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Internal Cross-reference Primary Reference Number

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  1. Perhaps the most important thing to stress is that MIDAS is a standard to guide the creation of inventories and as such has no data to verify interpretations against. As it is a guide, it will not be implemented in the same way twice and this mapping should, therefore, be regarded as a set of templates to be used to map the actual inventories implemented.

  2. The Direction of Property Column indicates if the following property should be read forwards (F) using the none bracketed text or in reverse (R) using the bracketed text. Properties having no reverse text are left unmarked.

  3. Where an instance is simultaneously of two classes, the classes will be listed in a comma separated list before the bracketed instance.

  4. The entries are about a particular monument and so Statement One will normally start from that monument.

  5. Lines which do not start with statement one, show branches of the mapping. Only one such branch will be shown per line. Such branches may be of one of two forms:

    1. An instance of a class (E number with bracketed description) is repeated on a line below to indicate that it has two or more properties attached to it. For example

E18 Physical Stuff (cross referenced monument)


P1 identified by (identifies)

E41 Appelation (Internal Cross-reference Primary Reference Number)

E18 Physical Stuff (cross referenced monument)


P70 documents (is documented in)

E31 Document (cross referenced entry)

    1. A property may have its “property of a property” shown below. For example

P3 has note

E62 String (Currency)

P3.1 has type

E55 Type {MIDAS:Location Currency}

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