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Role: Archive & Administration Assistant (Intern) Voluntary Placement Reporting to

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Role: Archive & Administration Assistant (Intern) Voluntary Placement
Reporting to: Company Project Manager / Administrator (Supervisor), on a daily basis

Relating to: Co-Artistic Director
Overview: Supporting Mandinga’s administration and operation on a day to day basis.

Assisting the Company Project Manager and Co-Artistic Directors in the

archiving of Mandinga’s extensive collection of carnival costumes and artefacts.

About Mandinga Arts

Mandinga Arts researches, designs, creates and delivers extraordinary and innovative outdoor performance costumes, floats and processions, engaging communities in collaboration with skilled professional artists, drawing on European, Latin American and African traditions, and continuously reinventing.

Mandinga Arts was established in 2002 by Co-Artistic Directors Charles Beauchamp and Julieta Rubio in response to a need for artists to work together on outdoor performance and to practice, improve, educate, share and promote carnival arts. The company brings together live music, carnival and street costume and dance, drawing on diverse influences from Europe, Latin America and Africa, with community based contributions to the carnival and outdoor performance movement in the UK.
Based in South- West London, Mandinga Arts’ studios are also used to facilitate workshops that enable the Co-Artistic Directors to share ideas and expertise with artists, practitioners and the community. As well as providing Master Workshops for those with an interest in expanding their expertise in costume design and outdoor arts, Mandinga Arts also facilitates workshops in schools and colleges for children and young people.
Mandinga Arts is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation.

The World of Mandinga Arts’: A Long Term Aim

In March 2011 Mandinga Arts were successful in securing Grants for the Arts funds to allow the Company to begin the first exciting steps of its long aim of creating the World of Mandinga Arts.  At its most aspirational the World of Mandinga Arts concept is that Mandinga develops and successfully operates a public facility to combine a permanent exhibition space for its work alongside a company archive/storage facility that provides for easy access to, and use of, all of the Company’s artefacts and costumes. The third ingredient is workshop space dedicated to participation activity – artist master classes and community and educational workshops - providing for hands on experience for participants to learn and practise the skills that make Mandinga unique.
With funding from Grants for the Arts the Company has taken the first steps by acquiring a large ground floor studio space to collate and archive all of its costumes, puppets and structures.

1. General Administration:

Under the supervision of the Company Project Manager:

  • Day-to-day office administration (filing, ordering and upkeep of stationery/ other supplies) and responding to general enquires via phone, post and email.

  • To take part in the regular business and any other relevant meetings of Mandinga Arts.

  • To assist in organising, servicing and minuting staff meetings.

  • To assist in the compilation of research and statistics for funding bodies, the Board and for marketing purposes.

  • Undertake other research projects as required.

  • To help maintain the company filing systems.

  • Any other ad hoc duties requested by the company.

2. Collection Archiving: ’The World of Mandinga Arts’:

Under the supervision of the Co-Artistic Directors:

  • To assist in archiving Mandinga’s extensive collection of carnival costumes and artefacts accumulated over 20 years of creativity.

  • To assist with the organisation of Mandinga’s large storage warehouse; labelling and railing up costumes in size order, buy collection.

  • To document each costume by photograph and log item specifics e.g. number of costumes and number of each size available.

  • To create a database for collated information back in the Mandinga office under supervision of the Company Project Manager.

3. Marketing:

Under the supervision of the Company Project Manager:

  • Assist in delivering marketing plans in order to promote the work of the company, as well as assisting in the production and distribution of publicity materials.

  • Database management - manage, organise, and update Mandinga’s contacts list, suppliers list.

  • To assist in building press contacts and distributing press releases.

  • To advocate for the company as and when required at performances, workshops, and other networking events.

4. General:

  • To assist by undertaking reasonable administrative tasks as agreed with the Company Project Manager, and support other members of staff where possible. This will involve staffing the office during normal office hours and occasionally representing the company at events and meetings outside of these hours or outside the Mandinga office.

  • To work within and have a commitment to developing Equal Opportunities in all areas of company practice.

  • Adhere to stated policies and procedures relating to health and safety.

  • Adhere to procedures relating to the proper use and care of equipment and materials for which the role has responsibility.

5. Person Specification:
The appropriate candidate will possess:

  • Strong organisational skills

  • Strong communication skills, both oral and written.

  • A good level of computer literacy, specifically knowledge of Microsoft Office, Word and Excel. Knowledge of Access would be a bonus

  • The willingness to work independently and as part of a team

  • Experience of working in an office environment

  • A flexibility and willingness to learn

  • A willingness to work (occasionally) outside the normal working hours and participate in Mandinga Arts events

  • An interest in Carnival Arts and public arts events

They will be keen to learn within the environment of a small office supporting a company with big ideas and extraordinary imagination.


  • Full UK driving licence

  • Experience of working on arts based projects

  • Experience of archiving / cataloguing

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