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Ievgenia Kuprikova

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The Resume

Ievgenia Kuprikova

Address: Mariupol, Donetsk region, Ukraine

Tel. +3 8 098 08 26 293


Skype kuprikovaev1

Personal information

Age: 30 y.o.

Marital status: single

Have no bad habits.

Ready to travel on business. Driving license, category “B”. Travel passport is available.

Job experience

Manager (foreign trade) Private Firm, Kharkov

May 2009 – present time

Making contracts with the clients. Business correspondence (China). Sales. Running working processes. Collaboration with suppliers. Paperwork.

Manager Blinds and curtains salon “Papirus”, Mariupol

September 2008 – May 2009

Making contracts with the clients, performance of measurements, sketch design, custom tailoring, items arrangement. Collaboration with suppliers. Paperwork.
Staff insurance agent Insurance Company “Illichivska”, Mariupol

July 2007 - May 2008

Search for new clients, making of insurance contracts (Life and non-life) with external clients, consultation accompaniments of short-term and long-term contracts, recruitment and training of new agents, assistance to marketing specialist in design of advertising materials, marketing research, making of TV items about insurance company (local television).
Achievements: making of additional contracts with the personally worked clients base (over 230 clients), successful recruitment – 6 new agents; manager assistant of the insurance agent group for development of advertising materials; the 1st place in the competition “The best advertising slogan for insurance company”; commendation from the insurance company management for the development of insurance business on the territory of Mariupol.
Out-of-staff insurance agent Insurance Company “Illichivska”, Mariupol

April 2006 - July 2007

Search for new clients, making of insurance contracts (only LIFE) within the bounds of corporate insurance on the territory of “Illich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol”, presentations.
Achievements: the 2nd place in the rating competition of insurance agents according to the results of 2006. I met all conditions of the agreement and was taken to the staff.
Member of the election committee (Local elections. All-Ukrainian parliament elections) Constituency No. 52, Mariupol

December 2005 - April 2006

Work with the electors, social organizations and public officers.
Economist CJSC Shipyard” PLAZZ” Mariupol

September 2005 - December 2005

Cost estimation of production, repair and service of yachts and boats, creation of progress and repair schedules.
Economist Press-forging shop of OJSC“Azovmash”, Mariupol

July 2004 - September 2005

Cost and calculation estimation, pricing, statistical and analytical reports on production.
related courses

April 2012 - May 2012 – E-learning and Functional trainings UEFA EURO 2012 (Welcome and Information Services),Kharkov

September 2011- May 2012 – FCE (English language courses and passing the exam), The Ukrainian- British College,Kharkov

March - April 2006 - courses “Life and retirement insurance” (2 months), Insurance company “Illichivska”, Mariupol

October 2007 – training course “Creation and development of agents net” (1 week), Nechiporenko business center, Kiev

November 2007 - January 2008 – driving courses (2,5 months), driving school of Mariupol. Driving license category “B”

January 2008 – refresher training courses for insurance agents (1 week), Insurance company “Illichivska” (life), Mariupol

March 2008 – course “Theory and practice of risk insurance” (1 month), Insurance company “Illichivska” (non-life), Mariupol


2010-2012 – The Ukrainian-British College –PET,FCE

1999-2004 – Pryazovskyy State Technical University (full time), faculty of economics, specialty “Economics of enterprise”

Diploma of specialist in economics and business undertaking (with the academic right for postgraduate study)

1995-1999 – Gymnasium No. 1 of Mariupol, Ukraine (class of physics and mathematics). School-leaving certificate with honors

1994-1995 – Secondary school No. 25 (Mariupol)

1991-1994 – Secondary school No. 2 (Chekhov, Sakhalin, Russia)

1990-1991 – Secondary school No. 1 (Chekhov)

1989-1990 – Secondary school No. 34 (Mariupol)

1988 – School of the children’s earlier development (singing, choreography, drawing, English language), Mariupol

Other education

1991-1994 – Children’s music school (Chekhov, Sakhalin, Russia). Class of piano

1992-1994 – Studio of arts (Chekhov, Sakhalin, Russia). Class of painting

1994-1995 – School of arts (Mariupol, Ukraine) Class of piano. Class of choir

Other experience

June 2012 - Welcome and Information Hotel Back Office Volunteer, UEFA EURO 2012,Hotel “Kharkiv Palace”,Ukraine

Summer 2001 – volunteer, Children’s Christian camp “Sputnik”, Slavyansk, Ukraine

Summer 2002 – volunteer, Children’s health camp “Severnyy”, Sopino, Ukraine

Summer 2003 – volunteer, Children’s health camp “Kosmos”, Yuryevka, Ukraine

2000 - 2003 – newspaper editor of the faculty of economics, Pryazovskyy State Technical University, Mariupol

Summer 2008 - assistant manager on work with foreign students (Poland, Brazil, Shanghai), Children’s health camp “Kosmos”
Computer skills

Windows: Excel, Word, Access, Internet.

Language skills

Russian - Native

Ukrainian - Expert

English – Upper-Intermediate (FCE)

French - Elementary

Greek - Elementary


Gold medal for special achievements in education, Gymnasium No. 1 of Mariupol (1999)

Silver pin of Insurance group “Illichivska” for the second place in the rating competition of insurance agents according to the results of 2006.

Commemorative prize for the first place in the competition “The best advertising slogan for insurance company” (2007)

Commendation of the insurance company management for the company’s development (2008)
References are available upon request.

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