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Task: Tonight, write me a letter about yourself

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Dear Ms. Maxson…

TASK: Tonight, write me a letter about yourself. It does not need to be long, but please write enough to give me a better sense of you:

your background, interests, likes, dislikes, etc.

Below you will find questions to help you.

Please avoid just answering the questions in a list.
You do NOT need to answer ALL of the questions, but please address these questions:

  • What are your hopes and fears for 10th grade?

  • In general, how would you characterize your experiences with English classes?

  • How do you see me as being able to support you in accomplishing your goals so that you have a great 8th grade year?

Consider the following:

You as an individual:

  • What are your interests / hobbies / likes or dislikes?

  • What makes you happy?

  • What situations make you feel uncomfortable / annoyed or sad?

  • Do you have a large family? Small family? Tell me more if you’d like. 

You as a reader/writer:

  • Do you enjoy reading/writing?

  • Do you like to read fiction (stories)? What are some of your favorites?

  • Do you like to write in your free time? If so, what are you writing?

  • Do enjoy reading non-fiction (history, news, true stories, etc)? Do you have any favorites?

You as a student:

  • Do you like to work in groups, or prefer to work alone?

  • Do you tend to procrastinate or to work too hard when it isn’t necessary?

  • Do you get stressed out about assignments or tend to need a bit of help getting motivated?

  • What is your attitude about school?

ASSESSMENT: Letter will not be graded on the quality of your writing. However, it will give me an initial snapshot of about you as a person, so the more you include, the better I will be able to get to know you as a learner, student and also as a person.
DUE DATE: Tomorrow!

Although this is informal, it is still a letter, so please open with a greeting (Dear Mrs. Maxson) and end with a closing and your name.

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