fanzine work—Michael Kaluta & Jeff Jones. Best art & story belong to Pat Boyette’s ‘The Geek!’ with other good stories from Kaluta & Larry Todd. Jeff Rovin interviews cover artist Jeff Jones on the letters’ page.
7. cover: Jose Miralles (June 1972)

1) The Haunted Strangler [Al Hewetson/Pablo Marcos] 1p [frontis]

2) The Penitent [Ed Fedory/Ferran Sostres] 7p

3) Group Jeopardy [S. F. Starr/Amador Garcia] 6p

4) The Giant Death Rat [Al Hewetson/Serg Moren] 7p [story credited to Howie Anderson]

5) Nightmare’s Nightmail [letter’s page] 2p

6) Gasp! [Donald Brown] 3p

7) FANtasia [Jeff Rovin] 1p [text article]

8) Dracula [Allan Asherman] 6p [text article w/photos]

9) The Altar Of Blood [Bob Kirschen/Pablo Marcos] 7p

10) A Father’s Lament [Ed Fedory/Francisco Cueto] 9p

11) Artifacts [Dennis Fujitake] 4p

12) The Essential Horror [Al Hewetson/Ramon Torrents] 8p

13) Mummy Pin-Up [Pablo Marcos] 1p [on back cover]

Notes: After a hiatus of several months, brought on by the collapse of Skywald’s color line, the magazines returned with some changes. Herschel Waldman was now listed as Business Manager. The issue number appears for the first time on the cover. A reader’s contest is announced with the prize being the original art to Bill Everett’s pin-up from #1. Best story is Al Hewetson’s ‘The Giant Death Rat’ while the best art belongs to Ferran Sostres’ ‘The Penitent’. A contract with the Spanish art agency S.I. to provide artwork begins to push American artists out of the Skywald pages.
8. cover: Vicente Segrelles (Aug. 1972)

1) Andras: The Grand Marquis Of Hell! [Al Hewetson/Pablo Marcos] 1p [frontis]

2) Snow-Bound! [Ed Fedory/Felipe Dela Rosa] 8p

3) Hey Creep: Play The Macabre Waltz [Al Hewetson/Ferran Sostres] 6p

4) Nightmare’s Nightmail [letter’s page, letter from Mrs. Julie Hewetson] 2p

5) Rot, Robin, Rot! [Al Hewetson/Dan Sevilla] 3p [story credited to Jay Wood]

6) The Tunnels Of Horror [Al Hewetson/Pablo Marcos] 8p

7) Satan’s Graveyard [Al Hewetson/Syd Shores & Dan Adkins] 7p [Shore’s pencils credited to Jim Elder]

8) Nightmare Movie Review: Tales From The Crypt [Al Hewetson] 4p [text article w/photos]

9) Hung Up [Bruce Jones] 10p

10) The Sting Of Death [Chic Stone] 6p

11) The Weird And The Undead [Al Hewetson/Ferran Sostres] 7p [story credited to Howie Anderson]

12) Ad for Psycho #8 [on inside back cover] 1p

13) Phantom Of The Opera Pin-Up [Pablo Marcos] 1p [on back cover]

Notes: Al Hewetson is now listed as Associate Editor. Best art is provided by Bruce Jones on ‘Hung Up’ although Felipe Dela Rosa and Pablo Marcos also deliver high quality work. Best story is Hewetson’s ‘The Tunnels Of Horror’, which, like a number of early Skywald stories, takes place in the sewers of Paris. Julie (Mrs. Al) Hewetson sends in a letter complaining about Al biting her neck at night! The Tales From The Crypt movie review reprints two EC comic panels. The photos used as background art in the story ‘Satan’s Graveyard’ were taken by Al Hewetson. This story also caused a falling out between friends Hewetson & Shores when Shores became angered over what he regarded as a vindictive ink job by Adkins, who was apparently angry over Skywald’s low pay rates. Shores demanded a house name {Jim Elder} be used instead of his and announced that he’d never work for Skywald again. Hewetson spent two years rebuilding bridges with Shores until in early/mid-1973, Shores agreed to do another Skywald tale. Unfortunately, Shores died before actually beginning the artwork.
9. cover: Jose Mirelles (Oct. 1972)

1) Frontis & titlepage [Al Hewetson/Pablo Marcos] 2p

2) Markheim [Al Hewetson/Jesus Duran] 7p from the story by Robert Louis Stevenson [art credited to D.


3) The Nightmare World Of James Edgar: Call Them Ghouls, Call Them Trolls, Call Them Things [Al

Hewetson/Pablo Marcos] 3p from a dream by James Edgar

4) The Guillotine [Al Hewetson/Felipe Dela Rosa] 1p

5) Zoo For The Beasts Of The Universe [Al Hewetson/Maelo Cintron] 2p

6) Lunatic Letters’ Page/Editorial [Al Hewetson] 2p

7) The Shoggoths: The Skull Forest Of Old Earth [Al Hewetson/Zesar Lopez] 7p

8) The Abominable Dr. Phibes [Al Hewetson] 4p [text article w/photos]

9) The 300th Birth Day Party [Al Hewetson/Ramon Torrents] 5p

10) The Gargoyle Trilogy [Al Hewetson/Felipe Dela Rosa] 11p

11) The Night In The Wax Museum [Al Hewetson/Villanova] 8p [The artist’s name was variously spelled

with one or two L’s. Since his work for Seaboard/Atlas was spelled with 2 L’s, I’ve followed that


12) Dracula [Al Hewetson/Pablo Marcos] 1p

13) The Beast Within [Al Hewetson/Amador Garcia] 9p

14) Next Issue Ad [Al Hewetson/Pablo Marcos] 1p

15) The Thing In The Alley [Al Hewetson/Berni Wrightson] 1p [text story, on back cover.]

Notes: Al Hewetson is now full Editor and it immediately shows in the many series debuts amid full horror-mood themes. Mirelles’ cover is a striking image. Hewetson introduces a short-lived horror host for Nightmare, who would later be named Mr. Pook. The contents page features the first mention of the term “horror-mood’ in this title. Maelo Cintron, one of the mainstays of the latter-day Skyward artists, makes his professional debut. ‘Nightmare World’ began a semi-regular series in which readers sent in their nightmare, which were then adapted into stories. Although the gargoyles in the story ‘The Gargoyle Trilogy’ are drawn identically to those of the Human Gargoyle series {whose first chapter was also drawn by Dela Rosa, appearing in Psycho #8 at almost the same time as this appearance}, this story was not a part of that series. The Shoggoths series begins, with Hewetson using H. P. Lovecraft’s Shoggoths as villains, although the stories themselves are new, not adaptations. Hewetson’s Shoggoths didn’t physically resemble Lovecraft’s descriptions either. This was also the first appearance for the Darkos Mansion {sometimes called Darkkos Manse, or other variations}. Darkos Mansion was the setting for stand-alone stories tied together by the mythology of the location, a rotting mansion in a swamp. By a printer’s error, the back cover text story & the inside back cover ad for this issue also appeared on the back & inside back cover for Warren’s Eerie #42, which came out the same month! This was apparently due to the fact that, for a time, both Skywald & Warren shared the same printer. The Wrightson artwork that appeared in that story was originally intended as a spot illo for the aborted Science Fiction Odyssey #1. The letters’ page mentions a script submission by Roger McKenzie. For all the innovation taking place, this isn’t a particularly good issue, with the stories in particular being somewhat weak. The best story & art was for the Stevenson adaptation by Hewetson & Duran. The all original 1972 Nightmare Annual appeared between this issue & #10.
10. cover: Ken Kelly (Dec. 1972) [edited: Al Hewetson]

1) Mr. Pook’s Introduction [Al Hewetson/Pablo Marcos] 2p [frontis & titlepage]

2) Princess Of Earth! [Al Hewetson/Pablo Marcos] 7p

3) Nightmare Movie Review: Frogs [Al Hewetson/Berni Wrightson & Pablo Marcos] 3p [text article.]

4) The Funeral Barge [Al Hewetson/Juez Xirinus] 7p

5) Satan’s Cellar [Al Hewetson/Ferrer Maitz] 6p

6) The Proverbial Killer [Doug Moench/Villanova] 7p

7) A Macabre Fact Of Life: Demonic Possession [Al Hewetson/Pablo Marcos] 4p

8) Game Of Skill [Joan Cintron/Maelo Cintron] 1p [story credited to Kinsman]

9) The Nightmare World Of Trisha Hamlin Of Livingston, Kentucky: They Crawled Out Of The Crater [Al

Hewetson/Lara] 4p from a dream by Trisha Hamlin

10) Black Communion [Ed Fedory/Felipe Dela Rosa] 8p

11) …Slither Into The Concocted Lunacy Of The Astonishing Horror-Mood Within This Noxious

Nightmare Number 10… [Al Hewetson/Ernie Colon, Berni Wrightson & Basil Wolverton] 2p

[text article/editorial]

12) The Human Gargoyles, part 2: 1 And 1 Equals 3 [Al Hewetson/Maelo Cintron] 9p

13) Ad For Psycho #10 [Al Hewetson, on inside back cover] 1p
Notes: Herschel Waldman now listed as co-publisher. The ‘Horror-Mood’ phase makes its first cover appearance. The letters’ page features illos by Basil Wolverton, who Hewetson said inspired his use of alliteration, and Ernie Colon. The Human Gargoyles serial, which had debuted in Psycho #8, moves to Nightmare, with Maelo Cintron now the artist. The lead character’s looks and his dialogue in ‘The Proverbial Killer’ were clearly modeled on director Woody Allen! Wrightson’s art for the movie review was also originally intended as a spot illo for the aborted Science Fiction Odyssey #1. The Cintron one pager ‘Game Of Skill’ was Cintron’s sample page, which Sol Brodsky had brought before returning for Marvel. Best story was Ed Fedory’s ‘Black Communion’ while the best art belonged to Juez Xirinius’ dynamic, moody art for ‘The Funeral Barge’. Good work was also supplied by Maelo Cintron, Felipe Dela Rosa, Al Hewetson, Doug Moench and Pablo Marcos.
11. cover: Jose Antonio Domingo (Feb. 1973) [Credited to JAD]

1) Mr. Pook’s Introduction [Al Hewetson/Pablo Marcos] 2p [frontis & titlepage]

2) The Wetness In The Pit [Al Hewetson/Pablo Marcos] 5p

3) Taw!!! [Ed Fedory/Antonio Borrell] 6p

4) Lon Chaney, Sr. in The Phantom Of The Opera [Al Hewetson/Pablo Marcos] 1p

5) Nightmare World: The Beasts Of Tomb Beach! [Al Hewetson/Wayne Howard] 4p from a dream by

Mike Black

6) Where Gods Once Stood [T. Casey Brennan/Carlos Garzon] 6p

7) Corridors Of Caricature [Al Hewetson/Jesus Duran] 7p

8) Man-Bat [Al Hewetson/Pablo Marcos] 1p [looks quite a lot like DC’s Man-Bat!]

9) Letters-Editorial Page: Doug Moench Profile [Al Hewetson/Jay Lynch] 2p [text article w/photos]

10) The Shoggoths: Where Are The Inhabitants Of Earth? [Al Hewetson/Zesar Lopez] 10p

11) Titan Weep [Al Hewetson/Pablo Marcos] 3p

12) Nightmare Movie Macabre Reviews: The Classics [Al Hewetson] 5p [text article w/photos]

13) The Horror War [Al Hewetson/Antonio Borrell] 9p

14) Ad for Psycho #11 [on inside back cover—features the Heap] 1p

Notes: Pablo Marcos was listed as Art Director for this issue only. The lead character in ‘The Wetness In The Pit’ is based on Skywald publisher Herschel Waldman. ‘The Horror War’ includes Richard Nixon as a character and featured a photo of Nixon taken by Hewetson himself. Neither a particularly good issue, nor a particularly bad one. The all original Nightmare 1973 Winter-Special appeared between this issue & #12.
12. cover: Vicente Segrelles (Apr. 1973)

1) Nightmare In The House Of Poe [Al Hewetson/Ferran Sostres] 13p

2) Premature Burial [Al Hewetson/Juez Xirinius] 8p from the story by Edgar Allan Poe

3) Kiss Of The Vampires [Chic Stone] 9p

4) I Am Dead: I Am Buried! [Al Hewetson/Villanova] 10p

5) The Night Of The Corpse-Bride [Doug Moench/Villanova] 7p

6) Screaming Scrawlings: Editorial-Letters’ Page: Herschel Waldman Profile [Al Hewetson] 2p [text


7) The Assassin-Bug [Al Hewetson/Antonio Borrell] 9p

8) Monster, Monster On The Wall! [Augustine Funnell/Pablo Marcos] 4p

Notes: Augustine Funnell makes his professional debut with ‘Monster, Monster On The Wall’. That story was originally intended as a stand alone story but Hewetson persuaded Funnell to continue it as a series. Chic Stone’s ‘Kiss Of The Vampires’ was probably done in 1971. ‘Nightmare in The House Of Poe’ features the best art, by Ferran Sostres, although Pablo Marcos, Juez Xirinius and Antonio Borrell also delivered good work. Best story is Hewetson’s adaptation of Poe’s classic ‘Premature Burial’.
13. cover: Vicente Segrelles (June 1973)

1) …The Corpse-Feast! [Ed Fedory/Juez Xirinius] 1p [frontis]

2) At Mind’s Edge [Ed Fedory/Jesus Duran] 6p

3) Curse Of The Werewolf [Ed Fedory/Villanova] 1p

4) …Die Little Spider! [Al Hewetson/Fernando Rubio] 4p [story credited to Stuart Williams]

5) The Mad Nightmare World Of H. P. Lovecraft [Al Hewetson/Felipe Dela Rosa] 2p

6) …Only The Wretched Die Young… [Al Hewetson/Ricardo Villamonte] 9p [story credited to Ricardo


7) Editorial Page: Syd Shores Profile [Al Hewetson] 2p [text article]

8) The Corpse [Al Hewetson/Francisco Cueto] 10p [story credited to Howie Anderson]

9) Frankenstein 1973 [Al Hewetson/Villanova] 9p [story credited to Earle Leroy]

10) Nightmare Movie Review: Ben & Willard [Al Hewetson] 5p [text article w/photos]

11) The Human Gargoyles, part 3: Only The Strong Shall Survive [Al Hewetson/Maelo Cintron] 9p

12) Psycho Ad [various] 1p [on inside back cover]

13) Scream Ad [?] 1p [on back cover]
Notes: Segrelles’ cover is particularly dynamic and is probably the best single cover that Skywald ever published. The letters’ page features a photo of Syd Shores and a letter from future artist Gene Day. Hewetson also mentions a story that Shores was to illustrate but Shores died before the story was drawn. Reader feedback is requested in a ‘Bigger Bunch Of Questions’ section. The Frankenstein story is continued from Psycho #6 and is a part of the Frankenstein, Book II series. That series would conclude in Scream #6 a year later. Ricardo Villamonte delivers the best art while the Human Gargoyles chapter features the best story.
14. cover: Villanova (Aug. 1973)

1) The Easter Island Things [Al Hewetson/Maelo Cintron] 1p [frontis]

2) The Diary Of An Absolute Lunatic [Al Hewetson/Felipe Dela Rosa] 10p

3) A Wretched Bunch Of Letters/editorial [Al Hewetson] 2p [text article]

4) The Plastic Plague [Jack Katz] 8p

5) Death Of The 80th Victim! [Doug Moench/Ricardo Villamonte] 8p

6) …Werewolf… [Ed Fedory/Juez Xirinius] 1p

7) …And The Corrupt Shall Dine! [Ed Fedory/Fernando Rubio] 5p

8) Charles Laughton: Scream Screen Scenes [Al Hewetson/Domingo Gomez] 2p

9) Starchild [Bruce Jones] 6p

10) The Creature From The Black Lagoon [Al Hewetson/Ricardo Villamonte] 2p

11) The Butchered At Earth’s Core! [Ed Fedory/Jesus Suso Rego] 7p

12) The Human Gargoyles, part 4: And They Did Battle With The Thing From Underneath [Al

Hewetson/Maelo Cintron] 9p

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