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Nessie the loch ness monster

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Copyright 2008

By Mason Emerson
Some people say there is a large creature or monster that lives in Loch Ness in Scotland. Many people became aware of the creature now called “Nessie” on May 2, 1933. On August 4, 1933 a man from London named George Spicer said he and his wife saw a dragon or pre-historic animal walk across a road to the lake with an animal in its mouth. They said its body was about 4 feet or one meter high and and 25 feet or eight meters long. It had a long, narrow neck thicker than an elephant's trunk as long as the road was wide, that is twelve feet or three to 3.7 meters long.
That September a veterinary student said he also saw the creature at night, and on December 6, 1933 a photography taken by Hugh Gray was published. The government order police to not attack the creature. More articles were published. These were mostly anonymous. They told about other sighting by friends or other people. R.T. Gould, a commander in the Royal Nnavy, published a book about Nessie. It included records that were from before 1933. Other people also wrote books.
We now know there have been sightings over many centuries. The oldest known is told in the Life Of Saint Columba written by Adomnan during the 600s. It says Columba, who is also called Iona, shouted at the huge creature which then fled. This saved the life of a Pict named Lugne and pagans who saw the event gave praise to the God of Christians. However this happened in the River Ness instead of the lake, and Adamnan wrote of other monsters too.
In May 1943, C.B Farrel of the Royal Observer Corps reported seeing Nessie. In December 1954 the sonar of the fishing boat Rival III detected a large object moving with the boat at a depth of about 480 feet or 146 meters. There have been some other photos and videos made of what might be a huge creature at Loch Ness which some people think are real and other people think are hoaxes.
One theory is that Loch Ness is connected under the water to the Atlantic Ocean. Sometimes a huge unknown creature, such as a species of giant newt, or surviving Plesiosaur dinosaur, swims from the Atlantic into Loch Ness. The lake or loch has only existed about 10,000 years since the end of the previous Ice Age. Before that time it was frozen almost 20,000 years. In a series of articles in 1992 in New Scientist, Dr Maurice Burton suggests that the creature or group of creatures may instead be logs.


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