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Ministry of taxes

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is inviting to the open tender regarding the procurement of printing materials.

The bid is held in 1 stage(s):

stage 1 - printing materials


Bidders are invited to submit their bids in a written form, signed and sealed in double envelopes. Bidders must possess necessary financial and technical resources in order to fulfill the contract. Those who want to become a bidder on the tender will receive the Bidding Documents in Azerbaijani language 16, Academician Lev Landau st., Baku (Coordinatior :Gulbahar Gasimova, Telephone :(+994 12) 403 87 91; Fax: (+994 12) 403 89 77; email address: after transferring the participation fee on corresponding stage(s) to the following bank account as indicated below .

Participation fee

stage 1 - 400 manat 

Account Number :


Tax Identification Number


Name of the Bank :

State Treasury Agency 



Tax Identification Number:


Correspondence Account Number:



CTREAZ 22 Büdc%

The participation fee will not be reimbursed in any case.
In order to participate on the tender the bidders must provide the following documents:

  1. Written request for participation;

  2. Bank Receipt verifying your transferred participation fee;

  3. Bid (it must remain valid for a minimum of 30 banking days after the date that bid envelopes are opened);

  4. Bank guarantee in 3 %amount of the bid (it must remain valid for a minimum of 60 banking days after the date that bid envelopes are opened)

  5. Certificate (reference) from an official tax organization showing present or past responsibilities (obligations) regarding taxes and/or other compulsory payments owed in the Republic of Azerbaijan

  6. A copy of a financial report approved by the tax organizations showing the bidder’s activities in the last 12 months;;

  7. Reference from a bank attesting to the bidder’s financial condition in the last 12 months;;

  8. Complete name of the bidder, legal status, charter/mission, country of registration and company and bank details;

  9. Certificates of origin and conformity for corresponding goods;

  10. Other requirements:


Documents must be compiled and submitted in Azerbaijani language, including two copies (original and copy). Bids written in any language other than Azerbaijani must be translated. 
Bidding Procedure will be held in accordance with the «Dövlət satınalmaları haqqında» 
In order to participate on the tender, bidders must submit 1) the documents mentioned above (with the exception of bid and bank guarantee) by 2013-01-31 and 2) bid and bank guarantee by 2013-02-07in sealed double envelopes to this address 16, Academician Lev Landau st., Baku. 
Bids received after the deadline will be sent back unopened. 
Bids will be opened at 2013-02-08 at the address 16, Academician Lev Landau st., Baku .
Bidder’s authorized representatives may attend the bid opening..

Tender Committee

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