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On 2 March 2010, I brought my Blackberry to the ‘

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On 2 March 2010, I brought my Blackberry to the ‘3' store in the xxxxxxx Centre (C208).  The screen on the device had gone completely blank, rendering the phone useless.  My theory is that sand had got in to the phone, as I was using it one minute to BBM with a friend, then the next minute it went blank.

Regardless, I brought the phone in for a repair.  I dealt with an agent named xxxxxxx.  I was told it would take 10 business days to have the phone repaired.  After filling out a form, I was given a replacement phone.

Within hours of getting home, the phone went dead.  This was peculiar because the phone was connected to the charger.  The next day, I brought the phone and charger back to the store, only to find out I had been given the wrong charger.  I was then informed that the store did not have any more replacement phones.

I informed the agent (name unknown) that I had purchased an extended warranty on the Blackberry, and that under this agreement, I was told that if I needed a repair, ‘3' would provide me with a replacement phone.  The agent then told me that if I wanted a replacement phone, I would have to go to another ‘3' store in an outlet mall 20 minutes away by car.  I told her this was unreasonable and that I was entitled to a phone.

The agent then went into the back of the store and brought me a replacement phone.  Why I was told there were no more phones is beyond me.

12 business days after I first brought the phone in for repair, I called ‘3' customer care to inquire about its status.  I was told that it usually takes 3 weeks instead of 10 business days because “it takes longer to fix Blackberry's”.

I called again after 3 weeks and was told that the repair centre is backed up and that I will receive a status update within the week.  I waited a week, and nothing came.

I called the customer center for a third time on 1 April.  I explained the situation in full to the agent on the phone, and my situation was met with total indifference.  I was again told that the repair centre was backed up. I was told they're having staffing issues.  I told the agent that it's been over a month since I brought the phone in for repair, and that all I want to know is what's wrong with my phone.

The agent told me he would personally look in to it and call me back at the end of the day.  That never happened.  I figure because it was the long weekend, people were leaving early and that I should hear something back the next week.  But again, no one got back to me.

So there I was, nearly a month and a half after I brought my phone in for repair, still without answer.  What's more, the replacement phone I've been given drops calls randomly, and I'm still be charged the full monthly rate.

Eventually, '3' told me that my phone was being sent back to the store where I dropped it off because I didn't authorize any repairs.  This, despite the fact that I did not receive ANY text messages or calls explaining what needed to be done.

I submitted a complaint to the Telecommunications ombudsman, and within a few days, received a call from '3' apologizing for any inconvenience.  This time I was dealing with a woman with an Australian accent, instead of a thick Indian accent.  I was sent a new phone.  I thought this would be the end of this ordeal and that I could move on with my life.

As soon as the new phone came in, I went back to the '3' store in the xxxxxxx Centre to drop off the phone.  I asked if there was any form I needed to sign when I dropped off the phone. I  was told by the agent that there was nothing to sign, and that they would make a note on my account.  this would have been at the beginning of May.
For the next few months, I kept getting text messages from '3' saying I had to return the phone or else I'd be charged to replace it.  I replied to this message several times saying I already brought it back to the store.  I received no acknowledgment. 
Then, at the beginning of this month (October), '3' put a $150 charge on my monthly bill for failing to bring back the phone.  I called the customer service centre to find out what was going on.  I was told that if I wanted the charge removed, I would have to go back to the mall and find out what happened, then have one of the agents calls customer service to confirm.  I told the woman on the phone that is was totally unacceptable.  I brought back the phone as I was supposed to and even offered to sign a confirmation form.
After several calls with customer service, repeated threats to go back to ombudsman AND a call to Visa to report an unauthorized deduction from my account, '3' removed the $150 charge.
Overall, my experience with '3' has been terrible.  I have never encountered such terrible customer service in my life.  How this company has managed to stay afloat is nothing short of a miracle.
If there are any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you for your time.
-Jordan Lester




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