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National Joint Headquarters

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National Joint Headquarters

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LtCdr Haavar Bjoersvik


2012/DEFNON/SSN-CoSS info

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SafeSeaNet Norway users

Regarding military reporting for foreign vessels in SafeSeaNet Norway

SafeSeaNet Norway (SSNN) opens for holistic reporting concerning foreign non-military vessels visiting Norwegian waters.

Safe Sea Net Norway will now release the military module in SSNN containing functions for reporting position and DTG for entering and leaving Norwegian baseline. This information is mandatory for all foreign non-military vessels entering Norwegian waters as stated in Royal decree laid down on December 23rd 1994 “Regulations governing the entry into and passage through Norwegian territorial waters in peacetime of foreign, non-military vessels”.

Vessels using SSNN can as of the release day, 19th January 2012, deliver complete Arrival notification through the portal, and do not have to report data as mentioned directly to the Coastal Surveillance Centre.

Norwegian Joint Headquarters hope to see as many as possible using the new electronic reporting. This simplifies the reporting for vessels, owners, operators, agents and military authorities. For user guide please see SSNN portal main page where a link to the user guide “User guide MIL pages SSN - version 1.0” is posted.

Vessels do still have the possibility to report directly to military authorities - Coastal Surveillance Centre by phone, e-mail and Telefax. However, digital reporting using SSNN directly is encouraged. This can be done by the vessel Master, delegated to the vessels Norwegian agent or by Coastal radio VHF channel 16 to be advised. Reporting through SSNN portal will provide several authorities with needed information and reduces the need to provide the same information to different authorities several times.

Coastal Surveillance Centre will provide support on reporting issues and can be contacted by following means:

Phone: +47 75 53 62 98, E-Mail:

For technical support concerning the Safe Sea Net portal please contact Brevik VTS by following means:

Phone: +47 35 57 26 25, E-Mail:

Lars Saunes

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