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Mbask joint-Stock Insurance Company

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MBASK Joint-Stock Insurance Company
Advanced with knowledge of the best international insurance practices, the latest insurance products, and excellence in customer care and services, MBASK is one of the most reliable and stable insurance companies in the market to provide the most productive and effective

solutions for the corporate and individual clients' insurance needs, doing this through satisfaction of clients, suppliers, employees, and shareholders.

MBASK is pleased to announce the following vacancy:
Senior Auditor

  • Two years of relevant work experience;

  • Strong reporting and communication skills;

  • Strong literacy in computer-based applications;

  • Fluent in Russian and Azerbaijani. Preference may be given to English speaking candidates;

  • Excellent interpersonal skills;

  • Able to work as team member and to establish professional relationships.


Candidates should e-mail resumes to the following address (Please indicate the position you apply for): not later than Friday, July 6, 2007.

Please note that only short-listed candidates will be notified. We may refer your resume for consideration for other vacancies in future. Please, no phone calls.

MBASK Joint-Stock Insurance Company

Address: 80/9, Hazi Aslanov str, Baku, Azerbaijan

Tel: (+994 12) 498 91 90

Fax: (+994 12) 498 10 62


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