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National blue beret

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Congratulations! The final slotting list for National Blue Beret has been released and you have been selected to attend this premier activity.
This letter contains pertinent information about the next step in attending Beret. Forms are attached and you will need to fill them out in accordance with the directions below. All forms, with the exception of the transportation sheet, must be completed and returned NLT 1 June 2015.
We REQUIRE that you fly into Appleton (ATW), WI. Retrieve your luggage and locate the CAP member by the nearest exit. We will provide transportation from the Appleton airport to the CAP facility at Wittman Field. Cadets may also travel by bus to Oshkosh, WI. Travel in appropriate civilian attire. Travel in CAP uniforms is NOT authorized. NBB staff providing transportation will be in CAP uniform. If you are driving, directions will be sent to you later.
Print yourself a copy of all forms. These forms must be emailed/scanned to us by 1 June 2015. Make sure that you fill them out correctly:


This includes arrival and departure times and flight/bus information. Specify if driving (all keys must be turned in upon arrival). Cadets should arrive MONDAY 13 July 2015, in the morning if possible. (If arriving earlier, contact the Assistant Activity Director prior to booking to make arrangements. Cadets may arrive earlier only if riding with staff.) Make your departure for 27 July 2015, preferably in the afternoon.


Please include a copy of your insurance card and make sure your parents sign the release form. Cadets over the age of 18 still must have parents/ guardians signature!


We need your cover size to order the correct beret. Use your flight cap size. T-shirts are available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL; please specify your preference. Make sure you put your emergency services qualifications, as we use these to place you in appropriate flights. You cannot attend if you do not have your GES 116 and 117s completed!

Remember, this information is needed by 1 June 2015. Contact information is provided on the Contact Sheet (which should be left with your parents during the event itself), but is provided here for your convenience. Should you have questions, feel free to e-mail Col Rick Franz, CAP (Assistant Activity Director) at
The packing list is enclosed. BDUs are the daily uniform. DO NOT BRING THE AF STYLE BLUE UNIFORM. Storage space is limited. Please note that you are required to bring at least one pair of NAVY BLUE shorts (preferably cargo). This is necessary in order for all NBB participants to have uniform dress during extremely hot weather. These shorts should be conservative and above the knee. Short-shorts and cut-offs are NOT acceptable. Bring appropriate civilian attire for your free time and night out.

Please make sure your CAP membership is current and will not expire during the activity. This will be checked and you will not be able to remain at NBB ‘13 if you are not a current member! Furthermore, ALL Officers (adults) must ensure they possess a valid CAP driver’s license.
Email is the required method to send forms. However, in unusual circumstances, members may mail their forms to Col Rick Franz at the following address:
Col Rick G. Franz, CAP

PO Box 3506

Salina, KS 67401

(785) 577-5100
On behalf of all the staff, welcome to National Blue Beret 2015!

James D. Peace

James D. Peace, Lt Col, CAP

Activity Director, NBB 2015

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